This channel was given to us at the perfect time.  This week is Thanksgiving in the US and this channel is all about compassion, unconditional love and balance.  Mother Mary spoke of the strength it takes to be a mother, to be in the background and sometimes overlooked; yet having a strength that is taken for granted.  As she spoke, the messages were so beautiful and empowering. 

Then Kwan Yin started to speak.  Oh my….. her energy is also so strong and she spoke of giving of ourselves without totally diminishing who we are and our personal strength. She asked us to consider in our lives where we are giving away our energies and how we can transform that experience. 

When the Goddess spoke after they were done it was to bring it all together into this week of Thanksgiving and about having gratitude and thankfulness in our lives. 

This is a VERY powerful channel and even brought me to tears at one point.  The energy is so strong!

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace all who are here with me. This is a time upon the earth with the change of the seasons and with the change of the seasons coming upon you, you are coming up to that time space reality that is going to allow you not only to celebrate the many blessings that you have but is also a time to look at the completion of this year and look at the completion for all that has been happening with you.

And as you are very well aware, one completion it’s the opening to a new beginning. Even if it seems as though your life is standing still and nothing is happening around you there is always movement. Time and energy never stay still, there is always some form of movement that is passing through.

Therefore, this is your opportunity to think about that. As you’re moving into these holidays move into that place of paying attention to what has been and what will be. It is essential to live in the now moment but your past is your past, your future is your potential and neither one of them is going to go away so consider what it is to be in that place of balance where you are aware of what it’s being; open to what will be and feeling the blend of all of that. What does that look like to you?

There is a great deal of energy present during all of these channels when we get together, but in particular when I speak at the beginning while you are still in this grounded state, it allows for each one of you to soak in the threads of energy and the reality for who you are. Let that blend and flow through you in a way that feels good.

Take a deep breath in once more where you breathe all the way down into the earth. As you allow your focus to follow that stream of consciousness it stretches out in different directions. You may feel the energies of Gaia, perhaps the elementals.

This is a way of keeping you grounded so that even more of your consciousness can be released. So you therefore bring that energy back up within you and then as if it goes up and out the top of your head you allow that focus and that awareness to shift, moving out from you into the space of your higher self.

Allow this place to become your sanctuary if you would like it to be. Allow it to be a place in which you may create, working with the various potentials in your life. Allow it to be a place in which you may sit and have conversations with your divinity.

As you allow your focus and awareness to be settled within this space it’s creating an even greater flow between your higher self and your physical reality.

I then invite you to allow your consciousness to stream even further. There is a thread of energy that links you the person with your divinity. Follow that thread and it takes you straight into your divinity. You cannot get lost. You are not separated in any way. This is an opportunity to strengthen that bond.

As you feel your energies moving into the space of your divinity you arrive on what may be known as the soul plane. The soul plane is a high vibration in which soul to soul you may meet other people. It is frequently a bridge between the consciousness of earth and other places out within the universe.

This is your opportunity to feel as if you are blending, as if you are merging and becoming one with your divinity. Some consider this a feeling of coming home, a feeling of awareness.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one if you. I reach out to embrace you as your divinity; you as the human in this lifetime.

As our energies merge there is a shift that takes place moving you into the space of the All That Is. Look around at all that is here. This is your opportunity to truly get to know who you are within the core of your essence.

I invite you to join me once again within that amphitheater; the last time that we were together several of the group that work with all of you spoke; Metatron, St. Germain and Archangel Michael. This evening there were more who wish to speak with you and I thought of course, let us bring forth all that is here and present for you.

As soon as I said that the platform filled up so, no, we will not bring forth everyone to speak with you. But I the Goddess represent the feminine aspect of God or Source Energy. Everything has that masculine and that feminine side and although I’ve spoken of as the Goddess of Creation, I am, God and Goddess. With the last journey we spoke with some masculine energies and tonight I wish to bring forth some of the feminine energies to speak with you.

Mother Mary speaks.

Greetings dear ones, I am known as Mary, Mother Mary. I am the one that bore the individual known as Jesus or Yeshua and I wish to come and speak at this time to bring forth some of that feminine energy that is assisting with creating balance upon the earth. I have not had their many lifetimes upon the earth. I am of the Angelic realm; I also come from Arcturus and the star beings.

So often the way that I am portrayed, whether it’s in history books or in the bible, it is that of being quiet and in the background. Consider that in your life. Where do you feel as if you are in the background or not heard or acknowledged?

Is there a place in your life where you feel as if you do not have the strength that you need to have? I as Mother Mary had great strength. I knew when I came into that lifetime that I was on a specific mission. I knew that I had made an agreement with the soul known as Jesus, to bear and nurture him through that lifetime.

I also knew what he was going to go through. I feel great emotion come up as I speak of this, because even knowing all of that, I lived that life with my heart wide-open or as much as it could be and I lived that life giving as much as I could to my son and to the community.

