This channel took place on the eve of the Lion’s Gate for 2016.  There are different times during the year when the energy comes into the earth in a more amplified way.  These may be called portals, doorways, vortices or other names; but the intention is that they amplify certain qualities of the energy.  My sense is that Lion’s Gate is about several things. First of all, the lion most often represents strength, courage, confidence and leadership.  For you, it’s about becoming your true, authentic self – being true to who you are and what you seek.  It is also thought to represents abundance with the number 8.

During this channel the Goddess assisted us with releasing disappointments, old energy, things that have not manifested and therefore created frustration.  I so often hear from people that things don’t turn out the way they anticipated and when this happens it creates an energy that becomes a block.  This is why the Goddess cleared the energy while present in your body, then in your higher self and again in the All That Is.

Once we cleared on all levels, the Goddess invited us to look in a completely different direction.  If we keep looking in the same place, we see the same thing. Right now, have the intention to open to new perspectives. We then stepped up to the portal that represents the Lion’s Gate.  This energy was infused into the channel and I could feel so many waves moving through me.  Once we became very clear about what we wanted to amplify we merged with the actual Lion’s Gate. Some people jumped in, others felt like it was beaming down on them and then others aligned from a higher perspective.

I invite you to clear your energies and step into the Lion’s Gate allowing it to fully support what you seek to manifest in life!

Nama sika Venia benya, Nama sika Venia benya

I greet you beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out and embrace each one of you as you choose to come and spend this time with me.

The energy is moving.  Times are changing.  You may feel as if you are stuck and mired in the energy and nothing is happening in your life, but there is movement taking place and there is transformation that is all around you upon the earth.

I did want to take a moment and reference at the beginning here that there is a difference that was created the last time we got together.  This was not the only group working with that intention to transform the collective consciousness.  So everything that we did with all of the people that we embraced connected with everything that other people did with that intention of transforming the collective consciousness has created a new potential and a new opportunity, which is what is allowing in this transformation and flow of energy.

Now you may ask yourself, “how does that affect me in my life” and what it will do for you is give you some of that relief from that tension that you have been feeling.  It will give you some relief as you continue to look for opportunities around you that don’t seem to be manifesting, because the more that you have…… It is almost like when you release the ceiling from 8 feet to 10 feet you have just given yourself all that extra square footage in which to hang your belongings and put things into the room that would make it feel more comfortable for you.

So think of it like that for your own life that you have recently raised the roof so as to manifest even more.  Gosh that’s not how I wanted to phrase that.  It’s so you can manifest more into your life, but it’s not even about having more, it’s really truly about being able to manifest that which is your heart’s desire.

So often people get into a rut in their life and they say I want this and I want this and I want this; because they have always wanted it and they think that they still want it.  But what can happen is that as you move through your life considering what may be going on, considering your desires or whatever it may be, relationships, family, work; you continue to transform in such a way that some of those old desires may not be what is in your best interests any more.

Therefore as you continue to shift the energies, as you continue to expand into a higher potential for yourself.  Then be open to releasing something that has not manifested to see if perhaps there is something even better that is coming along.

Now I hear you.  You still want what you want.  Completely fine, but perhaps it will come to you in an even better form than you were anticipating.  Perhaps it will come to you looking different from what you thought you wanted.  So this is why here at the beginning let’s take a moment and just kind of cut the cords, ~whew~ clear out those things that you have desired that have not yet manifested.  Clear them out so that you may in tern be open to something new.  What a delightful surprise if it is what you have always wanted, but even better.

So beloved family, take a moment and breathe into your heart.  Consider anything conscious or unconscious that has not been working for you, then allow yourself to bring it up from within ~whew~, clear it out.  Take a moment and just soak in the energies of your divinity and who you are in this now moment.  Clear out your mind of any anxiety.

I now invite you to have a sense of breathing down first into the earth plane allowing yourself to connect with the earth, sending out energy in every direction and then you bring that intention back up.  It comes into your heart center, it goes out through the top of your head and it just naturally blends with your higher self.

Here within the space of your higher self take a moment to look around.  Some of those desires that you have been looking for are here so clear it out ~whew~.  You let go on your human level, your everyday life level.  You are clearing it out on the level of your higher self.  Take a moment as you are still within your higher self to look around and realize how this is a part of that transformation with raising the level of consciousness.  Your own higher self is now more in the flow of the universal light and consciousness.

As you allow yourself to be in this space feel it as it just kind of supports you and nurtures you.  There we go.  Once you feel that link to your higher self and that alignment then let your consciousness stream even further.  There is that cord of energy from you the human that goes all the way up and links directly into the energies of your divinity.

