Hello Everyone~~~

My intention is to write here each month about whatever might be going on during the Goddess channels.  I invite you to share your month….. what’s working for you, what’s happening to you; whatever it may be.  We are all here experiencing this life, it’s so much more fun when we support one another!! 

Whenever I am done with the Teleconference I sit for awhile with the energies, talking to Goddess about what name I should give the channel.  It’s kinda funny because usually my name is about 5-7 words long so as to explain what the channel is about!  However, over time I’ve learned how to shorten the names.  

Last week after the channel it so spoke to me of Integrating our energies and in the process we find greater balance in our lives.  When I heard integrate I thought, hmmm, that’s familiar so I looked back through past channels and realized June of 2017 had a channel about integration.  I thought cool! Must have something to do with the solstice.  I’m then posting the channel and realized….. oh, I used integration for the 1st channel of the month!!  Cracked me up.

So what is integration? What does it mean to integrate our energies? What does it mean to have balance in our lives.  We in our lives are continuously changing.  As much as we sometimes try to get things to stay the same it is impossible.  The minutes of the day tick by.  This is what creates the ever changing energy of life. 

We are also dreaming all the time.  We dream during our sleep state.  We day dream while about what we seek to have; all of which create an intention.  Our intention is the way would like to live our lives.  Our intention is the way we would like to feel.  If one wishes to be very specific you could say that every thought moves into a string of thoughts that create your reality.  

All of this in turn moves into our higher self and the All That Is to create our future.  It is at this point that people seem to get caught.  It’s now real, it’s what you want, it’s the direction you would like to go so you therefore wish to have this in life.  But it doesn’t always happen.  You then move into disappointment, frustration which in turn pushes things away.  Sound familiar?

If we are to integrate what we seek to have — the channel on integrating the hologram of our life June 03, we need to create the human experience that is in alignment to receive.  You do not always receive in the exact way that is expected so you continue to create your human reality; which may or may not include what you seek to have.

As you consider integration, it about more than being open to receive; it’s about creating in your life the space for that relationship or job or good health.  Sometimes it’s about arealy experiencing what you want perhaps through your imagination. 

Moving a step further, the 2nd channel of the month Integrate Balance — June 17 is shifting your focus to balance.  Balance is a state that is naturally open to receive what you seek.  Balance creates all the potentials that you don’t realize you truly would like to have in your life.  Balance creates the life where you can achieve all you seek to have, where you can be at peace with your creation. 

Integration is an openness to receive but to receive you must allow.  Integration is about experiencing life as your human self, blended with your divinity. Integration is about living with your intention. 

How are you doing with integrating the Hologram of Your Life & Balance?