It seemed as if this meditation took us in two directions. First of all, as we arrived in the All That Is, the Goddess immediately spoke about the many, many experiences that were played out in front of us.  Next, she had each of us call in our soul.  In the All That Is, the energy is a very high light frequency. Therefore, it is easier for people the have an expanded perception of self.  

As our soul, we have many different lifetimes that may be past, present, and future in this now moment.  She then encouraged each of us to tap into those lifetimes when we were in a place of strength and balance so as to manifest that within us. This was a means of teaching us where we can draw from when we go within.  The Goddess also assisted with clearing any low vibration that might be holding us back. 

In the end, she spoke of gratitude. The more that we live in the 5th Dimension, the more that we learn to trust ourselves.  All that we do needs to come from a filter that is within us. For some reason, the sense I felt from the Goddess was people telling someone else ‘you should be grateful’ or ‘I’m doing this for you’ as if a feeling of appreciation is dictated by someone outside.  This is very empowering.  When we look at all through the filter of our own heart energy,  gratitude, thankfulness, and appreciation change our perspective of everything. 


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Nama Sika, Venia Benya                   I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family! I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment as you are here and present upon the earth.

We have spoken frequently about this time of transformation that you are a part of creating upon the earth. Humanity is amazing! You have such determination. There is so much diligence within you when it comes to creating within your life.

When you look at the history of your planet and the many ups and downs and changes that have taken place; this is your opportunity to recognize that you were most likely a part of those other changes that were happening. And you, therefore, chose to come at this time so as to be a part of the completion of this cycle of ascension.

When you look back over the years, there have been many opportunities in which the spirituality of the earth had spikes. When you look throughout your history, there have been opportunities for technology to move forward in leaps and balances. A part of what is going on right now is about the blending and the merging of both technology and spirituality. This includes the consciousness, but also shifting the unconscious programming that is the foundation for every person. 

Wherever you may be within this process is your space. There may be times when you are so far down that road, you’re in the place of balance awareness and things just are falling exactly as you want them to be. And then you may find yourself just spinning around until suddenly it is not. You have an opportunity to choose and while we are here upon the earth, I wanted to just put that into your consciousness for the time being. What do you choose for your life? 

Take this opportunity to create that ball of light that is here in and around your heart center. You create it energetically or physically whichever works for you and then you let that ball of energy go into your heart center and it goes down through your solar plexus, into your sacral center, and your root. As it moves through your root center you continue to send it down into the earth. As it is anchoring you, as you spread out your energy; feel the essence of Gaia.

When you align with Gaia her energies just naturally come up through that stream of energy that you sent into the earth. You’ve been doing this for so very long it could be that you feel the energies of all these many times as you come together.

As you allow that focus to be within your heart you then send it up through your throat it goes up through your third eye your head center you allow your consciousness to just stream upward into your higher self.  Most of you are very comfortable looking around the space, allowing your connection to expand.  You then allow it to follow that thread of energy that takes you all the way into your divinity.

Open your heart, open your consciousness, open all of who you are so that you may feel your I AM presence.  As you open your consciousness within this space, become aware of the multiple lifetimes that you have lived. Some may actually come up to you and you recognize them for what they are. All of the lifetimes that you have lived that are within this galaxy may be accessed from within this space.

Therefore, the more that you tap into that, asking to know what is here, what is happening, the greater you strengthen your own alignment within.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment. As our energies merge, we immediately transform into the space of the All That Is.  Tonight, as I’m looking at the All That Is it is quite crowded.

For each one of you, I put forth the intention to look at some of your lives. Some were in the past, some would be what you consider the future; you look at this from many different perspectives.

As you consider your life, I invite you to shift your focus just a bit so that it may be as if you are standing here as your soul. Immediately upon linking with your soul everybody’s energy expanded into a higher light frequency and just literally got larger.  You as your soul, have had many, many lifetimes. I invite you to have a sense of it manifesting in front of you. Those which are most important may light up. However, I would like for you to understand the many different lifetimes that you have experienced.

As you consider what is in front of you, look as if from outside of yourself at your current life. As you do so you may see yourself as you are today standing in front of you, or you may see yourself and another part of this current lifetime.  When you look out at what is in front of you, especially with your soul as if it is illuminating and showing you the many lifetimes, ask to know which lives have prepared you for this one.

Okay, that is a little bit broad I can see some receiving information but others are just having a sense of a blankness. Therefore, let us look at this another way. As you were in this space of your soul, is there one particular lifetime that is coming up as a means of supporting you in this current life? Okay, that gets a lot better response.

Let me tell you of some of the most prominent life experiences that are coming up for people and it may trigger something for you or you may already understand what is yours. Some of you see other lifetimes in which you had to stand up for yourself, you had to make a stand, you had to be strong in your own individuality, and it persevered; at the end of the day, you did very well.  I see that among many of you.

The next most prominent (past lifetimes) I see lifetimes with Christ, Buddha, Krishna, with other spiritual ascension experiences and it is the spirituality of that other lifetime that is becoming permanent for you.

The next most common that I see are lifetimes that were given in service to others where you were perhaps the leader of an organization that helped others where you were perhaps individually helping your neighbors through their lives, where you were someone that others looked up to for support and sometimes assistance. There are of course many, many other lifetimes that are coming up for people, but those are the ones that I saw the most number with the same type of experience.

Consider how any of those might assist you in your current life. Are there times in your life that you feel as if you are different from other people, and yet you need to be strong and show that experience? How much in your current life do you feel alienated from others? If that is something that may be going on with you and it makes you feel less than or weak, draw on that other lifetime so that you know you will have the strength to be your unique self.

