We are truly in a pivotal time on Earth!!  I have spoken of the Ascension and that it has occurred and now we are in a place where each person is making their own choice.  For so long, the majority of people just lived their lives and didn’t really consider energy or spirituality or why they did what they did.  Now people can no longer ignore it. 

I believe the old energy; 3D energy is associated with the group of people trying to control the world. They are trying to divide and concur through creating unrest.  I live in the US and here it is rioting around black lives matter.  There has been racism sizzling under the surface of society around the world and at certain times it becomes a greater issue.  The problem has been that the underlying cause of the issue has not been addressed.  During this channel, the Goddess talks about it and we as a group clear the energy by going to the root which is control and fear of someone who is different.

We cleared out fear, we cleared out control.  We then turned around and infused love, compassion, respect, and understanding into humanity.  We as humans all have the intrinsic potential for anything in our lives.  There will always be those who are go-getters, exceeding at all they try.  There are those who want to be taken care of without taking responsibility for their lives.  Most like that won’t change. However, we as humanity can allow for differences and can accept that we are one.  We are one as humans, one as a society with love and respect linking us together.  ALL lives matter!

#WWG1WGA  Where we go 1, we go all.  The Goddess has said for years that the 5th-dimensional energy is about the support and the balance for all.  

Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation:

Nama Sika Venia Benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out to flow love, to flow light, to flow compassion into every single person upon the Earth.

As we begin our meditation for this evening, I wish to take some time and talk about what is happening upon the Earth.  We’ve spoken for a very long time, as long as Shelly and I have done this from 2003, about the Ascension of the Earth.  Some people understand exactly what that is and some people have no understanding and they have just heard the words. 

The Earth is moving through a transformation that is taking it from one level of consciousness to the next.  It’s happening.  It has happened.  It is only going to become integrated into people more and more and more.  Whenever there is such a dramatic change as this you have people that do not want the change.  On the other side you have all the other people that want the change and then in the middle is the mix where everyone is trying to make up their minds.  Do I want to stick with what I know?  Do I want to go to something new?  Is my life better with where I was or is there an opportunity that is going to take me to somewhere better than I am right now?

Consider for a moment the times in which we’ve spoken about your cellular memories.  Your cellular memories may link you to a past lifetime.  It may give you an imprint that has to do with something that has happened in this lifetime.  The cells within your body carry memories.  For so many of you during this time of ascension, those cells have been changing.  So that is why I speak of infusing light into the cells of your body because you can change the vibration of the body as you change the vibration from cell to cell to cell. 

For many people that are not in the habit of reading about new mindsets, or reading about new potentials, or reading about spirituality, or experiencing spirituality they just want to live their life and have everything happened the way it is always been happening.  These people are especially confused. On a cellular level, they are hooked into the patterns that we have had or you have had upon the Earth.  Therefore, when something happens it triggers that cellular memory that says ‘be afraid, don’t trust, listen to what people are telling you’.  But suppose the people that are talking to you are actually the ones that are holding you back, holding you down, and they do not want you to begin to think for yourself.  This is exactly where you are right now. 

Fortunately, there are many different websites; there are many other people that give you alternatives, be it through videos, be it through writings, be it through other forms of communication.  Now is the time where it is everybody’s responsibility to look.  Look for the alternative.  Look for something different.  Understanding that the people that are moving out are holding on tooth and nail because of course, they do not want to let go.  But multiple, multiple, step after step has been taken.  The groundwork is done and we are getting to that final stage.  By we I mean the massive galactic support, the massive numbers of people on the Earth are getting to the final phase and it is imperative that every person makes a choice. 

Now of course I believe a choice that supports you is one that is filled with light.  Well, I know for sure.  Therefore, during your day, as you are thinking about life and you’re hearing what’s going on, take a deep breath in that allows you to center; that allows you to bring your focus and consciousness into your heart.  As you do that ask the question, “Is this in my best interest”, and intuitively you will instantly hear an answer.  If the answer you get is no, trust it, believe in it. 

