Happy New Year!!  This channel took place on New Year’s Day and I could really feel the energy of potential within it.  The higher the vibration, the closer it is to pure love energy.  As your divinity; you are pure love.  God/ Goddess are pure love.  We are now integrating the higher, light dimensions into our earthly lives therefore, we are moving into a heart centered life.  While in the All That Is, you have the opportunity to experience your life through your heart rather than your analytical mind.

The Goddess also mentioned that the consciousness of earth has shifted and there are now more people open to the higher vibration than not.  Many, many people have already opened energetically through the choices that they made.  I had a really strong sense of all the Angels, Light Beings, Star Beings who are here in support of us whether you’re awake or not; they are working with you

Lastly with this shift in energy we are now working at a higher level within the All That Is, this too is another reflection for us.  The Goddess’s over all message is  – there is only light, love & compassion.

Nama sika Venia benya, Nama sika Venia benya

I greet you beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out to embrace you in all that you are, to embrace you in all that may be happening within and around you.  With this I invite you to realize that you are sitting right now in this now moment in a space that is a new creation.  It is a new year in your calendar years.  It is a new beginning for whatever maybe taking place within your life.  It is a fresh start that you can begin as if brand new, or creating in either a deeper way or just something that’s fresh.

I always find it such a joy when we get together in these early parts of the year.  There’s always that sense of anticipation.  There are the people that are making their, what’s it called, their resolutions.  They going to make all of these changes and they’re at that space where they’re still excited and they are anticipating what that’s going to mean for them.  It then makes me chuckle by the end of January or the end of February when are like, oh alright, okay, we’ll let it go.

Certainly there are some times when people may be into something that they truly, truly, have found a new beginning and they go deeper and deeper and deeper. But for me as I look out at humanity, and as you are considering all that is taking place, I would share with you that it’s not necessary to make resolutions at the beginning of the year, that may or may not work, you can make a choice and create change for yourself at any given time.

So if you let go that thought that, oh it is January 1st let me go ahead and do this, then allow yourself to be in a place of constantly creating, constantly moving to that next level, so that you will be in that process of new beginnings and opening growth of new potentials in every aspect of your life at any given moment.

Indeed this is a very important time upon the earth.  People have been asking me through Shelly if we have yet met that peak of this transformation and my answer is yes.  Not only have you met that peak you have gone beyond so that we are now in that, I don’t really like to think of it as a downward movement so instead of that struggle as you are going uphill, we are at that plateau and we are simply enjoying the energies and the process that has been so very difficult for people.

Does this mean that automatically in the blink of an eye everything is perfect, unfortunately not?  I speak in regards to the world wide situations in which you live.  I will say that in the blink of an eye the change can be complete and it can be new and different for each individual.  When you’re not carrying around all the energy of other people and other situations you can make changes in just a moment.  It can happen instantaneously and each of those changes can be a new beginning.  Each of those changes can be an experience for you that will allow you to be ever unfolding or ever in a process of a new beginning.

I am smiling and laughing because whenever we have these channels like this I can hear people asking questions and talking to me about this and so one of the things that I heard was, “Can’t we just take a break.  Why do we always have to work?  Why do we always have to be changing?”  I agree 100%.  I would love for everyone to take a break and be comfortable in their skin, and be comfortable with whatever is happening in your life right now.  It is that human experience, the Ego, the personality, the mental body that is constantly working and constantly seeking change, and constantly moving forward.  So therefore allow yourself to take a break.

There is no-one deciding what is happening in your life except for you.  Therefore as you make these decisions about your life do so from a place of the desire of what really resonates within you.  Even when you are in a partnership at work, or in marriage, or in a committed relationship and there are multiple people that are involved.  Whenever you work from that space of your heart center then that nudges the other people around you to do the same and you can even speak openly about it.  This is a significant part of these new beginnings with this high vibrational energy.

Now we keep spending more time in this your everyday reality as we speak in these channels, but I know how much you enjoy the All That Is and feeling that energy and expansion when you just let your vibration go into that high, light vibration.  So I invite you to move into that space with me.  Take a deep breath now so that you can anchor your physical body and your consciousness.

You breathe through your nose you send your energy down into the Earth.  As you send it into the Earth allow yourself to feel Gaia.  Allow Gaia to be there and present and with you and it is as if your energy just spreads out as it anchors your physical body and the everyday reality of your consciousness.  From there you release the rest of your consciousness it goes up to you.  You have that intention of streaming outward until you link into your higher self.

