This channel is two weeks after the total solar eclipse that cut through the earth clearing energy from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  The collective consciousness is that part of the world filled with both conscious and unconscious experiences of all the people on earth.  Some of those emotions and experiences are what has kept people stuck in old energy or the lower vibrations.  The solar eclipse cut through that old energy releasing it and allowing new crystalline energy to move in.  This raises the vibration and is based in love.

The more that we express ourselves as love, the higher our vibration will be.  Many times it’s easier to feel love for others rather than for ourselves.  As you consider that, it’s the representation of society.  We were taught to put others first, to listen to what others say or to even not love yourself.  Society is shifting from thinking that self love or good self esteem rather than a negative thing is actually the foundation for a healthy life. 

It’s not enough to look for love in others; it’s about being love in all that you do.  If this is your focus, your life will change considerably. 

Crystalia is one of the  Universal Light Beings that I channel. She represents the omniverse and the crystalline vibration that coming into earth.  She spoke at length about the new vibration and how the crystalline energy is in alignment with love.  There will be more and more available thereby making it easier to be love! 

Nama sika Venia benya, Nama sika Venia benya

I greet you beloved family.  I reach out to each one of you inviting you to come and be present with me at this now moment.  The transformation has taken place, now is the time for integration!

There have been so many physical changes upon the earth that sometimes people are struggling to keep up with; what is your reality, what is your focus, where are you going to go and what are you going to do?  Some of these physical changes and some of this physical reality is going to begin to shift in very subtle or unconscious ways. 

When there is a transformation like what took place with the Total Eclipse it cleared out energies from the collective consciousness.  Therefore all of that unconscious energy that everybody gets caught up within is now going to shift into something that is of a higher, lighter vibration.  So when people speak about a change taking place upon the earth that will bring in more and more of the heart center this is one of the ways in which it is going to come about. 

Not everybody needs to be open.  Not everybody needs to be following their spiritual path.  It is truly about where your focus is within your life as you continue to basically live and have your life experience.  For some of you it may be that you will notice changes and that things may come to your awareness that will cause you to either question; question yourself, question the people around you, question your beliefs. 

If you’re in that space then the number one thing that I suggest for people is to learn first and foremost that alignment between you as the human and you as your divinity.  Your divinity also known as your I AM presence, also known as your God Source, is that part of you that lives on lifetime after lifetime, after lifetime.  Therefore it is your biggest resource for anything that is happening within your life.  It is your leap you might say or your platform that takes you to other spaces, or other time space realities. 

As you allow for that open flow to become a part of you, you will feel it in many ways.  If you are feeling an emptiness inside it will be filled with your divinity.  If you’re feeling confusion the answers are within your divinity.  If you are wondering what your purpose is in life the answer is in your divinity. 

Not everybody has the same purpose.  Not everybody has to be on a spiritual journey.  It is about you being the authentic person that you can be and you living your life from your heart, from a space of joy and from a space of love.  Yes! Those are the keys to living a rich fulfilled life upon the earth. 

Now for this journey I invite you to take a moment and just breathe down and one more time breathing into your heart, but this time send the energy down into the Earth.  As you send your focus and your consciousness into the Earth you breathe down through your energy bodies and that beam of light moves into the Earth.  As it stretches out in two different directions you are anchoring yourself within Gaia. 

Already you can feel that rich support and flow from the energy of Earth as it moves up within you.  From there you allow your consciousness to come back up it goes out through the top of your head and it just naturally finds its space within your Higher Self. 

Your Higher Self is that place that is the blend of your divinity and your human.  It is that place where you can let your consciousness go and it expands, because there is more there for you.  It gives you that overview of your life.  If there are old projects so to speak, or old things that you were seeking, they have become cluttered, ~whew~, clear it out.  Clear it out and allow yourself to create a new beginning.

From there you allow your consciousness to stream even further.  It moves up into the space of the Soul Plane.  It just follows that thread of energy that is your link from you as the human into your divinity.  As you find yourself merging within this space you are automatically blending with in your divinity. You may see it a particular way, feel it, sense it, and know it.  Howsoever you allow yourself to open to this alignment this is that part of you that I was speaking about a few minutes ago.  This is something that the more you connect with it the more you follow that stream-of-consciousness.  The more you will know who you are and the more it expands that flow of light that comes from here all the way down into your human reality.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  As I do so I reach out to embrace you as the person you are in this lifetime, but as the immense person you are as your divinity.  As our energies merge that blend allows us to transition into the space of the All That Is.  The All that Is is a vibration of pure love consciousness.  The All That Is is a place that is separated from the Earth because it is a higher dimension, but it is also a place where many of you come in a very unconscious manner.

Look around.  Perhaps your group is here waiting for you.  By your group I mean your Angels, your Light Beings.  Feel what this presence is for you.  As you find this space I invite you to settle in because I wish to speak of love.  Within the All that Is, love is the foundation.  It is the intrinsic vibration.  Within you your divinity love is also the foundation and while you have had lifetimes in which love was not the focus, it may have been anger, fear, controlling.   It is a place where you might have had experiences that are accepted through the space of love. 