You can be this person that you are knowing that it comes from strength and vitality! Have there been other lifetimes of spiritual ascension? As I say that, I see way more. I see that a person’s spiritual ascension might have been a lifetime in which they had experiences that through their expanded spirituality, they created change and support within their life. So, it was not just the major spiritual experiences but it was very personalized for people.

Is this you in this lifetime? you know that you have this expanded alignment with your divinity and through that, you are opening to greater and greater amounts of your intuition, of your spiritual gifts, of the realization that life is changing and your perspective changes with it.

The third was about giving to others.  Within the fifth dimension and higher, the vibration and frequency is about being in the flow of love. We have spoken of this many, many times. It is so important to take stock of your life from time to time asking yourself the question; am I always receiving from others? Or, are there times when I put others first and I am of assistance to them?

The balance of the higher dimension is of receiving as others give to you. You no longer need to have that barrier around you that says ‘I’m strong I can do everything on my own’. It is essential to be open to receive the light energy.  So too, that recognition that humanity is here in support of one another and as one is struggling, anything that you can do to be of assistance supports you and that other individual.

As you are moving out of the third-dimensional reality the ways in which you are giving are changing.  So often in the past people have been open and giving and the one receiving rather than being in a balanced state would take and take and take and take until it was no longer a balanced experience between you and that individual.

So, take a look at your life. Look at the relationships. Look at your job or your practices or your things that you enjoy doing and ask yourself ‘is there a balance of giving and receiving?  As you look through your other lifetimes there may be something that comes up for you to help you with understanding all that you can do.

As I’ve spoken of these three primary experiences, I can see how each one of you are becoming empowered.  You understand that you have even more than you ever thought you did and that you are doing even more than you ever thought you realized. Be open and in this flow.

We’re just going to let that flow away from you for the moment and while you’re standing here with your soul surrounding you, come back out of those specific experiences back into the whole.

Having spoken about these experiences that you’ve had look at your lifetimes, is there anything that has been holding you back?  Is there anything that’s perhaps working underneath the surface, that is holding you back? 

If you see anything within your life, past lives, future lives that are in alignment to keep you outside of this balance let it come up at this time. We’re going to bring it up, bring it up, phew~~ And let it go. Feel what this is as you align with these lifetimes of your experience. 

Having released anything that may be holding you back, come back for a moment and look at your life.  What do you seek to have? As you consider, it may be multiple things, it may be one.  Look out over this field or pathways to your other lifetimes in which you were so successful in achieving that which you are now experiencing at your higher frequency.

So, look out you may see one or two multiple lifetimes tap into them and then feel that flow almost as if you are taking that lifetime and bringing it up into you and it’s flowing within you.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

Receive the knowledge that comes to you from within your own soul essence. I can feel how everybody is recalibrating as you both integrate and clear. So, at this moment, have a clear intention that you receive as much as is needed from your soul essence, and then we’re going to just release that part. It goes back into the soul plane and you remain in the All That Is, as you have evolved throughout this journey.

As I tap into you, I feel so many people that are simply balanced calmer feeling much more serene. There are others that are feeling excitement and potential, that have not tapped into that for some time.  Whatever it may be for you, just look around in this place of creation that you may receive whatever it is that you need.

Consider a feeling of gratitude.  I know we’ve had the conversations back and forth of being thankful, of being grateful; are they the same, or are there subtle differences? As you consider your life what is it that comes up that brings that sense of gratitude or thankfulness; whichever one resonates with you.

I invite you to consider if any of those experiences are linked into a feeling of having to accomplish something to receive it.  That may sound odd, but what I’m asking you to consider is that potential or that notion that you are who you are; there is no need to have to prove yourself. And if you’re in a situation of having to do, so consider the elements of what others are expecting of you.

Or your expectation of self is that you manifest and express as your divinity what does that mean to you?

You just saw through your soul expression the many, many lifetimes and the strength, the beauty, the love; everything that is you intrinsically.  If you choose to do things in your life to create a new and different life then do so because you choose to create a change.  If you are defining your life by others outside of you, you become disconnected from your source. This is why when I say if any of your gratitude or thankfulness is about deserving because others have said so or you matched what their expectation of you was; you’re stepping aside from source.

So, therefore, come back into your own essence.  Recognize that thankfulness, gratitude, any of those experiences are generated from within you. As you look at your life having released others expectations and expanded your own, can you see the fullness and the richness that is here?

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

I invite you to come back together as a group.  As you join within this circle of energy and light you see coming up within the center the hologram of the earth.  This hologram begins to spin as each one of you infuses that greater perception of who you are and that greater strength that you derive from within your soul; you send that into the hologram.

As it becomes infused there is that aspect that goes out through the universe and the remainder of it goes down into the earth.  As this hologram moves through the various layers of the earth plane, it moves through the collective consciousness. As it moves into the center of the earth it anchors within that center and then it begins to expand outward. As it’s moving through the collective consciousness it clears out old energies and old programming that is no longer in alignment. 

As this new focus comes up within each one of you it is also coming up within every human, the grass, the trees, the water, giving everyone the opportunity to tap into this if they so choose.  You feel that anchoring within you.

Allow the remainder of your consciousness to come down. It’s as if you move from the All That Is, back through the soul plane, and then it comes back down through that stream of energy until you anchor within you.

As you once more bring all of your consciousness and focus into you; consider your life. Consider what it is to look out at your life and out at the world through the eyes of gratitude and thankfulness that comes from within you. You are you! nobody else can be you. So let that truth strengthen all that is within you.

Take in a deep breath so that you may once more bring your focus down inside of you. Open up again to that gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness; all of that that comes up from within you. Recognize that the choices that you make that come from within are those which most fully support you. Recognize that as you look out at your day, when you look through the eyes of gratitude, thankfulness, appreciation; all of these words help you to see the world in a way that is richer and fuller which in turn supports you even more.

Beloved know that I am ever with you and within you!


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