Here it is!!  This meditation took place on the eve of the actual Eclipse.  We have heard about this eclipse for a very, very long time and it was felt so strongly during this meditation. 

We begin by focusing on our heart center.  We breathe into our heart, feel the energy, send it into Gaia, and then receive it again as it comes back up.  I know we always do this, but tonight it was even stronger than usual. 

Once we got into the All That Is, the light was SOOO bright, there were tonnes, I could feel pulsations, and there was a mix of colored light, it was very powerful.  This was the energy that is going into the Earth for the week before and after the Eclipse.  We cleared the past again and I felt as if betrayal came up for many.  We then kept moving closer and closer to the light.  I could feel some were hanging back, they were not as comfortable with the light, so the Goddess said be where you are most comfortable.

This input of light includes codes to upgrade our DNA, and it has frequencies that vibrate at a higher energy. As we merged with this influx of light it was so beautiful and actually more than anything else, I felt peaceful.  We then stepped back into the All That Is and we looked towards the Sun. We could see ships and certain planets and I noticed that many were on these ships and planets praying and meditating for us. I could see them, see the light, see the support and the dedication. 

This is a very powerful meditation of transformation and empowerment. 


Experiencing the Eclipse

Sunday, 7 March 2024

 Nama Sika, Venia Benya,  I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace each one of you in this now moment. I invite you to join with me as if your arms are stretched out. As if your heart is opening up as wide as it can go, and just breathe and let your focus be within your heart.

Consider if you will what it is like to live your life in a heart-centered manner. What does that mean to you? What does your heart mean to you? The foundation is love. You also find compassion, caring, nurturing, supporting, and any other thing that supports you is uplifting in and around your heart center. Allow your truth to become that you, yourself are focused here within your heart.

As you allow your breathing and that alignment with your heart to become where you center all of your energies it changes, not only you, but your relationships with others. Even if other people may not be living through their heart center what it does is it sends out an impulse of energy and light which then triggers something within the people around you, be it conscious or unconscious.

It only takes one person to transition the energy of a room. So consider if you will that you now have many, many people, millions of people around the world, if not a billion or so that are living, breathing, and focusing through their heart center. It sends out a frequency.

To some people, it may come across them as a feeling of warmth and love and oh I really enjoy being around that person. To other people, it may be as if it’s abrasive. To them, they feel awkward and uncomfortable, and in those people, it may be that you give them an opportunity to shift upwards into a new perspective.

Most often you don’t realize the impact that you have on other people. It may be that you just don’t think about it. Or it may be that you are just being yourself but somebody hears something from you, or somebody sees something, or you help them, and in doing so there is a thread of alignment that is also filled with the energy of love. These types of communication with one another will become stronger and more easily identified as time passes.

I invite you to take in a breath where you breathe down within your heart center. Take a moment and as you connect with your heart center, your heart chakra, what feeling does it give you off hand? Is there an image of perhaps a color or light that comes to you? Even if you don’t have a particular sense of anything specific understand that your heart center is right there and it’s the energy of your heart; your physical heart that links to your emotions, your thoughts, and your spiritual aspects of you.

So you create a ball of energy from within your heart. You can allow this ball to get bigger and bigger, howsoever you choose, and then you allow it to merge back within you and it moves down through your solar plexus, your sacral center, it goes through your root center, and down into Gaia. Just as you were able to feel the essence of that ball of energy through that connection connect for a moment with Gaia. There is a heartbeat that comes to you from the Earth. There may be a frequency that emits tones or colors, or something that you can sense. With this alignment to Gaia allow it to anchor you in this now moment.

Let that energy return back up through that column of light. It goes up to your throat center, your third eye, your head center, and your crystalline energy bodies, and it moves upward into your Higher Self. As you connect to your Higher Self look around. Many of those projects or things that you seek to manifest or right here in this slightly expanded energy for who you are.

You then send that energy even further up. You follow that thread that connects you to your Soul Essence, to your Divinity. As you do so look around at your Soul as if you are opening up a door; as if you are removing any blinders look around at your Soul Essence. For some, it may be the same as it always was. The perception I mean. For others, there may be a new and different clarity that comes to you. However, it comes across be in this now moment receive the unconditional love from your Soul Essence.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you in this moment and as our energies merge we move into the All That Is. As you arrive in the All That Is look around. Many of you may already notice the transition that has taken place. My perception as we come within is that it is illuminated much brighter than it has ever been before. The reason is that the effect of this Eclipse is already here at present.