I am frequently portrayed as having selfless acts, meaning giving of myself, expecting nothing in return and sometimes people would portray something like that as weak. If there is anyone listening to this that can relate you now it takes great strength to understand who you are and yet allow life experiences to unfold.

The more that there is a balance of the feminine energy infused into the world the greater compassion and selfless giving there will be. It is by no means limited to the feminine that is not what I speak about. What I say is that both men and women give of themselves to the support of others and often times are not really heard for who they are.

In this time space reality there is one immense difference. It is essential for you to know who you are. Man, woman, child, you are each a beautiful divine individual. You come from God, because God is the source of all. Your soul, every time you blend with it is blending with God. Your strength comes from that place inside of you that is your divinity. Your physical reality, emotions, mental body, personality, those are just the trappings of this lifetime. You the person is that immense soul from which you come.

I wish to make myself available to people so that if you would like to open up or experience more of this vibration, I am here to speak with you. We may talk in your dream state, in your meditations, if you put forth the intention that you would like to have access to me or communicate with me then I am there for you.

There is only love in my heart for humanity. I have observed and worked with humanity throughout the eons. Transformation takes place in many, many different forms. The earth’s existence has tried it with the control and the manipulation of the few over the majority. It is at the end. The more that each person integrates love and compassion within themselves, it creates a balance that cannot be disruptive or disrupted, this is of which I speak.

You are the balance and if you take each single person that is the balance and they blend together as a community and then that community blends into a bigger community that does similar interests and then does blend bigger and bigger. It’s as if that pyramid that had the few in control with the majority down here becomes flipped and it starts with each individual person opening to love and their divinity, which in turn opens to the balance growing and the community grows larger and larger.

I am here, I am available to you, especially in this upcoming weeks coming up to Christmas be aware that I am bringing as much of my energy as I can into this space so that no matter how someone taps into the story of Christmas or the story of Mary, they are indeed accessing my grater expanded balance.

I thank you beautiful friends, family, loved ones and I am yours.


Quan Yin Speaks.

It is I Quan Yin and I greet you. The feminine energy has been perceived in so many interesting ways over the years. As Quan Yin, compassion is one of the strongest qualities of which I speak or that I emanate to others. So too, the unconditional love.

We just had my sister Mary speaking with you and she brought down the Beacon of Light that represented the Divine Feminine with the balance, compassion, unconditional love. I too represent that same energy in another part of the world in a different time space reality but my message also is that of giving. In some of the stories that speak about me it says that I gave until there was nothing left of me, I was completely gone and only an energy and yet people asked for more.

I am here to say that one cannot disappear completely unless one chooses to remove themselves from a particular situation. If you find yourself in a situation in which you are struggling, trying to find your way out of a situation, trying to find a pathway that will give you I’ve either meaning in your life or perhaps an ease from your struggles, think of me.

I will shine the light for you and I will step in and support you. I will walk for you if need be, because I choose to do that.

I have been a part of this or experience for thousands of years. I have watched the waves of civilization come and go. There have been other attempts to move through a conscious ascension for the earth and most often it did not work because there was still too much imbalance. There are many, many masters upon the earth at this time for the express purpose of integrating the balance within life.

As I sit quietly with each one of you, I flow love and unconditional acceptance for who you are. You need not be anything different than the person you are and as I say that I can hear some of you say, “But I just don’t know who I am”. That is part of the problem.  When one is disconnected within themselves the best way to figure this answer out is to take the time to find what do you like to do and again humanity always makes me laugh!

When I said that to people I heard big immense intentions of what they are going to do in life. What’s that first small intention that helps you to feel good?  Find that and as that one opens up the door for you go to the next and the next. There is a very clear path available to you through listening to what makes you feel good. And if we do once more stuck in the mud or you don’t hear anything or you have no idea where to go then breathe in and as you breathe out clear the space, clear the energy around you and you will get a flash or an intuitive hit of what you need to do.

I am alive and well. I have never been very far from the earth. The earth is my mission, therefore humanity living upon the earth is also my mission and my intention with working with you is that opening up of that doorway in your heart that you may truly feel yourself as your core essence. So too, from that you let flow the compassion first of all to you in your own life and it would then flow out to others. How much do you look at your life through the eyes of compassion? For most it’s a blend.

When you are critical of yourself it benefits no one. No matter what you do intentional or unintentional there is an energy exchange that goes between you and perhaps a situation, the collective consciousness, another person, a group, and that energy exchange will continue until someone stops it.

As you feel the compassion for yourself you step into a mode of acceptance. you did what you did in any situation. It was that it was.

If you hurt another individual, then make amends. If another individual hurt you allow them to make amends and if they choose not to then you let it go and you make amends within your own self for whatever part was played out.

The more that compassion and balance moves through every single individual upon the earth the less space there is for warfare. Will this happen overnight? Yes, a wave of compassion, love and balance can move through the entire world overnight in an instant in this now moment. The key, who’s going to receive it? And this is where that disconnect will frequently come in, that allows for the cruelty that’s taking place upon the earth.

