We continue to move more and more fully into the 5th Dimension.  Over the past year, there have been many, many different times when there were influxes of energy.  Some of this came through Solar Flares, some came from Gaia, and others came from direct infusion of Crystalline Energy. In fact, it feels as if since the Solstice in June, there have been one after the other, infusions of energy. 

The Goddess spoke at the beginning of the channel about love and being open to receive. It seems that no matter how much we talk about love, looking through the eyes of love, and expressing love; it is still hard to receive.  This has been very much a part of our past and now we realize that as we open to receive, it actually allows us to give even more.  

When in the All That Is, we stepped directly into the crystalline energy that came into the Earth on August 8th.  This is a very high frequency that can instantly heal anything out of balance or ill.  Once we balanced with the energy, we then had the chance to integrate this frequency into our DNA.  In order for us to live fully in the higher vibration, our DNA needs to expand so as to support all aspects of who we are. This meditation will assist with that integration.

Lastly, the Goddess spoke about the merging of timelines, but also the variations within any of the timelines.  This may seem subtle, but it allows us to understand how much movement with have as we live our lives. This is a powerful time and we have to tools to help make things easier. 

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