As you feel yourself within your divinity take a moment and look around.  For some it’s just that color, or texture, or depth.  For others it’s just as if you are linking to a cloud of energy and light.  If you go inside your consciousness as it is merging with your divinity allow yourself to simply feel connected; to know that you are home.  To know that this is the space that is you.  It’s you as your soul.  It’s you as your God Source; you from all your many, many lifetimes.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  I reach out and merge my energies with yours.  As we do so you feel how everything shifts moving into the All That Is.  Look around.  Just as you looked around within your higher self, within your divinity, and now within the All That Is be open to become aware of all that is here.

As you feel this energy know that you are in alignment with the limitless potential of the All That Is.  This is a place of creation.  This is a place of opportunity.

We are here at the time of the Lion’s Gate.  I love the words and phrases that humanity gives these various experiences that take place upon the earth.  This is what occurs in August of your calendar year as a portal that is in alignment with some very powerful energies.  These are alignments with the stars, your planets, your solar system that kind of amplify what is coming in to the earth.

It started back about a week or 10 days ago and it will continue on another week or so.  But the amplified or intensified energies are in this now moment as this is taking place.  Because we are tapping into it, it is drawn into the vibration and the energy of this channel therefore no matter when you read this, listen to it or tap into it you are connecting with the vibration of these energies.

I spoke as you were upon the earth about some of those things that you have desired that have not yet manifested for you.  I asked you to release them letting them go.

I ask you to just kind of take a moment and consider your heart’s desire.  We do this all the time I realize that, but I also understand how with humanity this is an ongoing part of your life situation.  It’s about desire and manifesting, or desire and not manifesting, or desire and transformation.

For the most part that desire is the foundation that kind of nudges you along on your pathway.  If you had no desire you would be inert.  You would just kind of going with whatever came your way, not shifting, not moving, not transforming. Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with that either as long as you were happy with it and satisfied with it.

For anyone else who is seeking change and is frustrated here is an opportunity to clear that out.  Here from the All That Is I invite you to kind of clear out your mind, clear out your consciousness and then bring up something you have been seeking.  No not a string of things, one thing and I ask you to look at it with new eyes.  You may think what do you mean?  I just want what I want.

See this is the rut that I would like for you to release.  So if when you consider what you wanted and it looks exactly the same as ever take a deep breath in connecting with that energy, ~whew~ and clear it out.  Let it go.

So perhaps let’s look at this a new way.  There is something that you desire in your life.  Why?  If you have that in your life what does it look like?  If you have what you desire in your life would you be taking different actions in your everyday life?  If you have what you desire in your life what will it bring to you ultimately?

So I say to you first of all let’s go into that space or that energy of what you ultimately seek to feel and experience with what you manifest.  As if it is all right here in front of you step into it, dance with it, play with it, move with the energy of having, not what you seek to manifest, but the energy of having arrived, of having already manifested what you seek and that’s the energy that I can really feel moving through you.

As you are in this space and as you acclimate to that.  I do not wish for you to look in the direction you have looked before, but look in a whole new direction and see what else is around you.  Be open to see something different and not the same routine.  Be open to understand that there are many ways for you to have what you ultimately seek to have within your life.

I always feel such love for humanity because humans as a race are so intense!  Your thoughts, your emotions, your physicality; everything about the human experience is intense and brilliant and just amazing.  I would like to insert into that flexible, because that is not always the case.

As you consider how it feels to have already manifested what you seek then bring in the flow and the awareness of the many different support mechanisms that will help that. And the getting to point A to point B you can leave it up to the Angels and the Beings of Light who are out here.  We’re not so very far away from you, because the more that your vibration rises the more that we can interact with you in your everyday life.

Now that you have become clear in how you feel and opened to transitioning things in a new way, or manifesting in a new way, I invite everyone to have a sense of shifting your focus or your awareness to where I have; I guess you might call it a picture window or an open view of your Galaxy.

As you look out into the Galaxy we spoke before of the Lion’s Gate.  We’re creating an illusion so that it gives you something that you can think about.  Where you see the stream of consciousness and energy that goes out into the universe as it is going into the earth.  You are a part of this energy.  It is being infused with the crystalline energy of the Light Body.  It is supporting you in your physical reality.