In your Earth years, we have not been within this space for several weeks. So from the last time until now, I invite you to perceive this transition that has taken place. As if stepping within the room open up your arms, open up your heart, open up your consciousness. Feel what this energy is.

I invite you to begin with sound. Perhaps close your eyes and allow yourself to focus on any tone, music, beats, whatever it may be, but listen to what is here within this place. Then open up your eyes. What do you see? If perhaps you don’t have a perception of seeing anything then look with your inner eyes. Close your eyes once more and look around with your inner eyes. For the majority, there are various colors that are moving through this space. Some as if they are a beam of light that has a pulsation. There are other colors that just move as if you could see what is around you. As if you can touch whatever may be around you.

Walk further into the All That Is. Consider this the first moment for the rest of this life. Consider that as you stand here with this powerful beam of energy that is coming from the Universe into the Earth this is already coming down from the Central Sun and it is amplified by the planets that are around it, and around you here in the All That Is.

Before we completely step into this energy turn as if you are perhaps looking backward or looking to the side. Is there anything that remains for you to transition prior to stepping into this space? I noticed that many of you have done a great job of already clearing out the past. However, there are still in most people there are still one or two things. Perhaps you are unaware, or perhaps it’s just hard to release. So as you’re looking to the side ask yourself the question why is it so hard for me to let this go? As you ask that question be aware that perhaps there are tones or things that shift; perhaps you hear words or phrases; perhaps you see an image. How does this continue to serve you? Because moving forward unless something fully supports you it is time to let it go.

I see that there are a number of you that just continue to have fear. Fear of stepping into the unknown. Fear of letting go of the past. Fear of being maybe completely on your own. Whatsoever that may be; anything associated with fear, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, let it go.

The word betrayal just went through our consciousness. So as you look towards the past are there ways in which you have felt betrayed by yourself or others, or perhaps you’ve betrayed someone and you can’t let it go? Anything associated with betrayal in this lifetime or any other bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up. Oh, that was pretty big. So once more as you stand in this powerful presence and you’re looking at the past trying to figure out what it is that you need to know, be open.

What I notice as I look at you is that for so many of you it’s as if your heart is being pulled, or as if you are being nudged to get closer and closer to this energy. This is your Soul working with you to help you understand that this is a new beginning. That is fine. That is fine. I sense that some of you wish to remain right where you are and that is fine. When the time is right you are welcome to move into this energy in any way that resonates with you.

As you have cleared this last bit of the past take a moment and recognize who you are. I noticed that many of you expanded. You became taller. Your essence became more translucent as you took in more of the light energy.

As if you are now looking towards this massive light of the Eclipse consider what you seek to have in your life. Immediately people have their thoughts of, this is what I’m looking for, that is what I’m looking for, or this is what I would like to learn. Take all of that and let it just be beside you as if you acknowledge what your human mind or your ego mind wants for you to have. Then as you shift that to the side ask to know while you are here as your Soul Essence what does your Soul want for you to have as you move forward in life.

In just about every single one of you, it is even more than what you ask for yourself, and the number one manifestation is a deeper understanding of love. Your perception of what love is is going to expand in ways that as yet are hard to understand.

In this now moment allow your consciousness to expand in such a way that you accept and receive that intention from your Soul Essence, and then accept and receive what you yourself have consciously put forth. Maybe they’re the same in many cases. So no matter how it works with your own energy receive that which you seek and that which is your Soul and the blended energy.

Do you notice that you are getting closer to closer to that light? My perception as I look at this is there’s light all around you and there is also a light on one side that is aiming down to the Earth and you are walking through it or towards it.  It is all correct. There is no one right or wrong.

As I spoke of that I could see people moving closer and closer until there is a sense of being on the edge.  This is not a drop off but this is on an edge of the more intense light that is coming into the Earth. For those that do choose to do so I invite you to walk straight into that light. Even if you choose to remain at the edge you are still receiving the essence, the strength, and the balance that is coming through from this Central Sun. For those that are stepping into the middle of it, in many cases there are multiple images that are flashing past. Some of these images are not even anything you need to comprehend. Other images are showing you what your life can anticipate.

This is all about manifesting. I take that back. This is all about integrating the higher frequency, the higher vibration, however in doing so it allows you to manifest with much greater ease. So in some ways, they balance one another so as to create a greater essence within you. I felt the lot of you expanded it further with that.

