When you think of love, what is the first thing that comes to  your mind?  We as humanity are innately drawn to be with other people.  We also are taught when we are young that it’s better to love others than  yourself or more than yourself.  These days you may see a change in that belief.  While we still need one another to live our lives, when we begin with loving ourselves, it opens us up to receive even more because our capacity to give love is even more!  Love is the most powerful emotion we have. I can transform anything else including hate, greed, prejudice and more. While sometimes love can seem as if it’s tricky  it truly is the foundation of all the change coming in.  The crystalline vibration, the 5th dimension and higher are all based in love. 

This channel allows you the opportunity to look at your life as it relates to love.  How can you transform your perspective?  How can you allow more into your life?  What would your life be like if you integrated more of the universal light?

In addition, speaking of the recent Super, Blue, Red Moon with the Eclipse from January 31, 2018 there is a portal that opened up allowing for more of crystalline vibration to become a  part of our lives.  No matter where you are in  your life, it can always transform with the integration love; love from your divinity, love from the universe, love from  your fellow man.