Are you ready to make a profound change in your life?  If not a change, the perhaps move to a deeper place of awareness.  For so long the energies of the earth have been in a clearing mode; clearing the old stuck energy of fear, control and manipulation.  Now is the time when we integrate the higher vibrations, it is no longer just about clearing.  During this channel while in the All That Is, you will meet a part of yourself that has ascended off the earth!  This aspect will help you with moving forward in life.  It will assist with creating the new balanced you.

In the beginning the Goddess spoke of the masculine energies that went along with Father’s Day.  We are all the balance of masculine & feminine; therefore, it creates a foundation for everyone to experience themselves in balance.  It also took place just before the summer / winter solstice, she created a space for us to seeing the flow through the universe of the balanced energy, and we could then integrate that into our lives. Therefore, this gave us layers of integration of the balanced energy.   

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment, you with everything that’s going on in your life, you as you are, whether it’s good, bad or in between!

I as the Goddess of Creation am here as God and Goddess blended into one. God is male; God is female depending on how you want to tap into that energy. Each of you are also male and female and you’re being expressed as the individual that you are in this lifetime. So on this day of Father’s Day recognizing the divine masculine, recognizing the nurturing father or all that your father may have been to you realize that you too have that masculine energy within you.

So we acknowledge all the men that are represented as the masculine energy, knowing that whether you are an official father or not you are still in the energies of those fathering vibrations. We reach out to all the women respecting and honoring those parts of them that are the masculine energies and you are expressing as a female in this lifetime.

This is all about the balance. When you seek balance within your life it may represent to you having enough time for your work, your social activities, your family, your sports, your hobbies all the many things that make up your life; having enough balance for everything to take place. So too that place inside of you that is the feminine and the masculine, have the intention that that is also finding its intrinsic balance within you. Embrace the masculine; embrace the feminine, knowing that it is all creating you in this life.

Then as we consider the energies of the solstice, what is that but the balance. The balance, if it’s the summer solstice of the longest day of your year, the balance of the first half of your calendar year with the second half of your calendar year. If it’s your winter solstice, the shortest day of the year and yet still you also are used to having that balance in June as being the middle of your calendar year too.

There has been a tremendous transformation taking place on many dimensions within and upon your earth but also out in the universal energies of the stars, the planets, the nonphysical beings that work with you on so many different levels, because now is the time where the Ascension has happened and many of you are very fully aware of it but it is bringing along the rest of humanity, so that they too may be in that space and that vibration of the higher dimensions. And what is the best way to live within that space? Balance.

I invite you to take this moment, allowing your breath to move through your lungs. As you breathe down go through your energy bodies letting that breath of energy and light flow down through you and into the earth. As you do so, feel how it spreads out in different directions.

You may choose to create a link with Gaia. You may feel the elementals and the Devas but all of this energy is anchoring you upon the earth. As you are ready to do so you bring some of that earth energy back up through you. It comes up through your energy bodies; it goes out through the top of your head. It streams into that place of your higher self.

If you just allow yourself to feel or sense or know that you are aligning within this space then it may look to you perhaps like your sanctuary where you go when you need to meditate. It may look to you like a place where you come and practice the things that you seek to manifest. Some have a sense of it being on a cloud. It is yours to create realizing that your soul is also creating this space.

If it becomes cluttered then all you need to do is consciously breathe in and just send a ball of light ~whew~ flowing through the space clearing out anything that no longer serves you.

You then have the intention that you follow that cord of light that is within you that links you to your divinity; you follow it even further until you find yourself merging with your I AM Presence.

Look around at what this is for you. Have the intention that you consciously blend with your soul essence, so that you know that you are a part of something more and that your soul is your divinity or your God source that is here with you.

As you blend with it, I invite you to have a sense of whether it’s through your consciousness, your vision, your sensing, your feeling, feel that cord that links your divinity where you are right now with your human self. Many people have a sense of feeling a vertical transition but it may be going within yourself; it may be kind of horizontal.

