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Goddess of Creation, Channeling, talking to your spirit guidesThese channels are for you to read and participate in. You will find that each journey is unique and different; therefore they may each be read and utilized individually rather than in a particular order. There are certain months in which they build upon each other in which case you may choose to read them together. Allow yourself to browse through the titles and open to feel which one you may be drawn to read.

Be aware that even though these channels were received at a particular date and time, you may still experience them in the now moment. Allow yourself to breathe deeply and connect with the energies before you begin to read. When you are reading the channels you will find a question and answer session following the channeled journey. These are the questions put forth by the people who participated in the channel by calling into the teleconference. Some questions are very personalized others could apply to many different people. As you look at the question being asked, you may see something that resonates with you. As you read the answer given by the Goddess, let your consciousness open to receive an answer which is specific for you.

You will find below links to recent transcripts of teleconferences Shelly has channeled. These are free for you to read and share. She does request, however, that if you share them, you keep the material intact as the Goddess brought it through.

Meeting Your Universal Self

As you continue to grow into the higher vibration, you will more easily tap into or connect with your universal self. This channel opens you to how that can happen.

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The High-Frequency Timeline

For so long, humanity has been living on and straddling multiple timelines. These timelines are in alignment with various frequencies and potentials. We are now letting go of the timeline and frequency of control and manipulation; this is what allows us to step into this higher frequency timeline.

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2022, Truly A New Beginning

This channel is really strong about not only a new beginning but starting the new year as a new beginning, at a higher frequency. Here is a chance to clear the past, and move forward!

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Sananda Speaks of Becoming One

During this time of ascension, each of us will fully reunite within our I AM or soul essence. Sananda is the blend of many world religions including Yeshua, Buddha, Mohamed, Abraham, and Krishna. Yeshua speaks of this reuniting and how that will become a part of our own lives.

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The Central Sun & Solar Flares

We have a greater ability to integrate our divinity than we ever did before. This channel talks about that and gives you the steps that will help with this. So too, society will experience solar flairs as a way of breaking out the old paradym.

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