As you look towards the earth have a sense of allowing yourself to be transported until you are standing in front of the energy of the Lion’s Gate.  In essence this is a portal that is amplifying the energies that are associated with the number 8, one of which is abundance and prosperity, and then the Lion representing Leo is about that strength, that knowledge of knowing who you are.  It’s about the energy of being yourself of being your authentic self.

Therefore as you look at the powerful energies of this portal take a moment to open your energies to the flow of abundance and also open your energies to your true authentic self.  This is you as your divinity, you as the human person living upon the earth, you the person living your life from your heart.

And what is your heart?  That which is you blended with your divinity and your personality of this lifetime.  It’s living with compassion.  It’s living with love, first and foremost for yourself and then reflected outwards, because if you do not allow love for yourself to come in first you will not see it in the energies around you.  Therefore as you love and nurture yourself you begin to see more nurture and love around you.  Take a deep breath in and feel that.  What that is for you.

As you create this clarity within yourself you have several options.  If you so choose have a sense of jumping into this portal and letting it just amplify all of who you are and then see where it takes you into the earth.

If you so choose you can allow yourself to be back where you live in your everyday life and then open to the energy of the Lion’s Gate as it manifests and clears out everything in and around you.

Another option is for you to be in the space of your higher self.  That space that is close to humanity, but filled with divinity and as you are here in the energies of the Lion’s Gate you are also working with the collective consciousness of the earth.  Not only is it amplifying and helping to transition these other changes it is also working with all of your own consciousness so that you send out patterns of light and patterns of energy.  This is what helps you to manifest the change that you are seeking.

Take a moment and just feel that vibration, feel that energy, and as you allow yourself to be in this space you may hear tones of whistling of energy.  Allow all of that to be fully present assisting you and amplifying your own energies.

Allow your focus to return up to the All that Is.  Take a moment to look around.  Your perception is shifting as we speak.  Look with clear vision at whatever it is that is around you in this space.  Have a sense of creating greater pathways for that, whatever it may be, to flow into your everyday life.

I invite all who are here to gather together.  I invite you to create a space in which the hologram of the earth comes up within.  As you look at the earth you may see the earth itself; but then look with your expanded eyes at the energy that surrounds the earth.

There is a matrix and this matrix is a part of what was transformed as we raised the collective consciousness.  I therefore invite you to infuse into all of the hologram, but pay intention to infusing into the Matrix itself filling it with the vibration and the energy and awareness for all that has been transformed and all that is amplified through this Lion’s Gate vibration.

We then release the hologram it moves down moving through the levels of consciousness, the levels of vibration and it moves down into the earth with a part of it moving out into the universe.  As this goes into the earth it goes down into the center of the earth connecting with the crystals and the vibration of the core.  It then comes up clearing out the energy, clearing out the vibration.  As it continues to come up it moves up coming up in to you and your alignment of the earth.  It comes up and anchors within you allowing your manifestation to move out from you.

So too it is coming up through the water, the grass, the trees, the rocks, the earth.  It comes up through everything clearing out anything that is old and no longer serves and instead infusing it with this new potential, new opportunities, new vibration.

Take a moment to allow your consciousness to flow back up into the All That Is.  With everything that you have just anchored become aware if there is anything else waiting to come in that needs to come to your awareness.

It flows within you.  It streams back down and you allow your consciousness to come with it.  You flow into your divinity first and foremost.  You then have that sense of merging with your higher self and as you look at your higher self, look at how much it is populated with potentials and opportunities just for you.

Look at how much you infused this with your divinity so that you may be nurtured, loved and supported every time that it expands out and it easily flows within your heart and fills you up to the person you are.

You allow your consciousness to stream back down into your human experience your human expression. Take a moment to just close your eyes if you need to, or open up all your senses, and once again from this space on the physical plane of your earth I invite you to have a sense of clearing out the dimensions above and below you, and around you, so you can once more open up to the energies of the Lion’s Gate letting that come in to you amplifying, pulsating, balancing all of who you are.

Be open to receive.  Be open to allow.  You can feel the flow.  You can feel the energy.  Anchor this how-so-ever you desire.  Trust that you have created a new reality.  Allow it to manifest in that which brings you joy, in that that nurtures from within your heart throughout all of you becoming everything you seek to be.

As you move through your days and weeks to come even as you move past the portal of the Lion’s Gate bring this energy into the moment.  Take it with you in your everyday life.  Embrace it with whatever comes your way.  Be in this moment.  Be in this energy allowing for the transformation into the highest vibration and potential that is here for you.

Know that you are you.  Know that you have that deep alignment to divinity and that it is here to support you in every way.

Beloved I am always with you and within you.


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