We have been hearing a lot lately about timelines, merging, potentials, frequencies, and everything that makes up our lives. We are truly in a unique time in history where can consciously live in different frequencies.  For so many, we lived most of our lives in the 3rd dimension, with some shifting upwards in the 4th.  This shift was felt as expanded love, greater potential, and looking at the world from new perspectives.  Since about 2005, there was a greater influx of energy from the 5th dimension, which was then amplified in the year 2012 and since then.  When you stop to think about it, there have been massive changes in a short period of time. 

During this journey, when we arrived in the All That Is, we could see there were many, many more people than had been in the past.  I believe this is an indicator of the many changes taking place. This frequency of the All That Is that was for a few is now expanding because so many more are seeking it as a place of creation. 

We first looked at our lives as if we looked backward on a timeline.  For most, this was a view of this life.  When we first opened to ‘see’ it, there were many ups and downs.  We then looked to the side to see our lives from the 5th dimension or a higher frequency.  This time, our lives looked different. Some events didn’t show up, and others looked different. This was now perceived as if through a filter of love and light.   By looking from a new perspective, we could all heal what no longer worked for us or any stuck energies. We then merged the two and ended with a blend of old/ new realities creating a change.  

This is a powerful way to move forward in your life and heal the past.  

Nama Sika, Venia Benya          I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family! I reach out from my heart to yours I reach out to embrace you in this now moment.

You are living your life in a very unique time.  You are definitely connected to the earth, you’re connected with humanity, you have your everyday reality that you call your life.  However, you are also deeply connected to your divinity.  You can no longer separate your divinity from your everyday reality it is as if you have two existences that you might move back and forth from time to time that are now coming together and merging as one. 

This is what you are doing on this ascension process, you are shifting your vibration and frequency so that you may easily flow between your soul existence and your human.  Your higher self every time we go into that frequency is that bridge between your soul and your human.  Your higher self keeps expanding, which allows even more of your divinity to come down into your everyday reality.  If you ask, what does it matter? It is getting away from only your ego and only your human perspective that allows you to transform and transition your life and to be in the ascended energies.

It is very difficult for someone that is based, or the primary focus of their life is in the physical reality while ignoring your soul.  Your soul represents your universal self. It represents that aspect of you that came from God and from Source, which gives you the multitudes of different life experiences that has created you as your soul.

Consider if you will, the multitudes of experiences that you have had as your divinity.  Then can you imagine how much would be cut off if you were not allowing that knowledge and that frequency to come within you?  Be open.  Be open to know that in this lifetime, you not only have access to your soul, but you are so much more than what you would be if you remained in your limited place of consciousness.

Take a deep breath in and breathe in all of my words and my vibration as I send it within you.

You are still here, grounded on the earth. This is an ability that you can strengthen the more that you take an opportunity, be it through meditation, prayer, whatever it is that you may do that allows for that to come down within you.

As you are breathing within yourself, allow your focus to go into your heart center, and as if you are gently tapping into that energy or that frequency that is your heart. You can leave it within your chest, or you can have a sense of working with it outside of your chest. But you can feel, you can literally feel what that energy is.  Send love, send light, send any messages from your own divinity into that ball of light as you create. 

You then take in another deep breath where you send that energy back within your heart, and then you send it down through your energy bodies so that it may connect to and spread out within Gaia.  How often do you take the time to truly connect with Gaia? Feel what that is. Feel how that alignment strengthens you as it brings the essence of Earth, or Gaia as the soul of Earth, up within you. Because any time that you send your energy into Gaia, it immediately comes back up. There is a movement and a flow that you create. 

You then send that thread of energy it goes up through your throat, your third eye, your head center it moves out from you until you connect with your higher self. We were just talking about your higher self and how much it has expanded with your inner eyes or through your sensitivity to look or sense or feel what that is as you align. You may perceive the various things that are happening within your life. You may perceive a vast emptiness. Whatsoever it may be, understand that this is one of your places of creation that allows you to tap into your soul essence or that expanded consciousness of your soul.

If your perception is that everything is cluttered, whew~ clear it out. It doesn’t mean you are no longer interested in manifesting whatever you were working on it simply means i’m going to start fresh I’m going to get rid of what has been and look through new eyes or new perceptions of the now moment.

