Have you ever worked with your Akashic records?  Have you ever heard of them?  How can it benefit you?  These are some of the questions people may ask when this topic comes up.  The Goddess spoke about the Akashic records as being both private part of a collective.  There are certain experiences people my have that will be ‘borrowed’ from the records.  In other words with Camelot many, many people have tapped into that lifetime to experience the energies.  This channel allows your to grow from your supportive aspects and clear what no longer supports you. The Goddess gave us tips for understanding when is a past life your own or a collective. 

Each person has a book of life which is stored in the Akashic Records.  Therefore if you want to know more about your life this is one way to do so.  It’s better to tap into the records at the level of the All That Is so that you may see it in an expanded way.  You also have the ability to experience if your life history to find times when you were successful.  This allows you to bring in the support that originates within your soul.  

Nama sika Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the whole.

I greet you beloved family.  I reach out for my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you and all that may be happening within your life.

As you move through your days there are always things that are in the state of transition.  So too as you move through your days there’s always that piece of the puzzle, or that part of you that is part of your existence, that remains your core essence; that part of you is you as your soul, you as your divinity.

More and more as these energies continue to evolve.  This is the part of you that is emerging for you to live your life upon the Earth.  How will that look to you?  How will that feel to you?  What is it that you seek to have in this situation, whatever that situation may be? 

As you get into the habit of asking yourself where I might in this now moment?  What is most important to me in this now moment?  You will begin to find that no matter what is happening in your life you will be able to instantly recognize, “Is this something outside of me or is it something inside of me?”  Therefore, as you allow yourself to recognize, “Oh that’s within me.” Then that is a key, or a clue, that you may need to love and nurture, honor and respect yourself.

Are you giving away your energy in a situation? Are you thinking less of yourself?  Is your focus on situations outside of you and you get caught up and the drama, or is your focus upon that which supports you.  These too are questions that you can ask yourself anytime you feel that tug or that pull of life. 

As you allow these energies of which I speak to just percolate, or just settle inside of you, I invite you to take a deep breath in.  Breathe in through your nose letting that breath move all the way down through you and into the Earth.  As you align with the Earth feel what that is.  Feel your energy as it spreads out in different directions.  As this is helping to ground you bring that focus back up within you and send it out through the top of your head.  You may feel it or you can envision it as a stream of light that moves out through the top of your head until it naturally aligns with your Higher Self.

Take a moment to look around realizing what this place is to you.  From here you allow your consciousness to stream even further.  It follows that thread of light, or that thread of energy, so that you may merge or blend with your divinity.  As your energies come into the space you just naturally merge with your I AM presence so that your focus, your consciousness and your awareness can expand out even further. 

Allow yourself to feel the essence of the energy knowing that you are supporting yourself with all the various life times that you have lived.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  I reach out to embrace you.  As I do so I can feel your energy.  I feel you as your God source.  I feel you is the human in this lifetime.  Allow yourself to move into the All That Is, taking a moment to look around.  Reconnect with your Angels and your Guides.  Feel the essence of what this place is for you.

I keep hearing from people that change is taking place.  I also keep hearing frequently from those same people that something continuously holds them back.  Therefore, I thought for this evening we could take a journey to the Akashic records. 

Now the Akashic records are records of everybody’s lifetime.  Within the Akashic records there are also records of specific existences that were pivotal to society.  Such as the birth of Christ, signing the Declaration of Independence for those in the US, Renaissance with Michelangelo, Christopher Columbus, the Inca, the Maya; all of those indigenous people around the world have had specific experiences and sometimes that experience creates its own book within the Akashic.  Therefore when people are considering their lifetime they might go and take a page from that book.  

Another way that you can look at past lifetimes is to explore through your own divinity.  I have increased the amount of flow and energy around your divinity so that each time you arrive within that space you are able to perceive more and more information.  Therefore as we go into the Akashic records I may also ask for you to look and see, or sense and feel, if a past life experience is from your own I AM presence or your own personal history, or from a group consciousness and we will work with that when we get there.

Alright beloved family I invite you to allow your thoughts, your consciousness, your breathing just gently follow my words as I shift into that space in which the Akashic records reside.  As you breathe, gently and easily, I invite you to take a deep breath in and as you breathe out allow your consciousness to take you until you are standing in front of the Library.  As you look up there might be steps that take you into the structure.  It may be very tall.  It may have wings that go out and different directions.  Your perspective may be different.  I always recommend that you follow your own perspective on things. 

You find yourself walking up the stairs until you stand at the entrance.  It is massive as you can imagine.  All you need to do is ask to see the book of your life.  As you do so you will find yourself materializing in front of your book.  The Akashic records has a number of different Librarians.  If you so choose you may ask to meet one of the Librarians.  You need only form that thought or that question that you have for them and they will materialize in front of you. 

For now they all take a step back so that you may have this time with your book of your life.  I invite you to take a moment, some of you have already opened it and a flicking through, but take a moment close the book and place your hands on top of the book creating an open flow and alignment between your consciousness and the book itself. 

