Throughout this year we have all been adjusting to the higher frequency vibration.  There has been a steady rise in the vibration, also known as the frequency, for the past nine years.  Most especially, the Winter/ Summer Solstice of December 2020 the Earth has really accelerated the rate of integration. I hear many people talking about feeling awkward or wondering what’s happening to them and often it is the merging of the multiple vibrations. 

As the vibration of the planet rises it becomes available for everyone. It is humanity’s natural instinct to be drawn to light or higher, loving energy.  Therefore, people now find themselves walking between these various dimensions.  This channel was really excellent because the Goddess helps everyone understand how they look at their lives or what influences them.  This refers to as the personality, or ego, or human perspective. 

Once everyone has the experience of that perspective, she then opens the energies so that everyone can align with their soul.  Your soul is also known as your I AM presence, your God source, your divinity.  As we opened to this alignment, a massive ball of energy that light kept flowing, changing, infusing love and energies into all.  The Goddess then helped you to realize the difference between the ego and soul giving you a chance to strengthen your alignment with your soul.  From there she assisted everyone with creating a direct line of communication that would all people to receive intuitive messages more easily.  If you want to, you can create a symbol or use a word that would trigger this oepneing. 

This channel is amazing for realizing your strong alignment with your soul and how strong that flow can be. 

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