This channel was a little different than the others! I am changing the day of the week and the time that I do the channel with this being the first channel at the new time. Well, it was a really good channel, however, it didn’t feel as deep in certain ways. I also realized once I was done that part of the reason the other felt different was because it had been the same day and time for twenty-one years.  I think that set the energy and we need to create a new space.  I also think this gives us a chance to create something new, in the new frequencies. 

This channel took place a couple of days before the 4th of July in the US.  Because this is where I live and there is such a strong energy of the day the Goddess decided to tap into those energies and see what could be manifested about freedom.  We as a planet, we as humanity have moved through a massive transition that includes a potential new beginning for everyone.  This new energy is the result of the planet ascending, it is also the result of the many overlays being removed from people’s consciousness. 

The Goddess began with people tapping into something they seek manifest while they were still grounded on Earth.  From there as we moved through the alignment with our higher self, we once again looked at what we seek to manifest.  Once in the All That Is, we looked yet again.  Especially once we were at this higher level, it was easier to if there were other potentials available. Most often, our manifestations can come in many forms and the All That Is is a good way to look at that. 

The Goddess then used the energy of Freedom to clear out our energy bodies.  Starting with our emotions, then moving to thoughts and beliefs, then physical, and finally pulling it all together and adding the crystalline and soul energy.  This is a way to truly create clarity and work with the energy of freedom to create a clear manifestation and change if that is what you seek. 

How Freedom Can Change Your Life
1 July 2024

 Nama Sika, Venia Benya,  I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out to embrace you in this now moment.

Consider the energies that are around you at this time. Are you feeling distracted? Is there a lot of pressure in your life? Or are you feeling present and you let go of distractions so that you can be fully here on this meditation?

Allow your breath to help you at this time. So that with every breath in you’re breathing in light, love, and intention. With every breath that you breathe out, you can constantly clear out your energy field.

The world is in a new and different place. The world is in a place that allows for higher frequencies. It allows for higher vibrations. It allows for you to be able to look at one another; connect with one another and experience, not only your communication but your relationships in a new way.

You have been seeking for a very long time to have this life in which to live or this way in which to live your life. It is here. It has arrived. Allow that to be the way in which you begin each day. That, I have arrived, I am here, I am experiencing what I seek to experience in my life. It may be that you immediately after that say, no, I haven’t manifested this or this or this. I haven’t finished this project or that project. However, you are very powerful at manifesting through your intention and your energy.

One of the reasons why things seem to manifest slowly is because you put out that energy of what you seek to have; you even go inside and you consciously send out the frequency in balance with it and then you wait and wait and nothing happens. So, as is typical of humanity you then think oh that didn’t work so you try it a different way. Or you think it’s just not going to happen? This is how you are sending mixed signals to the Universe and your Higher Self, because as your Divinity you just told me you wanted it this way, but now you’re telling me you want it this way? So just consider that in your life. Are you sending mixed signals to the Universe in part due to impatience with how long it takes for something to manifest?

There have been many people over the years who say you should put together one thought, throw it out to the Universe, and then never think of it again. That is indeed one way to manifest. However, I understand humanity, and I understand how each one of you enjoys that creative process of whatever it is you seek to have.

Consider this. Whenever you’re sending an impulse or sending an energy of what you seek to manifest take it down to that core essence of what it is. Take that exact essence of what you truly seek to have. That’s not going to change you can then let that go out to the Universe. This also then allows the Universe the opportunity to help you manifest in multiple different ways. Rather than receiving only one thing, perhaps you will receive multiple things.

This is going to become easier and easier as time goes on because the vibration that raises, or the energies that raise the vibration, is what allows that flow to move more easily. Not only for how you put out to the universe, but how quickly the Universe can help you to receive.

So, take a moment while you are still here at present to consider perhaps that which you most wish to manifest and just bring it into your heart. As you sit with it for a moment it may be that it turns and changes a bit but then, phew, just send it out to the Universe. Just let it go. Almost as if you see these tiny little sparkles of light just floating off to the ethers.

I now invite you to create that ball of light within your heart center. You can create it through your imagination. You may feel it, you may sense it. But there is a ball of light that you create within your heart and this is helping you to connect with your heart center. It stays there, expanded throughout this meditation. You allow a part of it to move down through your Solar Plexus, your Sacral Center your Root Center, and send it all the way down into the Earth.