The key for this next phase of vibrational alignment or movement upon the earth is that you as your divinity is in an open flow into you in your human reality. This is what we speak of when we say “Open to your divine” “Open to your I AM Presence”. It is this part of you where you can literally look around and see your past lifetimes. You can look around and see your experience in the universe, and yes, I know we do that in the All That Is, but this is just you and your soul for this now moment. So, almost as if you relax, allow those energies to flow even more fully or freely within you. It’s going through your consciousness, through your unconsciousness filling you with information.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one of you. I stand here as I my soul essence reflecting you. I reach out to embrace you and in doing so our energies merge and I amplify all of who you are. This is where we feel our energies moving into the All That Is.

As we arrive within this space, it’s filled with people at this time. There is a lot of emotion that is coming up for people. There’s a lot of clearing and releasing that is being done. The key about the All That Is, is that no matter when you arrive here, you’re here in this now moment. Your perception may change of what you see but you are still here and aligning.  As we look around I invite you to look for that space where you maintain your energies.

I invite you to look at your guides and the teachers that are here with you.

Take a moment to allow yourself an opportunity to be loved and nurtured and supported by all of the guides that are within and around you. So many of you has struggled, some it seems like the last 20 years have been a struggle of one to the next to the next to the next. For some it’s been a shorter period of time but it feels like there’s been a great deal of that feeling of not having what you wanted to have and that feeling of “I know there’s something there but it’s not happening”. These two seem to be the biggest frustrations that I’m feeling from people.

Therefore, as we are coming up on this very powerful, powerful day of the year I invite you to clear out the old and become very clear about what you seek, but we’re going to do something different this time.

Each of you have around you, your group. I ask that you open up your group and invite in the part of your soul, an aspect of you that is very evolved; the part of you that has perhaps ascended off of the earth and now lives in the universe. But it is a part of you that has moved through the life experiences of the earth. So have a sense of this essence or this energy joining you within your group.

There is a feeling of relaxation that just comes over you. There is a feeling of knowing within your heart. You know and recognize this part of you. It is not so disconnected that it’s like “Oh that’s someone over there that is coming”; no, this is you!

It may be, if you so choose, that this part will now become one of your guides. It perhaps had a different name from another lifetime, so if you hear of a name you can use that. If you don’t hear a name, if you don’t know what to call it then say “Higher and whatever your name is”. For example, Shelly will say, Higher Shelly, Evolved Shelly, Ascended Shelly; whatever works for you but the key is for you to recognize that it is you and it is that part of you that has moved through all of the steps before.  

I just heard someone saying “If I’ve done this before why am I doing it again?

You are doing it again because we, meaning, we the universe, we the universal light beings that have worked with and supported the earth through the many millenniums ask you to come and help us. We needed to have stability upon the earth so that we could transition three eons of evolution all at the same time.

I’m hearing some people saying, “Is that what they’re calling it now?”.  People will give whatever name works for them to whatever process may be happening in their lives. So be that as it may what we’re describing right now is that over the past, in particular 50 years there has been a very powerful evolutionary process taking place upon the earth that has culminated in the last 10 to 15 years.

These levels of Ascension are coinciding at this time so that it will consciously take the entire earth, shifting it upward into the crystalline vibration. Indeed, in the past when this higher aspect of yourself ascended off of the earth there could have been another group conscious elevation of vibration and it could be that whole groups transition off of the earth and they went into what you are now calling the new earth. That replica of your earth that vibrates at the fifth, sixth, seventh dimension and more. We’re trying to bring these two together so that one earth can manifest all.

Some of you say, “Who cares? Why bother? What difference does it make?” The difference that it makes is that it gives you as the human, the opportunity to live a life that is filled with many, many potentials. You can live out experiences. You can manifest in ways that you are unable to do so in the past. You are here during  a technological evolution of which you are a part. You are here during a physiological evolution in which your actual DNA is shifting. Rather than transitioning off the earth, being reborn with this new DNA you’re doing it while remaining in human form and some of you may say again, “Well, whatever. I just want to live my life and do my thing  and go on about my business”, that is fine too. Most likely those are not the individuals that are drawn to these calls, unless it’s sometime in the future from 2017.

