Are you ready to experience the crystalline energy?  This meditation is really an exciting change for each of us.  During the last meditation, we tapped into the crystalline energy that coming into the Earth.  This is higher vibration and frequency that is part of the ascension.  The Earth to complete the ascension process must integrate the higher vibration which is reflected in the crystalline energy.

Now that there is enough of the crystalline energy here, on and within the Earth, it is literally shifting our timeline.  As we live, we are always moving between different timelines, potentials, or realities.  As we become aware of the differences, we know where to place our focus.  I know that it may seem as if a lot of changes have occurred, but the changes have been massive.  This influx of energy that arrived with the Lion’s Gate could not have been possible if the Earth remained in the lower vibration.  It is here, we therefore can now tap into that energy and allow it to help with our lives.  For those who are unaware, or not listening, it may feel as if they are running into a brick wall.  It can change in an instant, once they open to the light frequency and choose what nurtures and supports them. 

Merging with the Crystalline Timeline

Nama Sika, Venia Benya          I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out in this now moment and invite you to be open to receive. Receive my energy, receive your own alignment that moves deeply within you. Receive this moment that allows you to be in a space of nurturing.

Sometimes I ask you the question; Who are you? For some, the answer comes I’m so-and-so, you think of your name. I’m this person living this life. Your answer could also be that I am this massive soul essence and this life is just one aspect. Sometimes your answer to a question like that could be I am a light worker, I am a mother, a father, sister, a brother, husband, or wife, whatever those experiences are that you are having in this lifetime.

There is no right or wrong answer to a question like that. This is but an opening that allows you to understand that you have importance just because you’re you. You are here in this lifetime, a part of this ascension process. And everything that is happening, be it large or small, gives you the opportunity to express who you are.

With the massive changes that are taking place in your society, you have a group of individuals trying to define everyone as a person creating different ideals than what you have been accustomed to. Are some of these going down a tangent that simply pulls you from the information or the knowledge of who you are? Or is it something that allows you to consider different opportunities? One of the most important things that you can do for yourself, is to have that solid belief in who you are. And who you are, is the expression of your soul. Therefore, any distractions that you may have are just that; distractions pulling you away from or out of that inner knowledge of who you are.

When you look at your society, there are many, many people that feel lost. They don’t know who they are, they don’t know what their intention is in this lifetime, they simply move from step to step to step. Almost as if, what is that called? Bumper pool. So, it is your strength, it is your alignment with your divinity that creates the strength within you. And therefore, allows you to express in whatever form gives you joy.

I wanted to speak about that while everyone was still here and grounded so that you may take this moment to celebrate.

Who you are. Taking a breath. And as you breathe down, breathe into your heart center. As you continue to live in the higher frequencies, the majority is lived and expressed through your heart center. So, as you envision the swirl of your energy body, some perceive it as green, some as pink. Green is the expression of love outward; pink is the expression of love inward. It may be a different color. But as you allow your focus to be within your heart, just tap into what that is for you.

Send a stream of energy as it moves down. It moves into your solar plexus. In doing so, you can feel that energy as it’s activated. You send it through your sacral center and then your root center. And from there you send that beam of light all the way down into the earth. This is a means of anchoring your energy. Allow it to spread out in every direction. Allow your energies to feel the pulsation of Gaia. For some, you may actually feel or hear the heartbeat of the planet. Understand that this is a means of grounding you very deeply into the earth. It is also a means that will help you merge or blend with the energies of the planet.

I am sensing that some of you are receiving messages from Gaia. Allow your focus to just follow that stream of energy right back up into your heart once more. Take a minute and feel how your own heartbeat is beating in synchronicity with the Gaia. For some, it just slows way down. You then send it further up through your throat, your third eye, your head center. It moves out through the crystalline energy body and you send it up until you merge with your higher self.

As you feel your energies aligning with your higher self, they expand in many different directions. You flow from here directly into this space many, many times throughout your day, so, for some you may feel as if this is just your normal place to be. As you connect to your higher self. You may feel your own energies expanding.

