2015 was really a year of transitions!  I heard throughout the year about struggles that people had frustrations and a feeling of limbo. During the last several months  I’ve had many physical transitions that have led to mental and emotional changes. I know many call this the ascension symptoms.

One way that I’ve really noticed the manifestation is in my channeling. I’ve always been able to connect with many energies or beings of light; this is still true. But a difference is that I’m connecting at a higher, different, deeper, more intense level. It’s a little hard to put into words, but the effect is that I’m receiving new information and when I work 1:1 with people, the energies can be more intense with greater clarity and energy movement taking place.

I was working with someone this week and she asked where the original people came from who inhabited the earth. I know that during the time of Lemuria the first of the star seeds came into the earth.  This is where many of you and I arrived for our first earthly experiences. But I knew that this is not what she was asking about, so asked the Arcturians this question.

The Pleiadians and Arcturians are two of the most prominent supporters of the earth from the universal light energies.  They have been a part of our process from the time that earth became an inhabitable planet.  They are coming more prominently into my channeling during this year of 2016 because the time is now for a new level of consciousness to integrate.

In answer to this question; where did the very first indigenous people come from they spoke with Gaia, the soul of the earth. The foundation for this was in the channel but she also gave more information once requested.

Lady Gaia spoke of how much she loves the earth and that she wanted to express that love in a new way. While the earth as the planet is very alive, she decided to create another time movement or life. She reached out to the universal light energy that merged with her to create something new.

Gaia is completely balanced and has all that she needs at all times.  But this creation was something completely new and different which is why she asked for support and information. My sense is that the universal light that worked with her was from the Pleiadians and Arcturians.  It’s interesting how many will speak of mother earth and father sky; is that perhaps the foundation for all of creation?

As the Arcturian spoke of the planet he said that Gaia created the original man, that you could call Neanderthal, by using the earth itself.  Bones were created from rocks, skin created from grass, blood flow from the rivers and waters of the earth.  I could feel the pull from the energy of the physical structures and elements created the first humans.

At that time there was actually a co-creative link between the animals and humanity.  There was survival.  There was creating a strong body and person.  But there was also an intrinsic alignment with Gaia.  This alignment supported the people helping them to know where to go, how to eat, how to explore, how to recreate, how to live in harmony.

When it was time for the next level of evolution for the earth, actual star seeds became to integrate the earth and the people.  Again as you look at history, this is when the Cro-Magnon man came to be.  The earliest star seed arrived primarily from the Pleiades and Arcturus and took place during the time of Lemuria.  The earth was much smaller in diameter at that time and Lemuria spread throughout the pacific linking many of the continents.

There are many different directions that we can take from here but I think this is a good place to conclude.  Perhaps there will be another blog discussing the next level.  One of the reasons I feel drawn to talk about this is that we’re doing this again.  We are integrating a new form of consciousness, one based in the crystalline.  We are bringing in a level of conscious awareness that has not been experienced upon the surface of the earth.

As we appreciate all the changes taking place we can have the intention of truly expanding into the higher consciousness, greater clarity, expanded divinity that is available for all.  As each person moves into their own divinity; they creating greater potential for all of the earth.