Some of the things that are happening as you live in the fifth dimension and these higher dimensions is that the vibrations that are associated with your intuitive abilities, be it telepathic, be it clairvoyant, be it clairaudient, be it that inner knowing from within you; all of that is right here right now.  It is already around you.  It is already within you.  Therefore, you can receive the information every time. 

If perhaps you are new to this journey your mental body questions everything.  Should I believe that?  Should I not believe that?  One person says that.  One person this and that is the first thing that will take you out of Source.  Breathing, trusting your intuition, aligning with your divinity are all things that support you.  An analytical mindset that goes around and around and around keep you stagnant.  

I, therefore, say at the very beginning that all of the riots everything that you have been seeing on TV, I’m speaking of the United States because that’s where Shelly is, but there are various experiences of this all around the world because this is a global Ascension.  This is not just one country Ascending it is global and therefore the entire world is moving through what is happening. 

However, right now with the death of George Floyd, it has triggered that racist consciousness in people.  Think about racism for a moment.  If someone is racist that means they are living in a space of fear.  They fear something or someone they don’t know simply because they are different from them.  The way to transform racism is through love, compassion, and respect.

It is not about being greater than or less than.  It is not about an individual disliking the color of their skin because of things of the past.  Those are just mirroring the same low vibrations. 

So that was phase one of what was going on and it came up at this time so that all of society can make a choice to look at one another through the eyes of respect and compassion.  Phase 2 is where those people that are out for control and manipulation and energetically it looks like these two things are linked.  They then follow up with riots, looting, anarchy, with an attempt to bring down the government which is in place in your Country.  Of course, if there’s turmoil the people in control get more control.  Of course, if there’s turmoil there’s more fear.  

I say to you again there is more light upon the Earth.  It is a vibration and an energy that circumvents the entire world.  It goes within the World.  It goes within every individual and you can tap into that love.  Allow it to clear out the fear.  Allow it to clear this Warfare.  Allow it to continue to anchor as it is.  The Earth is not alone you are supported.  There are so many Angels and Light Beings physically walking from the earth with you right now.  In addition, there are many non-physical Star Beings that are also here supporting you. 

Trust, trust that the loving, compassionate vibration will infuse and transform your world.  It is doing so.  It will happen deeper and deeper and deeper as it moves through Society.  This comes in fast and it goes out fast.  It may not seem fast for those of you have been very diligently working at this for years and years, but I say once more love transforms everything. 

Phew~~ that is not like me to speak so much at the very beginning but it is needed.

I, therefore, ask you to take this moment aligning within your heart center.  Create a ball of love or light with the intention that it aligns with your energy bodies and send it down all the way into the Earth.  As you send your intention into the Earth allow it to spread out, anchoring, so that you may feel Gaia and she can anchor your energies at this time.   

You then allow that energy to come back up within you, swirling through your heart center, and then you send it upwards.  You move through your throat center, your third eye center, it goes out for the top of your head.  You align with your Higher Self.  Look around because this is where you frequently will go as you expand into the energy.  Clear out old potentials that no longer serve you and then you send that energy even further up. 

There is that thread that aligns you the human with your Soul, with your Divine Essence, with your I AM presence.  Feel as your consciousness merges.  Feel as you spread your energy knowing that you are here within your Divinity.  This is you as God Source; as your many different lifetimes; as your link to the universe.  Just take a moment to breathe in and feel what that is to you. 

I the Goddess walk in amongst each one of you.  I reach out to embrace you. As we do so, we shift into the All That Is.  As we arrive within the All That Is it makes me smile because there are so many Energies and Light Beings that are here.  This is the place that not only humans can create, but it is a place of creation that is based in love and high vibration.  I would, therefore, invite you to look around at whatever it is that may be your perspective.

