In the very beginning, the Goddess speaks of love in all its various forms.  Love brings joy, love builds you up, love creates light and more.  There were waves and wave of this vibration that flowed over and within each of us.  Love is something that we all seek to have in our lives and it is there more than we sometimes realize. 

When we arrived in the All That Is, we found ourselves in the amphitheater where the angels and light beings like to speak with us, there is such a feeling of anticipation!  There is always a long of beings who would like to chat with us and tonight it was who I affectionately call the 3 M’s:  Metatron, Archangel Michael and Melchizedek.

Metatron spoke first about how is sometimes referred to as an Angel, Ascended being, Lord Metatron and just himself.  He spoke of how the energies are changing and he is aligned with everyone upon the earth and how as the earth is ascending he is aware and supportive.   He speaks of how we have the love within us from source that is our foundation.  

Archangel Michael spoke next and he spoke of his role with humanity has changed over the years.  He frequently in the past has been called upon to be the defender of people and the world.  He spoke about how this is transitioning as the earth ascends.  He also gave everyone a sword of light.  He has given people this in the past and mentioned how the sword now used has transitioned from the irons of the past into a crystalline foundation.  This is to assist with cutting through what no longer serves and illuminating your life. 

Melchizedek was the last to speak and he spoke about religions and how so much of that is changing.  Each religion has multiple ways in which is it interpreted and that some of that no longers supports people, it was perhaps more negative or controlling through fear. He spoke of the Alpha – Omega society and how that is the beginning to end of all that there is.  We each are aligned with the central spiritual sun through our soul.  This is our source. 

There are many, many messages with this channel and the energies of love are deep and abiding.