It is always a beautiful journey when we can talk directly with both aspects of God & Goddess.  I have not talked about it lately, but the Goddess of Creation is actually the balance of God & Goddess.  People will tap into her in whatever vibration resonates with them.  In doing so, you are always connecting with God & Goddess.

During this meditation, you have the opportunity to see the Goddess’s energy split as if in half where you can her energy at the divine feminine and then the energy of the divine masculine.  This is a chance to see how each is unique, be the flow allows you to be always in the balance. There is a special message in here from God and you can also have the chance to feel their unconditional love and balance.  

They also speak at length about our souls.  This is our divine, infinite self.  This is what makes us unique. This is what is strengthening at this time and more energy of the higher frequencies comes into the Earth. Allow this to strengthen you and allow your own awareness to expand as you integrate both God & Goddess energies. 

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