Let us begin by speaking about racism.  As I say that word how does that feel to you.  Does it bring up a visceral reaction?  Does it bring up thoughts and beliefs?  Consider what has been happening and the feeling that people have of being the victim.  When you look throughout your history this has been an issue again and again and again.  Played out through just about every race upon the Earth.  The intention when it is used has a foundation in control and a foundation in fear.

So, let us begin speaking about control.  The control that someone else may have upon you.  Let that come up from within you, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~ clear it out.  As we consider control is there something inside of you, be at conscious or unconscious, that might be controlling; situations, other people, or your own personal experiences.  Anything associated with control that is from now from you outwards, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~, let that go.  

Consider fear.  Are there times during your life that you were afraid to go somewhere or to do something, perhaps because of the color of your skin or for any other reason.  If there is anything about that vibration within you tap into wherever that may be, bring it in, bring up forward, bring it together, ~whew~, that was huge.  So, fear is more prevalent in individuals than control.  So let us swirl through once more anything within you that makes you afraid to do something in your life, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~, let it go.  Within fear is limitation.  Within fear is insecurity.  Within fear, there are walls and boundaries.  Therefore, bring that vibration in ways in which fear has had an impact upon you, let us bring it down, be conscious or unconscious, phew, let it go.  Excellent.

Let us take the next step.  As we consider the next phase of what will happen upon Earth.   Okay, I am going to back up a step.  I spoke earlier about the cellular memory that is associated with the people that have been in control.  There has been brainwashing and other means that are used by these individuals, and I truly believe that once they are out of the system and there is a reboot of your technology that much of this will be gone. 

So, therefore, take this moment and have a very clear intention that you work with every cell within your body to disconnect from the collective consciousness, to disconnect from anything that is trying to control you through mind washing, through images, whatever it may be.  We are going to stop it right now ~whew~ and we are going to disconnect everyone from the Collective Consciousness. 

Okay, it feels as if things are stuck.  I am going into every one of you and I am going down into your cells, this is of course with your permission; with the very clear intention that we illuminate every cell and that if there is something that is being hidden from you that it will become illuminated right now, ~whew~.  Okay, let it go, wash it through, let it go. With that last clearing, I had a sense of many people being showered or inundated with images and thoughts and information and it was too much, so we clear it out and then we let it go. 

Take a moment to look around this space and the next thing that comes through is violence.  Now violence was tacked onto fear, but violence perpetrating it, becoming a part of it, be it acting or real, whatever that may be.  The violence that is on the Earth at this time.  This time I invite each one of you to release it from yourself, but we are also going to gather it up from the Collective Consciousness from the earth and we’re just going to bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~, and we are pulling it out from the Earth and it is diffusing out here in the All That Is. 

Now I invite you to just open up to love.  As you stand here in the All That Is and as you are merged with your Divinity open and know love.  Feel what it is without defining, without analyzing, simply be in the space of love.  It may feel awkward or different to you so let it flow.  If you clear out anything in your everyday life fill up the space with love.  Take a deep breath in…. and breathe out….. 

I am going to open up the space around each one of you so that you may have a sense of looking down at the Earth.  We have done this a number of times over the last couple of months and you see that Matrix.  My perception as I am looking at this is that the Matrix is the electrical connections that surround the Earth.  As you recall we consciously aligned with that sending impulses of love and light throughout the entire Matrix so that it could transform.  As you look at it now it is way more infused with light than it is ever been. 

You then move beyond the Matrix. The next space is as if it’s a cloud and this cloud is the Collective Consciousness.  I ask everyone that is here, whether they are conscious or unconscious of being here, to join at this now moment and send love, light, respect and compassion into the Collective Consciousness.  It is as if you send it – some I see an impulse like every heartbeat; you are sending up impulsive light; others I see a steady stream of energy and light going into this cloud of energy. 