Can you feel that transformation?  It is as if you light up from within, because of all of the energy that is moving within your book.  As you allow your hands you take your hands away and you open up the book.  Take a deep breath in and allow the pages to go wherever they will go.  

I like to begin the experience in this way because this will show you a lifetime that is pivotal for you at this moment.  You can read the words.  You can place your hand upon it and you will feel the energy. Some people will get images.  Some people will feel sensations.  Some people will intuit, “Where did this lifetime take place?”  For some of you it may be a lifetime that may be located out in the Universe. 

As you consider this page that opened up for you ask the question, “Is this from my personal history or from something else that is more of a collective consciousness.”  For those that received the information that it was from the collective consciousness take a moment to allow yourself to consider whatever that may be.  So much is taking place on the earth at this time.  Perhaps you have been hooked into one of these situations because of this past life.  

Ask yourself is there something for you to learn from this situation?  If you hear the answer is no then it could be that it is complete for you, but it has just not resolved or fallen off your radar because you are part of this group.  Therefore I invite you to go inside yourself once more.  As you consider this is a group energy.  I’ve gotten out of it what I need too and therefore I’m going to go inside and connect, ~whew~.  I’m going to disconnect from this Akashic memory letting it go to those for who is it is still working and instead I’m going to stamp that completed my book.

If you are looking at a page and you have already confirmed that this is your personal lifetime I invite you go even deeper into whatever that situation may be.  There is something within that life that continues to hold you back, or continues to try to give you the answers you need so that you may move forward. 

Past life Akashic memories or experiences are not only those things that need to be released. You have had multiple, multiple experiences in all parts of the spectrum.  It could be that one of your past lives is trying to tell you, you have already worked through poverty.  You’ve already worked through loneliness.  You have already worked through whatever that maybe, but yet there was a cellular memory that was triggered in this lifetime. This is giving you the opportunity to bring completion to that situation. 

So breathe deeply going down inside yourself once more.  Consider whatever is on their page of the Akashic.  Consider the lifetime you are living right now.  Is there a lesson to be learned or is this something to be let go.  Breathe in deeply and allowing it to move through consciousness into every cell within you.  Is this something for you to learn from a past experience?

Now take a moment to consider that lifetime and see if it is playing out again; perhaps the people, perhaps the situation.  Allow those energies to flow and move so that you may ask what am I not getting?  Why are you still here?  Why is this still hanging over me?  Then pause to receive an answer.  It may be that you get the answer immediately.  It may be that it will trickle into your consciousness over the next hours days, weeks. 

If in your perspective this is something that is complete then you can go ahead and stamp it as complete.  What you will see as you look at it is that if energetically everything aligns and says yes your complete then that stamp will stay.  If you stamp it complete and that stamp disappears there is still something within the situation that has not been resolved and needs you to work with it a little bit deeper.  For the moment I would invite you to come back to that when you can spend more time. 

Have a sense of disconnecting from the book and take a step back.  Take a deep breath in and this time consider if you have a specific question that you would like to ask the book.  Perhaps, why does a particular situation continue to happen?  Who am I intending to meet in this life?  Why is work so challenging or my family, or whatever that may be? 

As you consider what that is I invite you to go back up to the book and open the book and the pages will flow to wherever that is that you need to go.  It may be that there is just one page, but I am also see that certain people are seeing not only this lifetime and pages move, this lifetime and the pages move.  So it is showing you that multiple lifetimes you have experienced the same situation.  Ask to know whatever it is that you need to know and this time I invite you to ask with that specific intention, Soul to Soul.  Try to take your ego out of it.  Let your personality step to the side so that you may receive this information directly from source.  Let it wash over you. 

As you received this communication take a moment to integrate whatever it may be.  As you find this integration have that conscious intention that it is moving through you as your consciousness, as your divinity, and any of those other lifetimes that we’re also affected by this experience.  As you have that conscious intention of letting that energy flow through.  You may see that this alignment, this opening of consciousness and awareness, will now allow you to now receive the answer that you have been seeking.  Allow that knowledge to flow through you.  Accept with compassion and love whatever the answer may be.  If that experience or that lifetime of multiple lifetimes feels complete you can stamp it complete.

There are many times when you as your soul have worked through a particular situation or experience, resolving everything that has to do with it, but yet you as the human keeps holding on trying to tell you it’s not done.  You have more to do.  Why don’t we bring in this other situation?  Therefore as we move into the space of your Akashic records, the book of your life which is yours alone, that is telling you what is done and what is not.  Listen with your heart.  Feel the knowledge move through you to a cellular level so that from yourselves moving outwards all is in alignment. 

As you consider this I invite you to take another step back from your book.  This time consciously look at the book is if in multiple dimensions.  Perhaps your clearing took place in a dimension that you are no longer in alignment with.  Perhaps the reason things keep hanging around for you is that peace that is elusive or has to do with the dimension in which you were choosing to live.  Recognize that you can receive this information and that may be a part of your answer. 

As you take a step back once more I invite you to now look at your book.   Let me pause for a moment.  Disconnect from your book and instead I invite everyone who is present to consider for a moment that you are living this lifetime right now.  You came in with a specific intention of assisting the earth on its ascension Process. 

