We are continuing to clear out our past lives, this life, and any karma as we finish 2023.  The third dimension has collapsed and is giving less and less energy to support the old beliefs and actions.  This meditation is another one that will strengthen your alignment with your soul. 

One way that you can work with past lives is through your soul.  Your soul is your God aspect.  This is what has made up the many, many lifetimes that you’ve had.  It is sometimes a link to your universal self or other lifetimes off this planet.  When we arrived in the All That Is, we had the perception of our soul joining us.  From there, as if our soul was opening up, we could see many of our past lifetimes.  In this way, we had the potential to see if there were still experiences that needed to be cleared.  Once we cleared the past lifetimes, we also cleared this.  This was about healing and transitioning past karmic agreements. 

Once this was completed, the Goddess invited us to just be in the place of healed energy.  This is actually quite different from other channels because the Goddess encourages us to be present in our energies where we’ve cleared the past, but we are not actively seeking the future. We are accustomed to action, so being present without a specific activity or intention.  It is learning to be in a state of being. 

Lastly, the Goddess spoke about gratitude, thankfulness, and appreciation.  They all have slightly different vibrations so some words will work differently for people than others.  She encouraged all of us to take a day in which we expressed appreciation to others and made a chose to let others in or go first.  

In addition, as we approach Thanksgiving, I want to express my appreciation to all who follow these channels! Thank you and may many blessings flow your way.