There is a lot of discussion these days about our authentic selves. It’s a very clear intention for many people and as the vibration of earth continues to rise, this becomes more and more important. The 5th dimension is a vibration based on love. When you live your life from a vibration of love that love has to flow first of all through you to then be expressed towards others. Therefore, if you accept love in all its forms, you are accepting the love of your divinity.

Your authentic self is you expressing as your soul. During this channel the Goddess gave us an opportunity to recognize what is ego, what is soul, what is external, what is internal. This was also a great reminder to listen to your intuition. As you listen to your intuition you are listening to your soul or your source. When you are authentic, you are talking, living, creating from a place that resonates with you and helps you to feel good. When you are in balanced alignment, you feel good!  When you feel good, you are authentic in your life and  how  you express yourself. 

Nama sika Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family.   I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out to embrace all that are here in this now moment. I invite you to tap into the vibration of love. I invite you to tap into the vibration of companionship where everyone comes together in balance with one another, in alignment with one another, so that as you get together for these sessions you do so as an opportunity to know that this is your chance to experience life.  This is your chance to experience you the human.

So often on these journeys we speak of Soul, we speak of Ego, we speak of the Divinity, we speak of the Personality.  All these various names and labels which identify you.  It is a way of giving you and understanding of who you are.  And sometimes, in doing so people get distracted by labels and don’t really allow themselves the vibration or the experience of truly being their Authentic Self.  There we go I could feel the vibration shifting.

I always smile actually when Shelly says, “What’s the topic going to be?”  This Authentic Self is something that she and I have been thinking about, or we have had conversations about.  But there are so many times that we converse during the day that it was just one more that went in.

I ask you in your life how often are you listening to your Guides, your Angels?  How often are you listening to your intuition as you have perhaps conversations within your mind?  Or perhaps conversations where you can see perceive; it becomes layer, upon layer, upon layer of just like intuitive insights that come into you.

There is a chance that all of this energy, vibration and communication is actually here, and communicating with you more often than you realize.  I invite you to therefore put forth an intention that you become conscious of the times in which you are you are communicating with either your Guides or your Higher Self, or just that communication that’s within you.  There we go.

Take a deep breath in and as you do so feel that breath of energy and light as it moves through you.  Allow it to anchor into the Earth.  As that energy moves and aligns with Gaia you feel it as it moves out in every different direction.  You can feel it for your own self in those spaces where your energy routinely connects.  This time ask to consciously move in a new direction or different direction so that it may be a fresh or a different perspective.  There I can feel how you are tapping into something new and different.

Allow that vibration to come back up within you.  It goes out through your energy bodies and goes up through the top of the head.  As it does so you align first of all with your Higher Self.  As you align within the space of your Higher Self reiterate that intention that you have a more open communication so that flow of energy and light becomes a more conscious transformation.  You then continue to send that energy or that vibration out from your Higher Self.  It moves finding that alignment within the Soul Plane within your Divinity.

As you look around at your Divinity take a moment and take stock of what that is.  Does it give you a sense of welcoming when you feel this alignment to your Soul?  Is there any particular sense that this is more than you and your everyday life, or that this is different from your everyday life, or do you have that sense of balance and alignment where it just feels like the normal, natural, every day you?  As these ideas and thoughts are moving through your consciousness take in what that feels like for you.

I the Goddess move in amongst each one of you.  As I reach out to embrace you in this now moment open and receive how as you and I blend together it creates an even more expensive vibration of you.  I reflect you.  I enhance you.  I amplify you as the person or the Soul Essence that is you.

You feel my vibration move into the All That Is.  As we arrive within the space look around.  Take in what that is for you.  Once again you may be in that space that may be within your comfort zone so if need be stretch a little bit.  Allow your essence, or your energy to just be all that is here, all that is you, all that is experienced within you in this now moment.