As you consider those energies I also invite you to bring up a lifetime or an experience which you’ve already moved through the ascension process and you are part of a group that is transitioning at this time. So as the book opens up into this lifetime in which you are now living see how many of your pages, or how many lines, or paragraphs within the pages that you are here as part of a group consciousness. 

You let that knowledge be present and then you look again.  Have you already moved through the ascension process?  You put that to the side and then you ask again.  What do I need to know about this lifetime?  Why I chose to come back?  Why I’m having the life I’m having.  What do I need to know right now?  Open and feel what their answer is to you. 

As far as those pages, or paragraphs, or lines that are part of the group consciousness of the ascension process.  I invite everyone who has that as part of their Akashic to bring that all together for a moment.  This ascension has taken place.  The earth is transitioned and now there is all of the integration that is taking place.  So for any of you that may be holding onto a group agreement that is already been completed I invite you to breath in, ~whew~, and clear out releasing those old agreements that we’re a part of this specific life and experience.  

I then invite you to look back at your book and this time say is there another level of my group agreement that has something I need to know.  This is where people straddle two different dimensions and this is where some of you have been carrying with you that anchor of the lower dimensions.  So by clearing it out and letting it go it is going to clear it out for everyone.  By opening up and understanding some of you are done, complete, over and done.  But others of you are here to take things to the next level in the higher dimensions.  This time if this is your agreement, or do you want to choose it, you can now step into these vibrations of these higher dimensions and receive the love, support and energy of everybody else who has already done it and is doing well.  This lets their support help you as you are helping them.  As you live in the higher dimensions these energies away more sensitive allowing you to tap into that with greater ease. 

You take a step back look at your book once more.  Understand that you may come here at any time that you so choose.  This book will remain within this space.  However you yourself can create a direct alignment so that when you think of your Akashic records, or the book of your life, it will be where you are.  Realize that if you tap into it, remaining at the vibration of the everyday life, then you may have limitations and what is available for you to see because of the vibration.  I would therefore encourage you to come back to the space so that you may have this huge expansion in the multiple dimensions to assist you as you work with your book. 

As I’m in the space and I’m in this flow I keep hearing people saymore, more, more, stay, I don’t want to go.  But for now I invite you to let go the Akashic records.  For some you immediately go back into the All That Is.  For others you have a sense of walking out of the Library.  You go down the steps thereby disconnecting.  You then allow yourself to move into the All That Is coming back into your space. 

How do you feel?  Do you recognize what the space is to you?  Can you feel the change and the transformation that has already been taking place within you, but is now becoming more and more and more integrated?  The Akashic records is information that is present to help you in your everyday life.  Utilize it as often as you would choose. 

I invite everyone to come back together as a group.  As you do so look around at who is here.  I invite you to breathe in deeply understanding that you may have moved through a transition of clearing out old energies and integrating the new.  Coming up within your circle is the hologram of the Earth.  As this hologram comes up have a sense of infusing your greater state of balance within the energy. 

As everybody is looking at the hologram have a conscious intention that you clear out any old energies that no longer serve and as we infuse the higher lighter vibration of potential.  The hologram shifts and a part of it goes out into the Universe and into the Omniverse, there is the other part that goes down into your Earth.  As it moves through into the magnetic field of your Earth it is clearing out the collective consciousness. It is shifting the vibration into the new potential with which you worked this evening.  It consciously clears out the collective energy and that ball of light continues to move down. It goes into the Earth.  As it gets into the center of the Earth it merges with the Crystals, with that core energy and then expands outwards. 

As these energies move through within the core of the Earth it taps into that space where you connected.  It then moves up through your body.  That integration of clearing the path and opening to be a support comes up within you moving through every cell within your body.  Allow yourself to feel it.  Allow yourself to receive new potential and opportunity.

So too coming up through the water, the grass, the trees, the flowers.  That potential for all of the earth was moving up through everything. 

As that all continues you take a moment to consciously reach out to whatever part of your energy is left within the All That Is and you allow it to come back down.  As you breathe deeply you going to feel the energies of the Earth to help ground you, then you are going to let all of that energy come back within you.  It moves through your divinity.  It comes through your Higher Self and it anchors down within you. Take a moment allowing your body to adjust.  Feel yourself coming back into this now moment with the knowledge, be it conscious or unconscious, of everything you did within the Akashic records.  Allow it to move into you assisting you in your daily life. 

Beloved family as you move through your days upon the Earth I invite you to have the flow and the energy of your book of life to be there with you.  So if there are times when you are confused and don’t know which direction to take you allow your consciousness to move into the Akashic records and you receive your answers.  You may also just allow your consciousness to go up into your Divinity and you will receive your answers. 

As a human many people like that perception of reading the book and looking at the book. So whatever works for you begin to do it on a conscious level, on a consistent basis and you will find many different trends and transitioning’s taking place.  You are all incredible, evolved, individuals.  You have created the space for these changes to take place.  I invite you to consciously let go of the past and receive the energies of the now moment with these new potentials coming in. 

Know beloved family that I am ever with you and within you.