I hope this finds you well!  Here we are, a new year yet again.  I know many of you will receive this on the 2nd, but it’s funny how things work!  We talk all the time about right timing.  I had set aside time on Wednesday to channel the Goddess, actually recorded 4 or 5 messages but I didn’t like any of them!  They felt awkward and forced.  So I let it go, said if I channel a message it will come.  Today I get up, it works just fine.

I am moving into 2016 feeling different.  I’ve spoken for a long time about changes in energy and how things are becoming much more transparent.  What that means to me is that with the higher vibrations that are now infusing the earth; we have a potential for living with greater ease.  Ease in understanding who you are, ease in communicating with others, ease in manifesting, ease in all aspects of life.

It’s a little bit of a catch 22.  You can create an idea, send the intention out to the universe and manifest the result quickly.  So too; if it doesn’t work and you try to force things in the same manner, you’ll create a trench or place that keeps you held back.   You therefore need to become authentic in your relationship with yourself and others.   If you are not listening to your inner voice or intuition; you can remain in limbo.

I keep feeling change around my channeling also.  I feel as if there are a group of energies associated with the Pleiadians and the Arcturians who are ready to start communicating with me as a means of integrating the crystalline, lightbody energies.  How will that manifest? I’m not sure but stay tuned to find out!

We are close to if not AT the tipping point in society for the consciousness to move into this new energy.  This year people will express peace.  This year people feel and express tolerance.  Much of the violence of last year was a means of bringing to the surface hidden energies.  Now, people are making a conscious choice of what they DO want and it includes feeling safe, feeling secure, feeling love and knowing that people are in support of one another.

I will always support the energies of balance and love.  I will always embrace a life that supports humanity.  May you find this or anything that brings you joy in this year to come!

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