This channel took place the Sunday before Thanksgiving in the US.  We always have this channel each year to focus on gratitude, and appreciation, in all parts of our lives.  This year it was about our perspective on our lives.

I’m sure everyone at one point or another in life has experienced disappointment. This can come in many different forms such as something happening later than anticipated. It can also be sickness, broken relationships, or any number of experiences. In most cases, it will knock you off your routine or even send you into a downward spiral.  This happens in everyone’s life at one point or another.  So the question becomes; how long do you stay there?  

Your soul is your link to God, it is God expressed as you. During this meditation, you have the chance to transition your view of yourself.  When we arrived in the All That Is, we could look at ourselves, as we see our lives.  For many, this was in segments, or for others, it was just color.  Then the Goddess invited us to look at our lives through the eyes of our soul.  Suddenly, everything looked different. Since our soul views our life through love and compassion, everything is accepted.  It is our reaction to things that pull us apart from God/ or our soul. 

What is amazing to me are the many ways that people judge themselves and find their lives lacking. This most often comes from that narrow perspective of depression.  Once you look at your life through the eyes of your soul, there is unconditional love, compassion, potential, and acceptance.  How wonderful it would be to see our lives through these eyes all the time! 

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