Many of you are noticing that what was already placed within the Collective Consciousness is now linking with what you are doing.  So, there is an even greater amount of light moving through this energy.  As that moves through have a clear intention that any streams of energy linked to the people living upon the Earth, that that clear light of love, compassion, respect moves through into every single person on the Earth.  As love illuminates may it disconnect old programming, old control, old energy and in every case infuse love. 

Many may choose not to receive it as is their prerogative.  However, the more love there is the more opportunity people have to receive.  As we are here in the All That Is and as there are multitudes of Star Beings, Benevolent Ones, each of you here in your Divinity, as everyone sends that energy into the Earth it is unlimited love.  Feel it.  Know it and you may choose to send it directly into a situation, into a particular person.  Recognize that you are here in the All That Is working with yourself and living upon the Earth and all of the rest.  You are linked directly into the vibrations of love.

Take a deep breath in and let go.  What I noticed from most of you because we are all together, you cleared out your own energy, you filled up with Love, that you were working with people upon the Earth.  There is no anxiety.  There is no fear.  There is only light and love.  Breathe in and breathe out. 

For those people stuck in mind control, we send a specific impulse to break that frequency that they may recover their senses.  ~whew~  With love and compassion we also see reflected that which makes humanity strong, looking out for others and supporting others.  Through the last month of the pandemic people opened up their hearts and they were already in that vibration of giving and supporting.  Now we have this ripple where we go back aligning with compassion, with love, in support and balance.

I ask everyone to gather around as a group and that intensely linked focus with the Earth that you let go.  There no doubt a part of you that will remain in that space, but the rest of you I invite you to come back creating a circle where that ball of all of this energy created from all of you.  This is a ball that is love and light.  I see this circle and in the center of it it’s creating.  It’s filled with pinks and purples and blues and whites and it rotates.  This is what clears out violence.  This clears out fear.  This clears out third-dimensional pain and suffering. 

You take a piece of that ball of energy and send it out into the Universe for those other parts of the Universe that are moving through this ascension process and the remainder of it goes down into the Earth.  As it drops down from all of you it moves through the Matrix aligning the frequency and supporting it.  It moves through the Collective Consciousness moving all the way into the center of the earth.  As this is this vibration anchors within the center of the Earth Gaia herself receives it.  It is integrated and balanced within Gaia and then it moves up throughout all the layers of the Earth. It comes up into each one of you through that alignment you made at the very beginning.  It comes up through the grass, the water, the trees.  It comes up into every single individual upon the Earth giving everyone the opportunity to feel love, balance, respect, and compassion. 

Within this you recognize the potential for all and that all are one.  This is going to go through all the many layers and all the many people.  As it’s doing so allow your own consciousness to come back from the All That Is.  It moves back through your Divinity.  It moves down through that stream of light that links you with your Soul and you anchor everything back within you.

 As you are anchoring take a moment to just open up your heart and feel what the Earth feels like now.  Can you feel the difference?  We certainly can.  Because you do make a difference.  Every time you tap into this.  Every time you listen to this, and you don’t even have to listen to the entire channel, have the intention of tapping into the love and sending it out to everyone in the world and there will be more of that flow allowing it to get bigger and bigger and bigger.

The light is here.  The Ascension is happening.  The control will be gone and a balanced life based in love, compassion, respect of one another, support of one another will be the new reality. 

As we move through the next days and weeks of this process upon the Earth you have the unique opportunity to continuously infuse light and love into every situation around you.  Light to illuminate those that are not supported of this ascension process.  Light to illuminate anything that will try to tear down or hold back other people. 

I invite you to embrace every person as everyone matters.  You matter because you are alive.  You later no matter what your color of your skin, whether you’re tall, you’re short, you’re big, you’re small.  It doesn’t matter what your physicality is you are Human and therefore you matter.  You have value.  You are here for a reason and I invite you to embrace that and let it fill you up.  Then as you look out to the rest of the world you look through the eyes of love, confidence, respect.  Take a deep breath in and feel that for yourself.

Beloved, I am always with you and within you.