As you arrive within your Higher Self look around, take note of what is here.  Is it cluttered with things from last year that you’ve now changed your mind about or things from several years ago?  Let’s just clear everything out for a new beginning so as you breathe in and as you breathe out ~whew~  send forth all that energy through your Higher Self.

I then invite you to shift further.  As you do so you just stream out following that cord of light that links you with your divinity so that you come to this space where as if you see in front of you this beautiful energy.  There may be a movement to it.  It may be filled with color.  Some people see it as an individual.  Some people just sense or feel what it would be for them.   Your divinity is your I AM presence.  This is you as your source.

This is your link with the God energies.  So that all of this is available.  It is available through your consciousness.  Many of you work with it to your unconsciousness.  A part of these raising of the vibrations of the Earth gives you the ability to more fully connect with the aspects of you as your divinity.  So as if you are being absorbed.  As if you feel arms or the love and support of you as your soul feel it as it surrounds you, as it connects with you.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  I reach out to embrace you merging my energies with yours so that we can transition into the All That Is.  As we do so take a moment to look around at this space.  In fact without looking specifically at anything take a moment to just feel the transition that has taken place.

We are now moving into a space that is a higher vibration.  This higher vibration is a reflection of your own transition. It does not mean that anything else is no available to you, all is available to you.  When I speak about transition it means the average energy, with which we connect in the All That Is, is shifting into a higher prospective.  If this is your first time coming into this space, then be open and aware that you are merging in exactly the place you need to be.  Be open to allow your senses to see, sense, feel, whatever it maybe.

I invite you to take this moment and gather around you energetically the aspects of your life.  Bring forth your relationships, your work, what do you like to do, how do you spend your time.  Bring forth the desires you have.  What have you been seeking to manifest?  How do you see 2017 unfolding for you?

For most it’s like there’s a semicircle, or they’re staggered, there’s a grouping or cluster around you.  Rather than staying in your analytical mind analyzing all these differing parts I invite you to just have a sense as if you are sitting in the middle of it and you know that everything is around you, and this time you’re just going to close your eyes and you’re going to open up your senses, and look at or consider everything from within you.  You may think what does that mean, how do I do that?

As this new energy or the higher vibrational energy continues to have its impact upon the Earth you will move away from the analytical mind being the first way of discerning what is going on around you.  You will first feel what it is with your inner senses and then you can think about what that means.  Now this is something that you just do without even thinking about it.  You don’t stop and think that okay I see something, I analyze it, and how does that make me feel and then I move on.  It all just happens instantaneously.

So by reversing this process we just going to slow down time, because of course especially in the All That Is there is no time space reality.  We’re just going to slow everything down so that you may practice using your senses.  Everything has a vibration and every vibration emanates its own energy that is a piece and a part of the whole that makes up you in this lifetime, or it makes up your experiences in this lifetime.

Therefore, first and foremost close your eyes if you need too and realize who you are.  You feel the flow of your divinity.  You feel the flow of this vibration of the All That Is as it is filling you up and supporting you; so simply feel.  Some people are more visual, so if things are flashing through your mind that’s okay.  You’re not analyzing and you’re not putting forth intention.  You are simply receiving perceptions and it may come to you in a visual way.

Some people may just have flashes of insight and intuition.  Some people may taste or smell as a part of this.  If you feel, or see, or sense absolutely nothing that’s okay too, because it is there.  It is happening.  It’s just flowing for your unconsciousness and we have the intention that the more you play with this the more it will come up to your consciousness.

Now that you are really feeling who you are and really feeling the energy or the essence of your divinity begin, without opening up your eyes, begin to reach out and have a sense of what you bought into this space of what is around you.  As you consider relationships, if there is any one or several, this is giving you a new perspective.  If you’ve been at a Crossroads and you’ve been seeking an answer in what direction to go have a conversation, or look from this place where you are so infused with your own energy.

Shift your focus and consider, perhaps something you seek to manifest.  Is this something you have been seeking for a very long time and it just simply doesn’t show up.  Consider it in this now moment and ask to know why.  Okay let’s clear that out.  I could see for so many of you when you asked why then immediately the barriers came up and the perception was closing down.  So let’s remove that question of why.  Instead strengthen that opening  to your divinity.  Strengthen that flow of when you are quietly sitting in that stream of consciousness and again consider something that you have desired that has not shown up, and this time just look at it with open perception, with the understanding or to ask for understanding.