As you look around you may have that sense of the Central Sun.  Whenever there is turmoil upon the Earth.  Well indeed, I heard someone say isn’t there always turmoil upon the Earth?  Indeed, however, whenever there are large transitions going through Earth’s vibrations that creates this pocket and sometimes global transitions there is that sense of the Central Spiritual Sun becoming more present so as to create a more anchoring effect upon the Earth and within each person.  Also, so that it may remind you of love so that you may know that love is ever present.  Just bask in that energy.  You can perhaps see that glow that looks like the Sun.  Perhaps feel the warmth and the compassion of love.  Whatsoever it means to you allow that flow to go through you.

As I spoke at the very beginning, I would like to talk for a few minutes about what it is to be authentic.  Upon the Earth a part of the human experience that makes it so vastly interesting is the fact that interpretation can be widely different from person to person.  Therefore, as you put out a subject, or as you put out an intention, many people look at it and can interpret it in their own way.

Authentic, or shall we say becoming authentic, is for you to recognize that perhaps there are experiences within your life that you find yourself caught up within and it is as if you responded in an unexpected way.  People expect you to be present and doing something.  People expect you to be supportive.  People expect you to make decisions.  There is the influence upon your life that comes from the people that are outside of you.  It is very important to have these relationships because they give you more in the way that you are living your life.  They give you more experiences.  They help you to experience life in a new way.  My question then is how many times are you influenced, or do you fit into a particular pattern that truly does not feel as if it’s you?

Okay, okay, okay, as always, I hear so many things from people as were on this journey and as I said that people are just talking all over the place.  So, allow me to rephrase that statement.  When you consider the relationships in your life do you find yourself in a particular pattern where people have an expectation of you?  Okay I can hear people go, check.  Consider either just one or several of what those expectations might be and as you get quiet within yourself just bring it up and ask, “In this moment with this particular expectation is that still in a vibrational alignment with me or is it something that I moved beyond and it no longer resonates.”?

Wow, as I said that I could feel so much emotion coming up within people.  So for that emotion that you may feel as a result of that statement if you find yourself in a relationships where the vibration is no longer in alignment with you just bring up whatever that may be, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~ and let it go.  Let it go that vibration that has you pulled into something which no longer serves you.

As you consider the choices that you have made in life.  Some of them are choices that related to the past.  Some are choices that you are creating for the future.  It is as if every day in your life you are making choice, after choice, after choice as you move through the day.  Therefore, as you consider the choices in your life, are they influenced by people outside of you or does it resonate from within you.

For many of you that first question that had to do with relationships be it jobs, family, friends, whatever, as you cleared out that energy then some of the choices that you have made align differently.  They don’t have the same clear intention.  So, let us shift; we can put it that over on another side.

The reason that I wanted to look at things from the outside influences is because you live in a world in which you are in continual relationships with others.  You are therefore communicating with them, perhaps influenced by them, or perhaps just influencing them.  In most cases it’s a back and forth relationship.  By defining within you those that are most dramatically from outside coming within, you can then shift it to the side so as you go within yourself, especially here in the All That Is, as you go within and ask to know who am I as my Authentic Self.

For many of you there is still that alignment with those things that we have just got done discussing.  That’s perfect.  It means that your outside life is in a balance with your inner Authentic Self.  However there are those that as I said that you could kind of see and this is what I really feel about something and this is what I express outward, and in others of you I could see I’m so tired of that same old pattern, that same old discussion, that same old you could insert whatever you want into it.  You recognize that your authentic self has moved on but the relationship has not.  So once again clear out anything that no longer resonates with you, ~whew~, and as you clear out anything that comes up for you then feel that stronger sense of self that comes from within.

In some instances, it may be that you find yourself changing jobs.  In some instances it may be that you find the relationships will go by the wayside.  In other instances you may find that you’re in the same job, but your perspective has changed and you express yourself differently.  For those relationships that are not going to go away you disconnect the old vibration as it’s no longer in alignment with you and you express yourself from this new vibration that is the new balance of you.  There we go.

