How many times is the Goddess going to speak with us about balance?  That was a question I asked when this channel was completed!!  I guess she’ll speak of it as often as needed. 

We are in a particularly intense time of ascension, and many feel it as chaos in their lives.  Is this you?  The Goddess spoke of the changes while we were still grounded.  She then spoke of how we can connect with Gaia, and this time we got very quiet and just tapped into the heartbeat of the planet.  This was so calming, balancing, supportive, and beautiful!  This is intrinsic energy that is always available to us. 

We all have times when we struggle, and then times when we feel good.  I noticed that recently with the influx of energy, many are stuck in a negative pattern. The more that these solar flares come into the Earth, the more it forces people to look at their lives. It is essential that people understand how they got to where they are so that they can move forward in life. I just keep sending gentleness, love, and compassion to all.  

I hope that this will help you to find your intrinsic balance as you move through your days. 

Nama Sika, Venia Benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment. I reach out to look at every individual that is living upon the earth at this time.

It seems as if there are extremes. Those that are in the extreme light, love, and compassion, and those that are in the darkness and find that they struggle to look outside of that. As we are here upon the Earth, we seek balance. We see that each human is able to connect within their heart to their Soul, to God, and also to Gaia. In doing so, you bring in more of the light frequency, which in turn illuminates anything that is stuck in that dark frequency.

Each one of you as a person have that which you shine forth to everyone around you. You also have that which is inside of you that is always in transition that may be is filled with sadness, regret, fear, frustration, anger, many of those emotions that might pull you down.

When we have these journeys, what I truly seek for each one of you is that you are able to experience your life through compassion and acceptance. Nobody need be perfect. Nobody needs to always 100% be within the light. It’s about recognizing that you are movement and that within that movement, there’s love, compassion, and accepting when your frequency dips down. There’s even more influx of the balance and light as your frequency is up.

At this time there’s a great deal of energy coming into the earth plane. Some of these are called solar flares. Some of them come from other planets and existences. Some of them are coming from you as your own Soul sending in a beam of light so as to assist you in transforming.

I know that many of you are frustrated. I would therefore ask you at this time, while you were still grounded, to tap into that frustration and then let it go as if you are just setting it aside bring it all up from within you, phew, and just let it go.

Create that ball of light from within your heart. You can visualize it as if there is this golden ball of energy that just swirls in your heart center. Some may sense it as green, pink, golden. Whatsoever color resonates with you allow that to be the frequency that you may see.

As that ball of energy continues to swirl, send a stream of it down through your energy bodies. It moves on down going all the way into Gaia. As it links with Gaia it moves out in different directions. I would therefore invite you to just tap into the pulsation, the heartbeat of the Earth. As we do that there’s even greater amount of slowing down of the energies.

Consider the many ways in which Gaia is transforming. It may be floods, fires, earthquakes, storms, there’s pollution. All of these are happening upon Gaia, but when we link here within the heartbeat of Gaia you know that all is well. She continues to filter and take in more and more of the light energy and it balances within all of the layers of the planet. Allow your consciousness to just focus for a moment as you feel that beautiful heartbeat.

Let that flow of knowledge and information come back up within you. You move back through that swirling energy around your heart and you send it up through your throat, your third eye, your head center. It moves out through the top of your head. As it does so you find yourself in the space of your Higher Self. You can look out to see this higher frequency of your life. Are you still experiencing the same things as in your daily life? Are there some things that you’ve put to the side you no longer wish to manifest? Do you have other things that are transparent, just coming into consciousness, something perhaps new and different?

You allow your energies to find its balance within this space and if you need to clear out. Clear out what you no longer need. Clear out what no longer suits you. You continue to send your consciousness even further up. You allow it to move all the way up until you align with your Divinity. As you look around at what this is to you understand that you have so many different life experiences. Overriding anything else is that sense of love, that sense of awareness that this is home.  This is you. You have no need to explain or fix, or change, or do anything. This is you accepting you. Let that wash through you.

I the Goddess, walk it amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment. As our energies merge it shifts everything into the All That Is. You have each created your own space within the All That Is. I am sending a ball of energy and light to move through this entire space to just clear out the old energies or anything at all that no longer serves. As you consider the All That Is look around at what this is to you.

Just as we spoke of the balancing of your life, while here within this space, consider it once more. It is as if you are a teeter totter and it is constantly moving up and down. Take a moment so that you may allow your awareness to move upward into the higher frequency. The All That Is vibrates at a much higher frequency than your everyday reality.

Within this space, look at who you are. For some it’s as if you see yourself through your human eyes. For others it’s as if you are looking with your spiritual eyes and this is what I ask for first of all. As you look at yourself or look at your life with those eyes that come from your Soul, that come from Source, truly accept who you are. Each one of you have a very high, light frequency that is available and as you are connecting with that frequency, you may see yourself as that perfect figure, that life in which there’s all the abundance you’ve been seeking, perhaps the relationships, perhaps the home. Here within this space, experience yourself. This is every bit as real as anything in your everyday life. Allow that to move through you.

Indeed, as we look around, you may see people in relationships that transition. You may see other jobs that come available to you. If you have been in a rut, transform whatever that is so that you may now be in that light and that frequency that is you. What do you want in your life? Look forward or look around you to see what your life is like as you manifest what you seek.

I noticed that for many of you as you are now here experiencing what you sought to manifest you recognize that it’s either going to look different or it’s not what you wanted. Be open to let go whatever that was. If it truly no longer serves you then let it go so that you may move on within your life.