As you experience what this is feel your energies.  Feel the situation.  Feel your inner knowing.  There may be insights that flow in and around you in the now moment, or they may come at some point in the future.  You may find that what you have been seeking is ready to be released and you will instead seek something else. Or you may find that what you have been seeking is going to manifest in a completely different way than what you anticipated.  Feel this energy and what this means to you and again we just feel this rhythm and flow of light that is moving through.

Here in the All That Is it easier to be open to this flow of energy assisting you with your intuition on your energy bodies.  The greater ease that you have by working in this space the more that it is going to be available to you in your everyday life.  This is one reason why I like to come and spend time doing this within this space.

You can take all of your various experiences and kind of shift everything over to the side and I ask you to take this moment and shake everything off.  We are going to move into a fresh space so that you can have a bit of a fresh start.

Have a feeling of standing with the whole year ahead of you.  Look around at what you see in your life right now and without a specific intention in mind just casually look outwards as if you see the year unfolding in front of you.  Notice if anything comes to your attention.

When it turns the seasons and you come to the equinox what is your perception?  Where are you living?  Where are you working?  As you flow your energy moving even further and you come into the Solstice, again that change in seasons, what is happening with you?  Be in this moment and be in this flow.

You continue to let the energies flow around as you come into the next Equinox and now you are looking backwards seeing yourself looking forwards.  This is all a spiral of time so be open to the perception that is here for you. And if there is anything in this now moment that you would like to tweak or you would like more information about, then open up your senses and see what that is.

These are of course potentials available for you.   One thing you may ask yourself this how do I make this potential a physical reality and you may know, or see, or sense if there are steps you need to take.  You continue to flow your energies around until you are standing on the cusp of 2018 and what has this year of new beginnings been for you.

As a number 1 year in numerology you are creating an intention for the next several years.  It’s the time of clarity.  It’s a time of planting the seeds.  That I remind you that in the flow of this vibration things move more quickly than what you have experienced in the past.  Be open to that flow.

When it comes to manifesting in your life it’s going to be more important than ever that you will allow your focus to be on a heart centered intention and sending out that vibration.  When you were feeling the discord of being outside that vibration then there may be times in which  you need to create a bridge, or create something that will allow you to bring the vibration for who you are and what is in your best interest into that place of discord, and you may do so as you are the expert at that.  In doing so I invite you to continue to be clear with the universe.  This is my intention.  Feel it, see it, know it and send it out.

On a Global level as this finer, lighter vibration moves through everything in the collective consciousness there will be things coming to light.  Some that are experiences people have had that have been there all along and now people hear about it on a greater amount for a greater basis.  Some things that people were unaware of.   I remind you that if this is happening in your reality to disconnect.  There was a great deal of that in this past year was there not and it kept being essential for people to disconnect, disconnect, disconnect.  So if that continues in this New Year, which it will, then I will remind you to disconnect.

One of the differences that will make it easier for you is like I said we’ve got over that hump and there is more of the lighter vibration with which you can infuse your everyday reality.  You will see more, be it in your social media or in the news, about the situations in which people are supporting others. The situations in which people are opening up their hearts with compassion. You may find it or feel it in your own heart.

But fear and anger are the two things that people who are unconscious will have that knee jerk reaction or connect into and this is the vibration that will be released this year, and what is going to release it; the infusion of light, the infusion of love and the infusion of compassion.

As people feel that struggle of duality, and they say the negative is always going to win because it’s so overwhelming then that is a belief system.  If that is your belief system is this something that you can change.  I have a belief system in alignment with the earth that says I believe in the love, the love by the Goddess and God, the love of humanity, the love of Gaia, the love of the multitudes Angels and Light Beings that continue to shower light and energy into the Earth.  It is limitless.  It is available to you.  It may come in unexpected forms. There is only love at the end of the day.

For someone who is caught up in anger, fear, whatever it may be that’s pulling them down and causing them to feel such pain you send only love to that individual.  It may bounce off of them as their anger is like a shield and then you continue and have the intention that it move into whatever nooks and crannies it may find.  The light and the love and the compassion is going to diffuse anger and fear every single time!