What I notice is that for many of you that stand here in the midst of this light, it’s not about what you will manifest, how you’re going to expand, what might change, instead this is a peaceful feeling.   There is the peace of knowing that you’re exactly where you need to be. There is peace that you feel and understand all is well. There is the peace that comes with you and says there’s no need to change a thing because you are in this perfect harmony and this perfect balance.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

Some have merged completely with this energy of the Eclipse and those people or any others you step back until you’re back on the edge where we started out in the All That Is. Some may choose to be there for a longer period of time at different intervals. Some choose to stay there at this now moment and it’s all well.

I wish to show you what else is happening at this time. As you look towards where this beam of energy is coming in from the Central Sun. Look and see if you perceive some of the ships, some of the planets, and you will begin to see that there are focused intentions and there is light coming from even more than the Central Sun.  It all merges together but it’s coming from multiple different places.

As you look at the way that it is already impacting the Earth plane understand that it will just get stronger, and stronger, and stronger, and then as the Moon passes in front of the Sun causing the eclipse it will create this buildup of energy between the Sun and the Moon. As it passes beyond that intensified energy then goes all the way into the Earth. Within this energy, you have an activation for higher frequencies on the Earth plane. It will go into the Earth.  It will go around every single human, every single animal, every single living organism. They will all respond. For some may come in and then immediately be pushed out but it will be there however short the period of time.

As this energy is going into the Earth plane it has within it codes that activate the DNA and as it’s activating the DNA that is what strengthens everybody’s alignment with the higher frequency. Whether you are conscious or unconscious it will still activate their DNA. It may remain dormant in some people whereas in others it will immediately start working with your consciousness.

Tomorrow is the day of the greatest intensity. You have that time when the Moon begins to cross over in front of the Sun.  So you have a couple of hours period of time and during that time if you can, spend time outside.  Time touching the Earth.  Time linking as you do with these Meditations; linking with the Earth; feeling the breeze.  Be very present in your physical body and then those that are much in the line be very careful looking straight at it.  But if you are away you can look at it.  Ask yourself is it okay to look?

If you are listening to this afterwards you might not have that part of it as an experience to come but everything else will increase your frequency and increase your conscious awareness.

I wish to also show you that as you look towards some of these other planets and the ships around here (there is a lot of emotion coming up within Shelly with this) look at the people. They are saying prayers for you.  They are meditating for you. They’re shining the light saying you can do this.  We have got your back.  As this happens you can feel that direct alignment with them also. 

Some of these may be your guides.  Some of these may be the non-terrestrials that you get to meet in the next days, weeks, or years. But everything happening on the earth is supported by so many planets, and beings, by the God within, the Central Sun. The Universe is supporting Earth at this time.  They have always done so but we are talking about the focus of this ascension and it is happening now. 

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

You may notice as you look around now that there is less of a contrast.  When you first came into the All That Is you noticed Woo, look at that energy and doesn’t it feel different, but now you are in alignment with it.  Now as you look around or you open up your senses even further you can feel as if you are one with this energy.  You may not be able to say oh my frequency is now at whatever level it is.  It doesn’t matter. There is no need to focus on something like that.  Instead, be present within your heart and know that your consciousness comes with that and it is ever present within you.

Look around at the All That Is. You will notice that even those individuals who wish to stay back a few steps have now become a part of the whole.  This is how it will be upon the Earth. Some of those people who will just be awakening will have to do it at their own pace but they are still a part of everything that is going on.

There is no need to create that column of light.  You have the most massive column of light already.  You see or sense your alignment with those in the Universe that have so supported you all this time. 

I would therefore invite each one of you to let your consciousness just stream back down.  You first come back into your Soul and the Soul Plane.  You then stream back down through your Higher Self. You then stream back down into your physical self. You will come at your own pace.  Send all of that straight down into Gaia and then feel where you are anchored within Gaia and then that comes back into you, and take a moment to integrate this within your physical body.  Pretty amazing.

Whether you are consciously aware or not you have just created changes in your DNA.  You have awakened some of those dormant strands and it will come open and be made available for you in the days and weeks to come. 

Beloved family you stand here in this now moment in the midst of one of the pivotable changes to your planet and the Universe.  Understand that this is not a burden but this is a gift.  That gift is you, that gift is you accepting it.  That gift is you becoming whatever is in your higher and best interests for you.  Embrace these new energies.  Embrace the transition and know that I am ever with you.