I do invite you to take a moment and clear it out, clear out this space. In doing so, you will find that which is in your highest and best interest re-manifesting for you. Sometimes those distractions in your life can populate in your higher self creating diversions, which is why as you clear it out, you let go of those diversions and you find yourself in the space or presence of that which supports you.

You then send your energy even further up. You follow that stream of energy that links you directly into your divinity. As you find your energies moving within, look around. For some, it’s as if you come to this space of your divinity and you just become a part of the whole. Others have a sense of feeling or sensing as if you’re going through a doorway and you’re meeting someone that feels so familiar to you, but you may not know who it is.

We just spoke about becoming attuned or aligned with your soul in your everyday life. Now, as you stand in front of or perhaps already merged with that which truly is your soul, open any limitations, and remove any blinders. Connect very deeply with your divinity. This is your place of unconditional love; this is your place of accepting who you are in this lifetime. This is where you can have the experience that is of you, that is for you.

I, the Goddess, walk in and amongst all that are here. As I do so, my energies merge with yours and this just allows us to transition into the All That Is. As we move within this space, take a moment to let your consciousness or your awareness tap into that crystalline energy that we worked with the last time that we were present. As you recall, it was as if it was this massive cloud that was moving towards the Earth plane, thereby giving you a sense that it was something separate.

As you are here in the All That Is, this is a place of creation. You may therefore now feel how that Crystalline Energy has integrated throughout the All That Is just as it has integrated upon the planet. There is a difference because your planet continues to be at a lower frequency than the All That Is. So, as you merge with the All That Is, open up your mind, open up your consciousness to take in that crystalline energy.

For many of you, this may feel exactly the same as it always does. However, you are shifting into a different frequency. Others of you may perceive the energy as if you can discern what the vibration looks like or you may feel or sense a color. The more that you use all of your senses, the more information it is giving to you. My sense is of you, and if this creates an image as if you are walking out in the midst of all of this, maybe your arms are out by your side. You’re listening. You’re feeling. As you look around, maybe you see something. Can you feel how everything is just filling up within you? Expanding that inner knowledge of who you are.  As everything within you expands. Ask to know. More about you as your divinity.

For many, it’s as if a door opens and multiple past lives come to the forefront, perhaps that is something of help to you in this current lifetime. I notice others of you are beginning to recognize that as your divinity. You are filled with this beautiful light. Still others are being shown, perhaps the planet that is their planet of origin, or perhaps a way in which they can expand their consciousness to know that they are so much more than just this life.

When you are in this vibration and frequency, take a moment to look at your life. Are there certain things that stand out to you? Can you see places where you can maybe nurture yourself or send more love or send more compassion as you are here in this moment?  If there are ways in which you are struggling in your life, look for the answers. As you see your life in front of you.

The more that you understand and accept your massive expression of who you are. The greater the flow of energy that you have within your life. When you have struggles, sometimes all you need to do is open the synergy and let the love and the light and the frequency of your divinity flow within you, and it will change your perspective. As you continue to receive and accept this rebalancing of your life, have a sense of looking outward now at the Earth.

This is a hologram. Some of you may have a sense of looking at the actual planet, but I wish for you to take a moment and I’m putting in front of you the earth as it was with the solstice. What is that, two months ago? And you could see how the energies of the planet were expanding with that flow of the light from the universe that was coming in. And in doing so how things that were happening on the planet were illuminated. For some, that meant greater clarity in your life, for others, that meant greater understanding of things that were happening in your community.

I now wish for you to look at what the planet looks like at this now moment. You can see the difference, can you not? That influx of the crystalline energy has literally created a much greater transparency in the collective consciousness, in the actual physical planet, and in the energies of humanity. You are very familiar with this and you have still felt the nudge of greater clarity within you.