You send your consciousness even further up into the higher dimensions. It flows through that thread of energy that links you to your divinity until you arrive in the soul plane or into that frequency in which your soul resides. It also transcends multiple, multiple dimensions, so you may not see or sense all of it in this moment. Simply acknowledge that you are aligning with your divinity which opens you up to God, which opens you up to all of who you are. It is through this that you may move as your soul essence or as the consciousness in this life.

I, the Goddess, walk in and amongst you. I reach out to each one of you and embrace you in this now moment. As our energies merge together, we move into the All That Is. Look around at this space. 

You may remember when we were here a couple of weeks ago that it seemed very crowded. Tonight, it also has a perception of being crowded more and more people are working within the All That Is as the consciousness of the earth plane expands. I, therefore, clear out if there’s anything that might be a distraction from what we seek, we simply shift it over to the side so that everyone that is seeking the All That Is can work where they are in alignment, and we bring forth that really light high frequency of which you all align.

Our times together are filled with so many opportunities for you to heal, or clear, or understand what may be happening within your life.  Looking at this now moment, I invite you to consider your lifetime as if it is laid out in front of you.  Bring up or bring forth certain experiences that may be impactful upon your life.

Okay, what I heard from some of you is that it may be relationships that are just there. They’re long-term, and they’ve been throughout your life, but they’re not necessarily good or bad they’re just there. 

For others, I’ve seen that you have specific experiences that are like check mark, check mark, check mark. As you experience what that may be, simply take this opportunity to observe.

I now ask you to put forth the question. What is the frequency that I vibrate within this lifetime?  For some you might hear a number, you might see a particular band of energy. What makes me smile, is I heard a number of you say oh, it’s the fifth and then it went. It just slid down to something a little less than the fifth. This is not a competition this is for your own knowledge.

Okay, so now as if that is a timeline or a pathway that you could see out in front of you, move your perception to something that is without that specific information.  In this now moment, within the All That Is, we vibrate at the high fifth to sixth dimension. In this new pathway, ask to see your life as you vibrate at the higher frequency, not giving it a particular number, but just use that term higher frequency.  As you are looking at your life. I’m noticing some interesting results.

For some, it’s as if part of your life just disappears.  For others, it’s as if you are seeing your life, and you see those experiences, but people are reacting differently to one another or you are reacting differently to what may have happened.  So, take a moment. Take a moment and just observe what that may be to you.

As you are looking at your lifetimes, at this lifetime. You are considering it from your own perspective. As you look at it through the higher frequency, again just your own perspective. 

I am now going to flow the energy and the frequency that would be the equivalent of what the earth is moving into. Now it will be a much higher frequency so I’m not going to that top maximum, I’m simply going to where it will be six months or a year from now.  As that energy is moving through all that is here within the All That Is, look at both perceptions of your timeline.  You are no longer alone on this pathway of ascension.  It is no longer one or two percent of the world that is looking at this, it is a much higher percentage which is what is changing that overlay.

So consider that this is what you as humanity are creating.  There are beings from the universe that are also sending in love and support, which gives you the tools that you may need to create a transition.  It is this higher frequency that is available to all that is creating the opportunities for every single person.  Some are awake and conscious; some are not but they may still be working energetically with the same light frequency. 

There were many, many individuals born onto the planet that had that intrinsic opening and flow, and they need not consciously go in because they were already coming in without a lot of karma, without a lot of past baggage, as you call it, and therefore they need not go through the same process that others have utilized.

As I speak of this, can you see how all of that vibration and frequency is now impacting you in your timeline?  When you first looked to the higher frequency, and some felt as if they couldn’t even see parts of their life because they were of a much lower vibration. Look again.  Look again through the eyes of an ascended being.  I see for most of you, it is now populating.  You are also now looking through the eyes of a higher frequency. You, therefore will have more compassion, perhaps more forgiveness, and perhaps a greater amount of love, all of which transition your perception.

When you first looked, and you saw those experiences that may have been very challenging for you, or things that were pulling you down and holding you down.  You can see how they transitioned.  You are now vibrating at your life in the higher frequency. 