May I ask a question?  How much a part of your life is love?  As I’m listening to your answer I’m hearing quite a variety of things.  From; everything I do is from my heart; love is what I strive to have; love is one of the most important things in my life.  I am also hearing I wish for more love in my life.  If love were the focus of my life how would I be different, or would I be different.  This is a significant transformation. 

Consider what direction your life might lead if everything you looked at was through the eyes of love.  So let’s start by inviting you to perhaps bring up some of those things that are of key importance to you right now.  For some it is many things, but pull up that that is most important to you that you would like to transition.  Now as you look at it how does that make you feel: frustrated, sad, angry, excited, happy, joyful.  You emotions are the trigger for how your mind and your belief system will react.  This is the way that a large number of people interpret things. 

There are another group of people that may look at a situation, and rather than feeling and emotion about it that drives their mental body, they actually go into analysis or they have an analytical reaction, which then triggers the emotions or there may not be any emotions at all.  There is no right or wrong.  There is only that which your emotions, your thoughts or beliefs impact your life and they do so by creating the vibration that in turn manifests what you seek to have. 

Take this moment, opening up your heart and feel the love of the All that is.  Feel the love of I the Goddess and God.  Feel the love of your own Divinity; let it just wash over you filling up everything within you.  As you do so let it tweak those old thoughts or beliefs.  Let it tweak those emotions that might hold you back.  Simply BE love.

And as you are experiencing that, have the intention that I am working with your consciousness that you can be love in all situations, and I am also sending it to your unconsciousness and it will then trickle into your physical reality.

Take a moment and look around once more.  How do you see those things in your life? Do you have that exact same reaction that you just had?  When you are loved, or love is the primary filter through which you live your life, it tempers everything.  It fills you with compassion, for yourself first and foremost, and then moves out to everything else.  It fills you with a sense of acceptance for those things that you just cannot change.  When you move into a space of acceptance you can then shift and find another way to deal with it.  Feel all of what this is. 

Are there certain things that are coming up for you, that even with that integration of love, continue to remain in a place of resistance?  If so allow that to come into this moment as if you were holding it in front of you in your hand.  Look at it.  Understand what it is that is causing it to be resistance at this level.  As you do so that love and that compassion begins to transform, first on an unconscious level, and then it just very subtly or very gently works through your emotions, works through your thoughts and your beliefs, so that you can then look at that same situation with an open heart and a new perspective; whatever that perspective maybe. 

As you can feel these energies moving through you I invite you to take a moment and look essentially in front of you, but I invite you to open up to the awareness of Crystallia.  She is a universal light being who works with Shelly and she represents the Omniverse or the crystalline vibration that continues to integrate into the Earth.  She would like to speak with you as we begin this new phase of life upon the Earth. 

Crystallia Speaks:

Greetings, welcome and I thank you for choosing to come and share this time with me.  I am known as Crystallia and yes I derived my name from the crystalline vibration.  Many of you are already aware of what that is and how that affects you in your life.  But whether this is your first time meeting me or we have met many times before this is an opportunity for you to open to the higher vibrations as they come into the Earth.

You have heard about the universe in which you live and in the Omniverse is the representation of other universes that live distant to the one in which you are familiar.  Within the universe you have galaxies.  Within galaxies you have planets and stars.  This is true and repeated in various forms throughout the Omniverse.  The reason for the differences are species not all people, not always people, but species and people enjoy the experience of different lifetimes and living in whatever way it may be. 

So let us speak about what is happening upon the Earth at this time. I know that Shelly always gets very emotional when we speak about the most recent transformation and in part of it is because she is aware of the many, many times that this has been attempted throughout your history.  There is a difference right now. 

There are what you might call Eon’s that have come together.  It’s like a layering effect that have all completed within the last 15 years.  Seems crazy doesn’t it?  Those who work with the planet upon which you live, and those who work with the universe, specifically brought together this transformation within a certain period of time so as to have this opportunity. 

What does it mean that Avalon has returned?  What does it mean that with the complete Solar Eclipse it cut through the energy of the Earth?  It means that old ties, old pathways, old energy has been well and truly disconnected.  With the Solar Eclipse it was an immediate release.  Those that were of the deepest, lowest, or how so ever you want to think about it, vibrations of negativity were cut.  There will be another planet upon which it will manifest; perhaps within your Universe perhaps within another. 

As that was cut there was as an immediate influx of vibration through the crystalline energies.  I was there.  I was part of it and so were you.  Those of you who have an interest in this, whether it is at the exact time as taking place or sometime in the future, it is now all the now moment.  It is all here because we have all chosen to come together to create this truly amazing transformation.