I wished to explain this in such a way so that you would have the understanding about why your life it’s been in the way it has been.  So that you can love, honor and respect yourself for the amazing work that you have done; so that you can perhaps look at your life, not as the frustrating things that have happened or the lack of what has not yet happened and instead you can just say. “Wow! Look what I chose and look what I’m doing” and believe me, I am amazed by all of you. Just ask your evolved self.

So, now that we had that bit of a conversation, I invite you to take a moment and let’s try to shut down your analytical mind for a moment. Allow your focus and your awareness to go within your consciousness; and as you do so tap into those things that has been frustrating to you. Perhaps you’ve already brought it up through our conversation.

Tap into whatever may be disappointing, perhaps leave you that hollowed feeling inside and just bring it out to your group to look at with you. As they take in this energy, they may also say, “Well you are not seeing this but I’m going to bring this into the pot also”. They may say “You’ve done a great job of transitioning this and you are beyond it but I still see a blueprint within you”. So not only are you consciously putting into the center of this group all of that which you would like to release and let go of; they too are looking at you and taking, bringing out, taking out anything at all that no longer serves you.

And for some I’m noticing like a viscous tar like energy that’s just coming up from within the core essence of you; this old tar, this old junk, just bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ let it go.

It may be that as you are consciously releasing these things that evolved aspect of yourself will walk around; it may touch you on your shoulders, your head. It’s communicating with you telepathically helping to transition or release anything and everything that no longer serves you.

And we consciously reach down tapping into everything in every lifetime, in every experience letting all of it come up within you. Bringing all of it, bringing it up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up ~whew~ clear it out. And as you clear it out from within that pot in front of you from within the center it transitions into something completely different and it’s just released and gone.

As you sit quietly within this space with your group surrounding you, take a moment, allowing yourself just to relax. As they bathe you in the energy of your divinity they’re consciously focusing on your third eye, that your third eye may be open and balanced.

They are consciously working on your heart center, that front and back within you. Your heart center is open and in the flow ~whew~ and if there’s anything else that was left over it gets cleared out and then again they work with you lightly tapping you to be open to activate those places inside of you. For some it may be your solar plexus or your other energy bodies. It may also be some of the meridians of energy that are flowing up and down through your physical body.

You sit here quietly as they work with all parts of who you are in this lifetime so that the clearing goes even deeper and so that you can receive this activated energy.

When it is complete that higher aspect of yourself sits down opposite you. Be open to feel the energy that it is sending to you and feel free to send back so that the flow moves both ways.

This part of you ascended off of the earth in a different time space reality so you are integrating, adjusting, or giving this part of you the essence of who you are in this lifetime and what’s happening in this lifetime. It is also helping you to realize those things within you, meaning the abilities, the potentials, the insights are all being shown to you as wide-open and working for you. Feel as that energy goes through you.  You take a deep breath in and you breathe out.

I release the energy of this location so that you may open up to see your galaxy. You see the sun, you see the moon, you see the earth, you see the other planets and stars that are a part of this and as we are shifting into this alignment of the solstice observe the fine-tuning adjustments that just naturally take place both within the universe and upon the earth. And as everything comes line up it’s as if this expanded energy just explodes out of this place and as it does so it is also flowing through you. You in this new adjusted energy, amplifying it for you, helping it to move through you going into your cells, going into your DNA, going into all parts of who you are and allow yourself to feel it. It moves through.

Look at your life through evolved eyes. Look at your life. So often you immediately go back to what you’ve wanted that you haven’t had. How about taking out that potential? You’ve wanted it, it hasn’t manifested so let just take it off the plate for now and release control. Release a narrow intention and instead look through the universe and ask, “What is in my best interest at this time?” You may hear a response, you may feel a response, you may see images; you may have a total blank.

