During the month of February, we are inundated in all ways about love, relationships, ways to express it, things to do for yourself and for others.  It’s the type of month that can make you crazy or lift you up!

I have thought about love a lot over the last couple of weeks.  This in turn led to me really considering love and support and how we allow it within our lives.  Are you allowing love into your life?  Do you allow it from within?  Do you allow others to love you?

As you ask these questions for some people it brings up distress, others confusion and within you in the place where your soul loves and nurtures; there is a blossoming of warmth.  Sometimes it is really hard to allow other people to help us. We as a society support and encourage people to be independent or self-reliant. As a result, we can find ourselves in a rut of struggle where we have erected a facade that doesn’t allow for others to come in.  Is this you?

It doesn’t have to be a big deal, it may be the little things.  When we feel a need to do everything ourselves, we are denying love both from others and from our own higher self and divinity. This in turn can push us into an even deeper sense of isolation.  It’s always interesting how it becomes a cycle; you want to be independent à in doing everything yourself you keep others from showing you love and support à you then wish you had others to be part of your life. 

One of the best ways to break a cycle like this or open to greater love is to make a conscious choice to be in the flow of love.  Every time we gather for the teleconference the Goddess takes us through anchoring our energies, then opening to our higher selves and then further into our divinity.  You can follow this process and it strengthens it within you moving from an unconscious experience to a conscious. 

However, everything that we do in life is about intention. If you have the intention that you will open to love, truly you need nothing else; the flow of love it there and never ending.

We then consider our ego’s.  This is so much a part of our lives that we don’t always realize how our ego creates a belief or feeling that love is not present.  This may be expressed through thoughts of ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I’m just different from other people, therefore it is harder to find love’.  I’m sure you may have other beliefs that have been your experience.   

In opening to love or allowing love, you are creating a vibration for allowing in your life. This vibration permeates more than just your emotions or beliefs.  It is a vibration that you feel in your body.  As it transforms your emotions you feel uplifted and a part of life rather than separate.  As your beliefs allow this reality you think more lovingly about yourself; which is then reflected to people and life around you.


Get quiet and allow your breathing to focus within you.
As you breathe gently and easily, allow each breath in to fill you with light and each breath out to release old energy.
State out loud or in your mind “I choose to be in the flow of love and allow it within my life”.
Be in that space as your make a conscious choice for this to come in.
Once your feel the alignment, then ask “Is there anything conscious or unconscious that keeps me from allowing love in my life?”
Some people may immediately feel a response, others not so much.  Therefore whether you feel it or not, have a clear intention that you release                                anything keeping you from love in your life.
Next, invite love to show you new potentials of what life is like with love.
Again, there may an instant flow of awareness or it may come to you over time. 
The longer you remain in the space or return frequently will strengthen this flow.

I invite you to BE the love in your life and have a clear intention to allow love to show you the many potentials available for you.