Take a deep breath in, and you breathe out.

Look towards the other side of that teeter totter what does that look like to you. Is that that part of your life that seems to be going in the same circle again, and again, and again. Is that that part that maybe pulls you down and it feels hard to get back up out of that space. As you look around at whatever this may be, consider. Look through these high vibrational eyes.

As you experience whatever it was that would sometimes hold you down, here within the All That Is, you may feel, or see, or sense a different opportunity. You may ask yourself why? Why do you get into that rut where you’re angry, and sad, and frustrated. That makes you angry, and sad, or the victim that then makes you angry, or sad, or powerless. Here within the All That Is all of those emotions that can drag you down can be transformed within this space.

It’s here. What I see coming up for many of you is the frustration of living on Earth. So many of you are empathic and therefore all the turmoil that is going on, all of the exposure of the corruption, and the pain and the suffering, let that be something that you can recognize. But I invite everyone to just pull it now, and is if you are scooping it up, just lift it all up here within the All That Is, phew, clear it out.

For thousands of years life experiences have been about the pain and suffering. It is therefore entrained within your mind that life is hard, life is painful, and if it’s not then you must not be doing something you should be doing. So, let’s take that belief system and let’s pull it out of the Collective Consciousness and everyone that is here just bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, phew, let that go. Allow the energy to flow in replacing it with life is now a new beginning. In this new life you have opportunities.

Look towards that which was pulling you down. The next layer that I am noticing is that people feel that if they let go of the pain and the sorrow and the suffering then they are no longer honoring what they did as they were feeling that. That doesn’t make sense.

Some of you in your life lifetimes may feel you deserve pain, sorrow, and suffering. You may have that pain, sorrow, and suffering because of the loss of another person, or experience, or relationship, or job. So, if you let go the pain, the sorrow, and the suffering then you are no longer honoring, or remembering that situation. Here is another alternative by letting go you are honoring and respecting that situation to a better degree. You will never forget but when you can remember from a space of compassion it’s no longer pulling you down. So perhaps look at that heaviness or that shadow within your life, and see if you can infuse it with compassion, and love, acceptance and see what happens. There we go I could feel a shift taking place within you.

I’m going to roll a gentle ball of love and compassion through all that are here and I invite you to once again go back to what you noticed at the beginning as that teeter totter. Look at your life now. What I see with the vast majority of you is the balance. So that that light is now integrated within you and by healing and clearing you’re also lifting up and integrating all aspects of your life.

I wish to say to every single person you deserve to feel good; you deserve love in your life; you deserve compassion. In turn I ask you to accept love within your life. I ask you to accept compassion within your life. I ask you to accept healing, healing that includes worthiness. Worthiness is a word that it’s really not even in my vocabulary because you just are. You don’t have to prove yourself or do anything you simply are, but as humans’ humanity has placed that as part of judgment.

So, I ask you now to understand that you, just because you’re you, have available to you everything. Everything from the life you are now living, everything from your Soul, everything from God source, everything from Gaia. It is all there and you create your own expansion and balance because that is the reflection of you and it’s beautiful, it’s exquisite, it’s loving and yes that’s you.

Breathe in and then breathe out and let yourself just sit allowing those energies and those frequencies to move through your consciousness in every way.

Once again look at yourself. Look at your life. Look at your families, your job, your experiences that you currently have going on. Just look at them. Infuse all with these energies that you’ve just integrated. Yes, so my perception is that there are some that as yet are not open to receive, but it is OK. The energy is still there, it is still surrounding you. Whenever you are ready be open to receive.

Gather together as a group and observe the column of light that comes up within.  Look at Gaia. Look at this hologram of the Earth as it moves within this column. It is changing. The hologram is changing because Gaia is changing. The Earth is changing and I invite each one of you to infuse into the hologram all of this love, all of this acceptance, all of this potential.

As that infuses within the hologram, you may see an aspect of that that goes out within the Universe. It goes out into those energies, those people, some of them are aspects of you. But it goes out, and they anchor it and integrate it within those beings that are helping us upon the Earth and that remainder goes down through a column of light. It goes down into and around your physical Earth.

As it moves through that magnetic grid, it’s clearing out the old energies. As it goes down into the center of the Earth, it is anchoring these energies. It then reverses, and it comes up through all the many layers of the Earth. It moves through, coming out through each one of you so that you may anchor your own ascension within you. It is also moving up through the grass, the trees, the water. It is also moving into the collective consciousness of the Earth so that it can once more just clear out the negativity; just clear out the old programming; just clear out what is no longer serving humanity so that every person has the potential to tap into these energies.

As you continue to anchor that, you allow the remainder of your consciousness to come back from the All That Is. You move through the soul plane. You come down through those energy bodies, through your Higher Self, and as you breathe in and out gently and easily feel what you’ve anchored from Gaia and that you’ve also anchored from the All That Is as everything moves up and down through your energy bodies and integrating within you.

Some of you may feel as if your Ego once again wants to place those limitations upon you.  Phew, let it go. Here is an opportunity for you to step into a new beginning where you let go those old experiences.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

You are the live- er of your life.  Meaning you were the one living your life, making decisions, deciding how to react to certain situations, going to work, in the relationships. You may be influenced by many others, but you are ultimately the one that is living your life. I would invite you to truly pay attention to where your focus may be. Truly intend to integrate and balance all that is within your life. Allow your focus and your energy to be that of balance and that that is filled with love and compassion, first and foremost for you, and then it flows out to all.

Beloved, I am ever with you and within you.