As you connect with the Earth you allow your energy to expand. What is interesting is this feels different tonight. Perhaps because of different space, different time than what has been our set energy? As everyone is connecting with the Earth it feels as if it’s a higher frequency of the Earth instead of that which is the deep grounding that was used in the past.

You still allow that connection to expand. You then bring the energy back up, your energy bodies aligning once more with your heart center. You send it up through your throat and your third eye, the crystalline energy body, your head center and you let this expanded stream of light move until you align with your Higher Self. There we go.

Within this space, there is an expansion that takes place. Your consciousness moves out. Look for that intention that you just sent up to the Universe. Is it here? Is it present? I’m noticing some of you see 123456 that exact same thing in multiple different forms. So, let’s clear out everything within this space, phew, and as you clear it out that which is perhaps the most recent or that which is truly from your heart once again comes back within this space, creating a new beginning that is not held back by the other times that were associated with disappointment.

You stream that energy even further up. It naturally connects you directly into your Divinity. As you arise within this space look around. Look around at what is here. Look around at all that is present for you. This is your Soul. This is the way you can communicate with those aspects of yourself perhaps living in another time space reality perhaps here supporting you in your everyday life. Simply feel the expanded love, the unconditional acceptance, the awareness of what this is for you.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you in doing so it allows our energies to merge together as you move directly into the All That Is. There is just a beautiful sense of expansion within this place. For many, many of you, as you arrive, you once again see that the intention that you seek to manifest is here in this space. Take a moment to just observe whatever it is that comes to you.

Take in a deep breath and as you breathe out refocus once again. This time, pay attention to any extra details that may be coming to you. So often you anticipate what you’re going to see and you don’t see the other things that are actually there.

Ask yourself as you observe whatever it is you seek to manifest that is something that is in your highest and best interest to manifest now, or is there anything else that’s even better that is here and present for me?

I noticed that some of you are being shown an alternative and you find yourself coming back.  No this is what I want. If there are certain specific intentions for what you seek then be very clear to the Universe. Whether it’s in my best interest or not is what I seek to have. As I say it like that suddenly many of you are letting go.

Humanity is beginning to understand how to look at life from this more expansive space. Humanity is beginning to understand how to live at multiple frequencies at the same time. There’s still a great deal of that that is happening through your unconsciousness. However, it is becoming much more a part of your conscious reality.

Let us just clear out the All That Is and ask to know or understand from your Soul what is next for you. Indeed that can be so exciting. As you are in this space of the All That Is it is a wonderful time to practice receiving. This higher vibration, this higher level of awareness is already shifting your perception. It is already helping you to receive vibrations, energies, potentials, ideas, and even perhaps a new reality. I would say as if you are standing in the center look around. Look around at anything that may be here.  Look around at what it is to be at peace. It feels just loving, compassionate, filled with light, filled with energy, of many potentials.

In the United States, they are coming up on their Independence Day.  In Canada today was their Independence Day or Canada Day I think they call it. Whenever there is a celebration there’s energy and frequencies that are sent off by all the people. I thought perhaps you should consider what freedom is to you. While here in the All That Is ask that question. What is freedom to me?

I noticed a lot of you were considering what freedom was to you through the opposite. Meaning I don’t have freedom in my life. I would like to have the result. So food for thought. As you seek to manifest are you putting forth what you seek to have by what you do not have? So consider freedom in this now moment.

As we are here as each one of you is present in the all in the All That Is I ask you to consider what would emotional freedom look like to you? How would it look if the emotions that you experienced in your daily life were those that are supportive of you, joyfulness, excitement, compassion, love, interest; as in, I’m interested in what that might bring to me or interested in experiencing what is over here.

Your emotions can sometimes be blasted out to those around you, or even within you. The very intense emotions are a wonderful way to have personal growth in your life, a connection with others, or even a way of creating. Perhaps something new? However, on the flip side if you have very strong emotions that are associated with something that is holding you back, or something that is pulling you down, or perhaps even keeping you less than then that intensity and even those emotions are now working against you.

So, tapping into your emotional body as you seek freedom from any emotions that may be holding you down or holding you back, phew, let them go.

Consider your mental body, your thoughts, your beliefs, and your reality that is associated with this lifetime. As we tap into these thoughts and beliefs my perception with each of you is that suddenly from big and expanded emotions things have become very small and narrow. Let us seek freedom from the beliefs and realities that are no longer supporting us.