For most people you will dip down as you are having your everyday experiences. You may still get frustrated or mad, but remember, let always be within your consciousness, that perception from the high frequency. Knowing that you can change all that is happening around you.

Okay, okay, some of you are sending me comments or information that there are perhaps one or two or several particularly stuck events. Let that come up within you at this now moment.  Think about those times in your life when you were very stuck.  Now, as if you are choosing to cut through the energy that was created with that stuck experience, you can just cut through that energy and things will open up.

We have so often in the past worked with Archangel Michael and his sword of light.  We ask him to come in and share one with you so that you may have your own.  The thing about Michael’s sword is that it can be very short or very long.  As you are open to receive, receive his energetic sword that you may use it whenever you so choose.  You may also notice that as you cut through the energy with his sword, it is not only opening things up, it is taking away what no longer serves you. 

It is allowing you the opportunity to just experience life. Consider what that is, or that statement means. When you are caught up in your life in something that is happening, your mental body may begin to go around and around and around as you think about it. You analyze it, you live it again, and then again and then again and then again, and each time, you’re putting more energy into it.  This is what creates some of these blocked energies.

By bringing in Archangel Michael’s Sword of Light, as it breaks open what you have created through the experience, it is also healing that experience so that when you look from the higher frequency, you may see, ‘ah, I’m done with that. I keep dragging it around with me and going back into it, but in truth, I’m done’.  So that may be your question. How long until you are done? 

Look once more at your timeline that was created when you were in the light frequency and that frequency of the fifth dimension and higher for those things that didn’t show up. You now can see that they’re there, they were still in the history of this life, but they’re now evolved.  You now have all the support of the frequency of the higher dimensions flowing into and around you so that you are not alone, so that you are feeling it in your everyday life, and it comes to you in the form of support or perhaps opportunities or perhaps simply feeling love and compassion.

Breathe in and breathe out.

One more time, look back at that timeline of your life that you first opened up to. I noticed how almost all of you have now shifted and cleared out most everything so that you can be in the higher frequencies. 

Come back together as a group. I notice many of you still choosing to work with your energy and your timeline stay here for as long as you may need.  Whoever is ready, we create that circle of light.  You see coming up within that circle the hologram of the earth.  Look at the earth as represented by this hologram; it too is transforming.

Send forth the intention that every single person can transition their timeline of experiences and frequency from that which is the past into that which is the now moment of the higher frequencies. As each one of you sends this opportunity to transform into the hologram, it begins to sparkle, it takes on that new energy, and you’ll begin to see how it shifts and turns. 

There is that aspect of it that goes out within the universe. As it moves out to the universe, there are those that are working in the support of planet earth that receive that information and receive that frequency, and they are sending their input into it also. The remainder of that hologram moves down it goes back into and around the earth.  As it moves through the magnetic grid and as it moves into the planet, it is also clearing out through the spaces of the higher self. 

The essence of it goes down into the core essence of the earth. It connects with that magnetic energy, it connects with those crystalline foundations, and then it moves upward. It comes up throughout all the many layers of the earth plane. It continues to clear out anything as it’s coming through each one of you. Through your alignment with Gaia, receive your own energy of transition. Everything else is coming up through all the various parts of the planet. It is giving everyone moving around on the planet in their own perspective that access to the collective consciousness of the high frequencies. It is there, it is vibrating, it is transitioning everything upon the surface, and then it shifts all the potential upward into the higher frequency.

You bring the remainder of your own consciousness down you move from the All That Is through the soul plane. It streams back down into you so that you may anchor it in this now moment.

Just breathe in and out, living in this experience.

You can feel it. You can know that you have access to so much more than what you have believed in the past.  Let all of it move within and around you.

In the days to come, pay attention to your life.  Pay attention to what comes to you as the frequency. Pay attention to choosing a lighter frequency. Pay attention to the merging and the blending, understanding that, that may shift your reality. It may cause you to look at your life and think that’s different. 

It matters not your perception, that is simply a way of being observing. I don’t think I said that correctly. Your perception is giving you information, and through that information, you discern what your reality is, where your focus is upon.  When you simply allow the merging of the frequencies, it clears out everything else.  You will find that more and more, you are vibrating at that lighter frequency of love and the essence of your divinity and God Source.

Beloved family, know that I am ever with you.


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