As you look at this influx of light into the planet it is now going to begin to nudge against every person. You will have those that have already been living within their higher frequency or consciousness and it is as if they feel a support that comes from an unexpected source. You may notice others will seem as if they keep coming against a brick wall and they become very frustrated. ‘Why isn’t my life working? Why aren’t things happening?’ And as we see this in this now moment, we can all send the energy that every person that feels as if they’re just not getting anywhere in their life, that they feel the frequency of the crystalline energies and accept it as it transitions within them.

The crystalline energy changes everybody. It cannot help but change people because it is so different. From anything. That you have been accustomed to. So, help your friends and family and loved ones if they feel a transition taking place but don’t understand, simply ask them to be open to love. The foundation and everything within the crystalline energy is love.

As I speak of this, my perception is that all of those that are on the brink. Are already opening up their consciousness and receiving that alignment to love. I can hear people saying. I need to look at this differently. I can hear others saying it’s time for me to make a change. If you make a change in your life, it does not mean you let go of everything behind you. It means I am choosing to react differently in this situation. I am choosing to respond in a way that will take me on a new pathway. You can honor and respect the past and still move into a new reality. This change in frequency for the Earth plane, is going to be very ongoing. For so many. It’s as if it’s an immediate connection, and very jarring. But as it continues to integrate within, then it becomes very subtle.

As this is integrated within everybody, you will live your life differently, you will look at your life differently. And this is why some are saying you move from a timeline that was more integrated in the lower vibrations into a timeline that is integrated in the higher vibrations. I have a sense that some of you feel as if you are living both at the same time. This is what can happen sometimes as your consciousness is expanding and as you are creating change, wherever you place your focus is, what will amplify.  So now more than ever, pay attention and really learn what resonates for you.

As we take a step back, you can still see this hologram of the earth and all the integration. Some of you may see things playing out upon the earth. You may see or sense. The clearing out of the lower frequencies. Even more than ever before. People, situations or experiences stuck in the low vibration will just simply become incompatible. This is not a judgment. This is an expression of the diversity of the frequency and the changes.

So, therefore, as we look at this hologram of the earth, I encourage everyone to surround it as we create that column of light and truly send that impulse into the hologram with a very clear intention; that it clears out the low frequencies and that every person has the potential to integrate with ease all that is happening.

As this hologram of the Earth receives all of this energy. You can see how not only is the crystalline within the hologram reflecting back and supporting you, but you in turn are supporting it so there is this flow of movement. There’s an aspect of that that goes out through the universe, it goes out into those other planets that are in support of this. And then you release that hologram and it moves down from this space of the all that is, it moves down, moving through whatever layers of consciousness may be upon the planet. Moving through every person and then it goes all the way down into the center of the earth, anchoring within those crystalline energies and you can see how they literally merge and become one.

And then it comes up. It’s like it goes from the All That Is, into the planet, and then reverberates back outward. As it comes up through the many layers of Gaia, you can feel your own transformation coming up through where you anchored within Gaia. It also comes up making it available to every single person; in the water, in the trees, in the animals. And as this is anchoring, you bring back the remainder of your consciousness. It flows from the All That is, the soul plane, through your higher self, and it comes down streaming within you.

For many, you might need to expand your aura. Into something bigger so that there’s more space around you. And as you do so, you’re anchoring once again back within your physical body. Can you discern a difference? Can you feel the way every cell is literally vibrating at a different frequency? Can you in this now moment, consciously let go of anything that no longer serves you so that as you move forward you are living your life as that crystalline frequency that is here upon the earth?

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

As your planet continues its transition into the crystalline energy, or if you want to call it a new timeline, or if you want to call it a new reality; understand that it does involve change. Put forth a clear intention that the changes for you and everyone around you are those that flow with ease and movement.

You are not alone. You are filled with light and you have this opportunity to not only shift your consciousness but shift your entire experience into a higher light frequency, which in turn, allows you to feel better, experience things in a better way, and allow for greater ease.  Beloved, I am ever with you, I am within you and I am simply amplifying the God that is within you because God is your soul.