If you consider some of those thoughts or beliefs, or things that are churning inside the consciousness consider is this really helping me? Is this perhaps protecting me? Or even is this simply a pattern I’m accustomed to and I don’t really need it anymore?

When you start tapping into belief systems, thoughts, and patterns and you consider them I invite you to just send a ball of light or a ball of energy through those patterns that may be holding you back or keeping you in a rut. Clear them out.

As we aligned with some of those and cleared out the energy, I noticed in a number of people that there was an open space or a gap. If you want to consider those beliefs that are not supporting you, how can we change them? Maybe if you can become accustomed to noticing ‘oh I keep thinking about that and it’s not me helping me so how can I turn it around’? ‘I am never going to manifest the house that I want to live in. It’s just too expensive. I am not in the right place. I don’t have the right job so I will never manifest the house’. That is a belief system and a mental process that is holding you back and holding you down. Perhaps you can shift that to, I do not have the house that I am looking for right now however, I am becoming aware of how I consider the house I want to live in. I now choose to ask the Universe to support me in finding this house and finding a way to be able to afford it. I am open to receive.

Of course, you can make it quite different from that if you so choose. But you understand the difference and you can feel the difference in vibration from the first way I spoke it to the second way I spoke it. But thoughts and beliefs especially when they’re rigid can be very challenging to transition.  So let us breathe in Light, let us breathe in Love, let us breathe in a waving alignment that transitions any beliefs, any thought process that is stuck in a pattern and we’re choosing to get out of it.  Phew, there you go. That was much better. Much better.

Your physicality. Is your physicality in your physical body that is holding you back? Is there something be it; I don’t know any part of your physicality and your physical body as a part of your energy body that is keeping you stuck and you would like freedom from whatever that may be. Then consider for a moment, freedom from limitations in your physical body, freedom from pain in your physical body, freedom from … You can fill in the blank in your physical body. With that I felt a surge and a release.

What is very interesting to me is that the thoughts and beliefs were actually more rigid than even the physical body. The perception that came through at this time.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

This is your spiritual body. This spirituality. This is your spiritual consciousness. So within this space let it permeate and move through your physical, your mental, your emotional bodies bringing forth a blend and a balance within all of them, and here within this space the crystalline energy amplifies all that is you.

Choose freedom from anything that holds you back. Be in the place of freedom as you move forward in your life. Those two affirmations just sent waves upon waves moving through everyone assisting with all transitions.

I invite you to come back together as a group and in doing so bring back that manifestation of freedom and that clearing out of everything within you. 

I tell you what before we go through that let us look once more at what you were seeking to manifest. Look at what we saw on the Earth plane that we looked at in your Higher Self, that we looked at in the All That Is. Now you have created freedom within you and you have cleared out. Once again look back at what you were seeking to manifest and what is your perception at this moment?

I notice for many of you there is a great deal of difference and change. Some of you are finding that you need to be in a different location. Some of you are finding that what you thought you wanted is not what you really wanted. Some of you are seeing that there are just more and different potentials open to you.  So be open to receive.  There we go.

Now come into the group.  Since we started forming the group some of you actually thought that’s kind of a cool idea.  So the support of the whole group was helping each one of you as you were seeking to manifest or open to a new potential.

So as you come together in this group see that column of light that is infused by each one of you.  See coming up within it the Hologram of the Earth.  Observe how the Hologram is also changing as you can now have a deeper perception of the higher frequency so you are seeing the higher frequency of the Hologram.  This infusion of freedom goes into this Hologram and goes out to the Universe with anchoring. 

You send it down into the Earth.  It once more goes down into the center of the Earth anchoring within that space and then reversing up.  It comes up through the many layers of the Earth.  It comes up through each one of you through how you were anchored into the Earth and once again you consider that which you were seeking to manifest. 

Feel how your body is different.  Perhaps your emotions are more expanded, perhaps your thoughts are more expanded.  Perhaps that which you seek to manifest feels more comfortable.  It is all here in this now moment.

You also bring the remainder of your consciousness back down.  You move through the Soul plane, your Higher Self.  It streams back within you so that you anchor here within yourself.

Coming together at this time I invite you, whether it is the time of freedom, the celebration of freedom, or completely different you can always in this now moment choose to be free of restrictions. Choose to be free of anything holding you back and step into that place where you are in the flow of love, the flow of light the flow of everything that will fully support you.

Beloved know that I am ever with you and within you.