The New Independence & The Vibration of Trust
July 2018

These two channels blend with each other in an interesting way.  The first channel was given to us right before the US Independence day which prompted the topic of independence.  I think one of the ways that people seek independence is about moving into a mindset where they rely only upon themselves.  To do this they create a life where they can do whatever they need without reaching out to others.   – is this not the typical definition of independence??

Well here we are seeking to live in the 5th Dimension.  What does that mean to you?  For most people it’s the intention of moving away from duality into love.   Therefore understanding the new independence is truly about understanding duality vs love.

In duality life is about all or nothing.  If you are independent you ‘do’ everything yourself and rely only or primarily upon yourself.  In the higher dimensions when you live in a heart centered life you are living a soul based life.  This means that your soul, divinity, I AM presence is the foundation for your life.  When aligned with soul you are in the flow of unlimited love, security, truth and anything else that creates a support for your life.

In this space you realize that you no longer have to prove anything you are secure enough to allow others into your life.  In this case, your independence is from within and your daily life is about community and family.  

This leads us into the second channel of the month; the Vibration of Trust.  Trust is not anything that you can just decide to have in your life; it is something that moves deep within as an inner knowing. 

Most people experience in their life trusting on many different levels.  It may begin as infants when you trust that your food and clothing is provided to support and nurture you.  If these needs are not met as an infant and child the intrinsic trust is disrupted.  It can always be healed; however it sets up potential problems for the individual. 

From there you are taught to trust your family, friends, teachers and others who make up the pattern of your life.  Where in this do they teach you to trust the voice that speaks within you? This voice is set up intrinsically within all of us when we are born; however it gets buried by all the other experiences of trusting outside of you. 

This brings us full circle – as you open to the independence that comes from the deep alignment with your God Source you are also opening to the trust that comes with this alignment within you. 

Take a moment and ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • What is your first instinct when you ask who do you trust the most?
  • If something becomes fearful in life, what is your go to, to nurture the fear?
  • Are you open to perceive the different ways in which your soul and trust show up in your life?

I invite you to find your new independence through opening to the flow and trusting your divinity within life.