Your Earth is going through adjustments.  The weather patterns will be shifting.  There will be earthquakes.  There will be hot and cold that transforms.  But allow me to say to you that the best response to any of these things is to embrace love.  If you see something or if you are in the midst of something and you experience it as fear stop, take a deep breath, and embrace love.  When these things happen it gives everyone the opportunity to communicate and support and love one another; whether monetary, physically, there are many different means in which you may open up to this.  One person opening to love creates a potential for 50 to open to love.  

I cannot say enough the Importance and the strength of what love can do, not only on your personal life, but upon the Earth.  Love begins within you and love is not about judging yourself, or questioning, or thinking I have to change this, or I need to fix that.  Love is being.  You just are love and if you are hard on yourself then let it go. 

You’re human experience is about your reactions to things that happen in your life.  You are not controlled by any one thing upon the Earth.  Instead you are constantly choosing reaction, upon reaction, upon reaction.  Be love. 

With the transition and the Solar Eclipse there is already a much greater amount of the crystalline vibration that is flowing within and around you.  The crystalline vibration is what will raise the vibration of the Earth and as it’s doing so it’s going to create potentials and you may flow up and down within those potentials at any given time.  Feel how that is for you.  It’s exciting. 

A key portion to allowing yourself to be love is letting go of control.  Control has been the foundation for people’s lives for eon upon eon and control may be something huge, as if you’re trying to control every aspect of your life, your family’s life, your work life and everything else so that it all comes into something that you can understand.  Control may be someone somebody else saying, “This is what you have to do.  This is how you have to do it.  This is what has to be done.”  So it can be outside of you or it can be within you.  Sometimes it’s very helpful to understand the source of control, but you need not.  In the new energies let your focus simply be upon love.  Let the natural vibration of love transform everything.  

I Crystallia have not had much opportunity to be in alignment with the Earth.  I am therefore learning from you as you will be learning from me.  It is a lovely thing! 

Take a moment and feel who you are here in the All That Is.  Look at who you are the immensity of all of you and know that through the illumination of the crystalline vibration.  Everything in life will become clearer for you.  That clarity may come in the form of needing to make a decision.  It may come in the form of acceptance of realities.  It may come in the form of Aha I get that now.  Allow yourself just to feel that transition for all that it is.  Become a part of the crystalline vibration by allowing love to be a part of you.  I will be present more and more fully and I am inviting each one of you to reach out to me if you so choose.   


I the Goddess return.  Crystallia is such a beautiful energy and light.  She is from someplace else, but she also is a representation of what is going to become more and more available to you upon the Earth. 

You can shift your vibration as we’ve been speaking about through your thoughts and your emotions.  You can shift your vibration through the foods that you eat; working with your body to have it in an optimum working conditions through the minerals, through the energy that you consume.  As you do so open up and listen.  Your intuition will have those answers for you for what is right for you.  It doesn’t mean everybody has to be vegetarian.  It doesn’t mean everybody has to have a particular type of diet or lifestyle.  It simply means that each one of you has your own unique way in which to nurture yourself.  Open up and experience that for what it is.  

I invite everyone to return coming back together as a group.  As we do so look around, feel the love that is here, see the transformation that is already taking place and even just for this evening what is available right here.  As we come together as a group with their focus of love and the crystalline vibration from Crystallia we see a hologram of the Earth coming up.  As this hologram comes up within all of you each one of you infused the energy and the light of what it is to be love into this Earth.

As it becomes infused you release it.  You have a sense of it seeing it as it flows through.  An aspect of it goes out into the Universe finding the balance of the planets, and the other energies of the Universe thrust down into the Earth.  As it does so it moves through the collective consciousness.  See the difference from what it has been.  Feel it as this hologram goes through. It moves with greater ease and even so it just clears out anything that is no longer serves.  It goes down into the center of the Earth mixing with the crystals and the gases and the rocks, and then Gaia sends it outwards. 

Each one of you bring up within you all that you did and the transformation in the All That Is.  You are bringing up what it feels like to be loved and I invite you to let go through your physical body going into every cell within you.  It moves through your mental, your emotional, your spiritual bodies and even into your light body allowing everything to find its balance within you.  It also comes up through the water, the trees, the rocks, the grass, the flowers, so that it perfuses everything upon the Earth. 

As you take this time to anchor consciously send your thoughts back up to the All that Is and gather up more of your transformation. You can leave behind anything that no longer serves you.  You tap into your consciousness bringing it back into your divinity.  You bring it back through your Higher Self and you bring it back into your heart center and you allow for all of your consciousness to come back into you sending it down into the Earth.  Take a moment just breathe, feeling the balance, feeling who you are in this now moment.

Alright beloved so as this evening draws to a close I give you a mission that you may experience for the next day, week, hours, whatsoever it may be.  That mission being that you, as many times a day as it comes to your awareness, you step into the place of your heart.  You pause and take a deep breath breathing into your heart with the energy of love.  Not to direct it.  Not to use it.  Not to put any sort of restraints upon it but simply breath in love and as you do so with that open-ended energy it will move through you in all levels and in all consciousness.

Beloved family, know that I am always with you and I am within you.