At the very least feel relief in letting go the frustration, letting go the disappointment and instead just feel the pulsating amplitude of the universe or your galaxy in particular as that flows between you here in the All That Is and you as a part of this energy.

As you clear the past and as you have cleared disappointment feel how you are different. If you feel exactly the same that’s fine too, but the potential to be different is profound, because you are saying, “I want something new.” “I want the life that is different than the one I’ve had.” “I want a life that is lived in these higher lighter vibrations and I want it in the earth.” And feel how that’s going through you, this new potential, this new life, this new ability.

We’ve spoken in the past of how people ascend into the higher vibrations and many will transition off the earth. That sense and that fear that people have that, “I’m going to wake up and where is my family, where is my home, where is my friends?” It is not going to happen like that. What will happen is that your perception is different. You see the world around you differently. You manifest different work, different friends, different realities. It’s time to let go anything that no longer serves you. No more excuses, no more reasons why you need to keep this in your life. It’s time to let it go.

You may still circle back around to that relationship or that job or whatever it may be, but do so with the intention that you are now coming back around at a higher vibration or a new perspective. So as you stand here with the whole galaxy in front of you, but in particular maybe you see the sun in front of you and the earth in alignment but that pulsation of the sun integrates and moves through you on every level.

Is there fear in being great? Is there fear of the responsibilities if you do have everything you want to have?  ~ Whew~ Clear it out and again let yourself feel the pulsation of the sun, the moon, the stars, the earth. Because there is a pulsation, there is a rhythm, there is a vibration of the earth and the universe and you within.

I invite all of you come back gathering together as a group.

Look around that emotion that was first tap into when we came into the All That Is; is completely cleared out. Everybody is looking so much calmer and centered and evolved. These are the energies and the people or someone like that that will be in your life . So we let that hologram of the earth come up within the group. Each one of you are infusing your balance, your consciousness,  your awareness , it goes into that hologram and as it does so it becomes illuminated with light and energy. And as you release that hologram with all of these intentions it moves into that image that we saw of the galaxy. It moves through the Milky Way going in every direction. But in particular acres down into the earth and as that hologram moves through the earth, as it goes through the outer matrix it clears out the energies of the collective consciousness. It moves through going down to the center of the earth, blending with the crystals, blending with the core of the earth and then it comes outward getting  bigger and bigger. It comes up through the surface of the earth moving through your grass, your trees, your flowers, your waterways. Moving through the oceans and it comes up within each one of you.

You already anchored yourself earlier so this transition blends with that part of you that was anchored and it comes back up into you the human. Allow yourself to relax, to sit back, to feel the integration of what that means to you. Perhaps you need to clear out again as you are here in the physical reality. You just clear it out again and then as you are ready to do so you send that bit of your consciousness back up to your divinity and you bring all of that energy that was you in  the All That Is. You bring it back to your divinity. It comes down through that column of light and you once more bring it back within yourself, anchoring here.

You can feel how wide-open that thread of consciousness or that column, howsoever you think about it because from you, to your higher self, to your divinity. Is there, it’s wide-open so feel that energy as it comes down within you. Open to the potential of seeing your life and experiencing your life in this new way from this moment forth. It is done.

As we celebrate the solstice, let it be a day of rejoicing in that balance, the balance of the sun and the moon, the balance of the masculine and feminine, the balance of the human and the divine.

Allow everything that you did during this evening’s meditation to integrate deeply and fully within you, moving through your mind, your emotions, your physicality, moving into every cell within you as it adjusts, even the DNA that most basic foundation for who you are.

These subtle changes have been taking place all along and some of it flows through your body without having an effect on your DNA and some of it goes straight into your DNA opening up, activating the higher levels and recalibrating.

Recalibrate who you are, recalibrate in that level of the higher dimensions and the higher consciousness so that it may support you and you are living your life in that higher level.

And know beloved that you are never alone, that you are always connected to your own divinity and that I the Goddess I’m always with you.




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