Do you need to fill your own self up with the love, the light and the compassion?  Do you need to manifest that to surround you in this life?  In this year of new beginnings there will be many, many people that will question all aspects of their life.  They may or may not come into a situation like this where we are channeling and we are shifting into the All That Is and we’re working with intuition and senses; but that questioning of why am I doing it this way there’s a better way?  That questioning of why am I continuing to eat food that is poisoning me?  That questioning of why am I going to believe someone just because they tell me too.  It’s that questioning that is the opening up of consciousness.  It’s already been happening and it will continue to happen.

I’m always so excited at any new beginning that’s taking place upon the earth recognizing that in the spiral of time space reality every moment is a new beginning.  But you are also in the process.  Meaning you have just come out of a year and you will have many more other years coming up for you, and this is that now moment that is saying that every new beginning that you can change anything you would like to change.  Sometimes it is just changing your perception.

I invite you to be open and feel the flow.  I invite you to be in this process.  I love these times together and I feel like we could go on and on and on talking, but we will begin to bring this to a close.  I invite you to come back together as a group.  As you do so you come into this moment.

Look around, not only at all the people who are present here, but at all Angels and Light Beings that are here supporting you. As you come together coming up within that space is the hologram of the Earth.  Take a moment, again looking with your inner knowledge or your inner perception of the hologram itself, you can see the changes that reflect the higher dimensions.  There is a greater clarity.  There is a greater awareness and there is even more of the particles of love, light and compassion that emanate from these dimensions.  As each one of you infuse into this hologram your own perceptions of the year to come, your own intention for what you seek to manifest, do so that it may flow and mingle with all the other energies that are here.   Perhaps if you need connections or alignments with other people those are being created at this time.

As this energy continues to flow together it is as if it turns and twists on a spiral. As it continues to fill up with this light and this energy you then release it and it flows down and as it does so it moves into the earth and there is a part that goes out into the universe and omniverse that is part of what creates that balance.

As these energies continue to go down into the Earth, it goes down into the core of the center of the earth anchoring and then as it does so it expands outwards. As these energies expand outwards it comes up through the earth, the many layers of the Earth.  It comes up through the grass, the trees and the waters.  It is coming up through you in the now moment.  Everything that you did.  All of that perception.  All of that intention that you put forth in this coming year.  It all comes up within you now.

If there were things you saw as potentials, but you wanted them in your everyday reality, then reaffirm that in this now moment as you allow yourself to relax into those energies.  In the higher vibrations it’s about being very clear about your intention and receiving rather than pushing and trying to make something happen.  So you begin by practicing that in this now moment.

There is a vibration that is emanating out from you that moves through the place in which you are in this now moment.  It then moves through your communities, your cities, your countries until that collective consciousness of the earth is manifesting in the physical reality in which you are. But it is not the collective consciousness actually, it is the collective consciousness of the All That Is that is filled with that higher light vibration and as it moves through the reality in which you live it then shifts into the collective consciousness that is already there, creating adjustments, clearing out energies and giving people the opportunity that they may tap into these vibrations that they may tap into consciously or unconsciously.

As you are here in the everyday reality take a moment to reach up and if there is any more of your consciousness that is remaining up there have a sense of gently bringing it back down to you in this now moment so that you bring all of your consciousness and you are here in the physical.  There’s that balance with the All That Is.  There’s that balance with grounding into Gaia, but everything flows through you coming down into this reality.

You will have more and more opportunities to be in the open flow of energy and light with your Higher Self and your Divinity in this coming year and that open flow is what will sustain you and is what will help you as you move forward creating the reality that is you in this now moment.

Beloved family what an evening this has been!  I reaffirm for you as we continue to integrate more and more that the light vibrations, and his lighter energies, that you have maybe as the one intention for this year that you are going to live from your heart.

You will look at the world from your heart.  You will experience the world from your heart and that doesn’t mean take other people’s stuff, but that means live in the balance of your heart energy.  In doing so, you will be in the flow of your own divinity to fill you up, supporting you and all ways.

Know that potentials transition now that you choose how you are going to respond to anything or view anything.  Allow this year 2017 to be a year to explore new opportunities, you receive new opportunities, and that it seeds the next number of years with the flow and the abundance and all that you need to have.

Know that I am always with you and within you


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