Flower of Life


Anniversaries are a really fun time to experience.  Of course one can have an anniversary for any reason but for me, I’m talking about the time I’ve been channeling the Goddess Light Free Teleconference.  It’s been 13 years of twice a month, wow!

During that time I’ve seen SUCH an evolution in the energies that I channel.  The foundation for the teleconferences and my website is the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of God.  I first began to channel her in 2001 as the earth was naturally seeking balance of the masculine and feminine.  I then published a website and began the teleconference on 2 Sunday’s of the month.

I still remember the first few that comprised 2-3 of my good friends!  There wasn’t Facebook.  Google was just coming about.  Yahoo was pretty popular.  I was recording the sessions on Cassette Tapes!  (I actually still have them.) The Goddess spoke in a very loving gentle way and at times I could barely be heard.

Several times through the years we’d take these huge leaps as I integrated more and more of the higher vibrations.  Sometimes I’d feel it for a while before it would manifest, sometimes it took me by surprise!  Throughout this time all of humanity has been undergoing the transformation of ascension.

Whenever I say that, people ask me what does it mean?  To me ascension is the rise through the dimensions in the consciousness of the earth.  Is it that the dimensions weren’t there before? No, they’ve always been there but we now have access through our conscious awareness to these higher dimensions.

Again I hear– yes, but what does that mean?  The 3rd dimension is steeped in the energy of duality; there’s right / wrong, good/ bad, happy/ sad and so on.  The 3rd dimension is very thick, the energy is hard to move through and it’s very difficult to create change.

In the higher dimensions such as the 5th and above, the energy is much more transparent and therefore you have access to creating change with much greater ease.  Fifth dimensional life is lived through the heart center.  Balance is intrinsic. Awareness of the Angels, Elementals, one’s higher self happens with greater ease.  There is more compassion for those around us within this dimension.

Again I hear – what? People are horrible to one another.  Indeed, that is true or what is shown on the media.  But is this evident so as to allow people’s hearts to open up? For every story of cruelty I see 1-2 about the strength of humanity and the helping of one another.

Another important aspect of these shifts in the dimensions is that they are not finite.  One blends with the next and the next and the next.  There are people who may be predominantly in the 4th or 5th, yet get caught up in duality and slide in to the 3rd.  The same is true for people in the lower dimension as they slide into the higher, lighter dimension.

The collective conscious of the earth is created from Gaia, the animals, the mountains, the streams, people, old entrained beliefs, current energies and more.  This has been in a process of clearing out for a great many years with a strong focus since 1987 and the Harmonic Convergence.

The Lightbody Energy was something that I’d heard about in 2003, but really didn’t understand.  Starting about 2009 the Goddess introduced us to the lightbody energy.  Lightbody is the pure, crystalline, universal light energy that is now integrating into the earth.  It moves through each of us. It’s in the ground, the animals, the water etc.

The influx of the Lightbody energy is also in association with the activation of crystals within and upon the earth.  Throughout the many, millions of years experiences that people have are stored within the earth; most often in memory keeping crystals. As the vibration of the earth rises, we now have access to some of these crystals.  As the crystalline energy of the universe infuses the earth, it’s activating and clearing old crystals while planting new.

The personal experience that each person has throughout this transformation is that your entire human expression is changing.  The biology of your DNA is shifting through activating higher strands.  Many of these strands are your alignment with the Lightbody and higher dimensions. This creates clearing and new integrations through your thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

All of this creates the change in your perception, the change in your reality, the change in your relationships – in other words, in all aspects of your life.  You can choose to be in alignment or resistance.  Moving with what feels good to you is alignment.  If it’s a struggle or you don’t feel good, chances are you’re in resistance.

Whew! Especially as I write this I realize there have been some pretty phenomenal channels with the Goddess of Creation.  The Language of Creation and Dolphin channels have also been impactful in this transformation.

I also realize that the empowerment that is available to each one of us is truly beyond belief; let go restriction – open to potential.

I feel great love for all who’ve supported me through the years, I thank you for that.