As I spoke those words, I could see so many of you just kind of settling down.  Your mental body tends to look at the world in duality.  If I am authentic then I can have nothing to do with this situation.  Not true.  If I’m authentic I can find a vibrational balance that serves me and serves the other.  You as a society have worked very diligently to shift your vibration out of the third dimension and that third dimensional duality is what is so limiting.  You no longer need to be limiting.

As you take a moment and in this space of the All That Is ask yourself what is it that I truly wish to express in this life that is from me, that is 100% me?  As you feel those vibrations move through you it begins to transition.  If you live an authentic life what would your life look like?  As I asked that question, I can see that now the majority of you realize that you can still do everything you’ve been doing.  You are releasing a lower vibration that no longer serves you and therefore transforming every situation into something that is now in vibrational alignment with you.

If you are living your authentic life you take ownership so-to-speak.  That’s a nice human word that people like these days.  But consider what that means to you.  Ownership means yes, I’ve created this life.  Yes, I am speaking from my heart when I talk to people.  Yes, I am putting forth the expression of myself everyday be at small or a large perspective.  This is living your life as your Authentic Self.

The authenticity is actually from that vibration of here, you in the All That Is into you the Human.  It’s about listening to that inner voice.  It’s about being true to what matters to you in life.  Okay as I said that I heard from several different people that sense of sometimes I don’t know what matters to me, sometimes I don’t know what steps to take.  Therefore, as you kind of let yourself settle back, and you allow this vibrational flow for who you are to be in the moment, feel unconditional love that’s amplified by the Central Sun.

Feel that within you, then allowing it to express through you by doing things that feel good.  Making decisions that resonate with you.  By having experiences and conversations and making choices and decisions, that even if it feels a little awkward at first because you are stretching yourself into something new, you still feel in the core depth within you, yes, I need to stretch in that direction.  This is how you know.  This is how you live your life as your Authentic Self.  You are a part of humanity.  You are a part of everyone and everything around you.  Doing so from that center of self-love and acknowledgement and awareness of who you are.  Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

I invite you to come together as a group.  We invite all the various energies together in this space to come together also.   As you do so you see that Hologram of the Earth that comes up from the Earth.  As it does so I invite each one of you to infuse into the Hologram what it is to be your Authentic Self.  There is also this massive support that comes from the Angels and the Light Beings around you.  So that as the Hologram becomes infused with this energy it begins to spin and move and turn.  There is that sense of letting it go.

As always there is that portion of it goes out into the Universe creating the alignment and the balance as it was.  From here the remainder goes down into the Earth.  As it moves through the Earth energy it moves clearing out the Collective Consciousness.  It moves down into the Earth itself anchoring within.  It goes into the core essence which is the center of the earth.

As everything integrates within that space it moves up through the various layers of the Earth and your own experience and vibration comes up within you.   It comes up not only through where you anchor upon the Earth.  It also brings up the knowledge and the balance for who you are.  You feel it as it comes up within you.  It comes into your heart center and it integrates moving up and down throughout your body.  Cell to cell communicates with your Authentic Self and how your life looks from within that balance.

You’ll bring down that vibration and that energy that comes through your Soul.  Everything, every conscious thought, every unconscious thought it created with this evening’s channel comes down within you.  It streams down into you from that open column of light that blends with your Soul and your Higher Self.

It comes down within you so that it may align and integrate, not only from you, but also what came up from the Earth.  It all creates its balance within you.  I invite you to just get quiet for a moment allowing that integration to take place so that you can once again create that sense of self as you express in every relationship, in every task, in everything that you do.

All right as you continue to integrate you the Human with you as your Soul recognize that there may be times in which you feel either disconnected, or even more pristinely aware of everything around you and everything you ever did.  Transition or anything that nudges you outside your comfort zone can bring up interesting reactions within you.

I would therefore invite you to have that very clear intention that you are your Authentic Self and as you look at your world around you, utilizing your human Analytics, your mental body, your emotional body that this is going to be the expression of who you are within and without.

Beloved know that I am always with you and within you.


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