I send you love and joy at this time of celebration~~ I know the politically correct phrase is happy holidays or no mention of any one holiday; but when I say this message is from the day/ night before Christmas I do so because it’s a holiday that I celebrate and in no way is intended to expect others to comply with me. I hope you are celebrating something, anything that brings you joy in your life!

I think this is a big thing these days in the world.  When someone says to me Happy Hanukah, I feel the love and joy they are expressing about their belief.  If someone says Happy Ramadan – I don’t the Arabic words that were spoken to me – I know they are expressing a belief that they have.   I’m not saying my belief is better or worse than theirs nor are they saying that back to me. We as people have beliefs that are a part of our lives, sometimes defining us, sometimes simply a part of our traditions.

To me, eventually the world will move into a place of acceptance and allowing for other people and their beliefs.  This past year has shown the pendulum swinging in the opposite direction in many publicized ways.  We as humanity have a unique ability to make choices in our lives and in our perspectives.

Point in case: I’m very fortunate to have a large family that gets along well with each other.  Over the years we’ve all moved back to Atlanta, so we have these large parties for the holidays.  I’ve been single for a long time and when I was younger I used to dread the holidays.  Why? Because I was alone.  Sure I had this large family. Sure I had people to do stuff with. Sure I had my wonderful daughter; but it was as if all of that was nothing because I was lonely without a partner.

I’m sure many of you can relate to this and this is why people really can’t judge another situation.  People would see how busy I was, how much love was around me and if I said I was lonely, they’d say WHAT? WHY?  Giving me the perception it’s not okay to be lonely.

Here I am today, thinking about the last number of years.  I’m still single (no I don’t think I’ll always be) but I feel such joy, peace and contentment within me.  I’m so excited about the holidays!  I love shopping on black Friday, wrapping gifts and today baking and preparing for a party.

It’s amazing how much changed when I quit defining myself by other people’s standards.  Actually, it’s not just other people, it was societies.  The more that we move into the balanced energies of the crystalline the greater ease we’ll find peace in our lives. As we continue to work with the Goddess of Creation, we continue to create places within the collective consciousness that support not only us with our conscious choices, but people in an unconscious way.

For this season of the holidays how are you doing?  Are stressed out? If so, can you let something go?  Are you feeling alone? If so, please know that I’m here and reaching out to you.  Are you celebrating with joy and focusing on the moment?

Joy, happiness, peacefulness, letting go, de-stressing, accepting, allowing – whew, lots of definers there – are all choices that you can make in your life that will  help you to be happy, to feel fulfilled, to feel as if you ARE on the path that is in your best interest.

Know that there are many, many angels and beings of light who reach out to you.  Know that your own divinity is a complete and open flow of unconditional love.  If you can feel this potential; see where perhaps it will take you!

Merry Christmas & Much love,