I therefore ask you not to focus upon the cruelty but instead focus on unconditional love, unconditional compassion, recognizing that a you allow that to come up within yourself first and foremost you are filling your own physical body, mental and emotional bodies with love and compassion. You cannot send it out to someone without it coming first through you. Accept it, allow it to be the number one support within you, because all love and all compassion originates within your soul that is within you.

Be aware that my presence will be made known more prevalently in the months to come. It may be very subtle, it may be very obvious. Any time that one taps into the energies of Quan Yin immediately there is an outpouring of unconditional love, unconditional compassion, unconditional acceptance. Truly, what is unconditional? You are not saying a situation is right or wrong, you are simply saying there is love to that situation from me. There is compassion to that situation from me. There is balance from that situation from me.

I thank you for allowing me to share this time space reality with you.

I AM the one, I AM the whole.


The Goddess of Creation Return:

I the Goddess come back in to the space and I need to give Shelly a moment.

She is truly feeling all of the love of those two beautiful women and all that they are doing for humanity or all that they are creating for each person that is a part of humanity to take place. They walked upon the earth. They have that human connection that not everybody has, myself included. I only came into the earth after the year 2000, because the vibration was too low (prior to that). So they both were there for humanity at a time when it was a deep, deep, deep struggle and they come back now with their messages of love, compassion and balance. It is yours.

I had other intentions of what I wish to speak about this evening but now I’m not sure where I want to go with that. Within the United States this is the week of Thanksgiving. Different countries have it at different times. Some don’t have it at all.

I do always like to touch upon that subject.

Thanksgiving, you feel thankful and you give perhaps to others. Perhaps you are giving thanks. In essence, this goes beautifully in with these messages that we just heard, because looking at your life and looking at situations around you, through love and compassion you feel gratitude, you feel appreciation for people, situations, experiences, and all of that creates the transformation that is taking place upon the earth.

We’ve done it. The Ascension is here and it is not going away. Therefore the turmoil that you see within the media is just that, turmoil. Always, always focus upon that which is the divine allowing gratitude, appreciation, blessings, love, whatever you may call it to come up from within you, coming from your heart, coming from your soul, expressing as you.

This is a time in which many of the ancient philosophies, civilizations, peoples are coming up to fruition. The reason being, many of those were the ones that attempted to go through this ascension process in the past and they therefore bring that energy into this now moment because the spiral of time is ongoing. Many of you lived in those times and you are there for pulling it through your own divinity from those experiences into this now moment.

Be open to unconditional love. It starts within you, within your heart, expressing outward to everyone around you, every situation, no matter what it may be.

Sometimes there are no words to describe. It is but to be in the space of love, to be in the space of compassion. It may be that it flows into you from a higher dimension or higher level of consciousness. However, it is you, living the life, anchoring it in your space and radiating it out to others. There is such love.

I invite you to come back together with me. I invite you to create that circle in which the hologram comes up within. You notice of course Mary and Quan Yin and all of their energies are here with you. You notice that the entire group is here. All the other masters and teachers, angels and light beings are also here within this group and as that hologram comes up take a moment and look at it. It is already transformed from what it was even a year ago.

As this hologram comes up it is a vehicle to express love, compassion, balance. It is a vehicle to also integrate those energies. So, I invite you to send all of what has moved through you in this journey into that hologram of the earth.

As it contains as much as it can you release that hologram. It just naturally flows down. It is as if there is that part of it that goes out into the earth with a part of it going out into the universe, so that that balance of the universe and the earth is being supported by all of you and through this hologram.

As the hologram goes into the earth, it first goes down and anchors within the center of the earth. It expands outward. As it does so it comes up within you wherever you may be. There is that essence of you that comes up anchoring within you, filling you with love, compassion, balance, your own divinity. It also is coming up through the grass, the water, the trees. We also have that clear intention that it moves through the collective consciousness clearing out anything at all that is incompatible with love, compassion or balance.

And as you do this I invite you to once more send your consciousness streaming upward that you gather the rest of your consciousness that you left in the All That Is. You gently bring that back. You come down through your divinity. You bring all of your focus and awareness down through your higher self and then it comes down into you, within your human reality. Take moment and just breathe that energy into you once more, connecting with Gaia through your anchor and also connecting that balance with your divinity as everything flows gently and easily up and down through you.

With everything that is going on in the world remember the first and foremost; find that balance and find that alignment to your own divinity. If you are disconnected and reaching out towards others or reaching out to do something for others without that support within you, you will become tired, painful, exhausted, angry, frustrated, and it will no longer support anything. So this is why the number one step in anything you do is to first and foremost, open up that alignment to your divinity.

Fill yourself up from the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual on all levels of who you are. Fill yourself up with that energy of your divinity and then look out at the world, and then work with the rest of the world and then live your life through the eyes of compassion and love.

As I know you are well aware you cannot change another person’s thoughts, beliefs or actions, but you can shift the energy around it by being the light and by being the love and by being the compassion because you are all of those things and more.

Know that I am always with you and within you.