In this year’s continued ascension process, this channel is about consciousness.  The Goddess, once we get into the All That Is begins to talk about consciousness and what it means to each person. She began by asking how much of your time is spent being happy, joyful, etc.  For many, this was easy.  However, there were some who just didn’t feel happy or want to go there.  For these people or anyone else who was stuck,  she worked with clearing out the un-conscious.

Our unconscious mind or the subconscious mind is created primarily before the age of 7. Your experiences, what you are taught by your family, what you may hear around you in your environment all lead to the programming that you live by.  There is an additional transformation that will take place, however, this is the foundation.  Your unconscious is linked to trauma that might be triggered at certain times, events, sounds, smells, or more.

When you expand your consciousness through your intention,  you are expanding into this unconscious space.   You also have the ability to see life on earth differently. What is your intention?  How do you want to lead your life? Instead of living on autopilot, you can live in the moment, in expanded awareness, and as a means of expanding your consciousness into your unconsciousness


Nama Sika, Venia Benya,   I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to each and every one of you at this moment in time.

There is a massive transformation taking place, not only upon the Earth but out within the Universe, of this you are very well aware. As this change continues to integrate moving through the many, many, many different layers and levels of consciousness it is bringing forth a continuity and a flow of energy and light. Be aware of what that is to you. Be aware of how you in your own daily life are in the movement and flow of consciousness.

Take a deep breath in where you breathe into your heart center, and as you breathe into your heart you can not only feel the pulsation of every beat of your heart, but you can feel the flow of energy and light as everything is moving through you. As you feel your consciousness and your focus go within you it is as if your heart is expanding and getting bigger and bigger.

As you create that ball of light you send a stream of it down through your energy bodies and it goes down into the Earth. As you connect with Gaia take a moment to look around and open your intuition or your energy as if to ask how are you? What’s going on? Do you feel any different? And as you’re in that flow you will hear, sense, see, feel what some of those changes are.

From our perception, as I’m going into Gaia and as I’m feeling Shelly’s energy it feels as if Gaia is actually blooming. As if her energies are expanding, and there is a greater flow and light that is moving through. You let that come back up within you. You let that consciousness and your alignment with Gaia come back up within you. Then you send it up through your upper energy bodies and as you do so feel as if all of your consciousness and all of your awareness is moving into the space of your Higher Self.

As you look around your Higher Self sometimes you may feel or sense that there’s clutter. Sometimes it may seem as if you are working on multiple different things and they’re all here within this place. If there’s anything that is no longer serving you, whew, clear it out.

You send your consciousness even further up. It moves up to that strand of energy and light until it connects with your Divinity. As this aligns with your Divinity you begin to feel everything expand even further. As your Divinity, you are merging with that which is Source and which is God. You are in this place that is home to you and this is an opportunity to look at the various aspects that are here. Open and feel your heart expand even further or your consciousness expand.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you that are here. As my energies blend with you or merge with you, we both expand until we move into the space of the All That Is. As you are in this flow and this movement of the All That Is open up, look around. I wish to call forth you as your human self. As I could feel some of you coming in it felt as if it was a time when you’re called to the principal’s office like “Oh oh am I in trouble? Do I need to be scared?” Of course not.

Here in the space of the All That Is you that are processing right now and aligning with the words that I am speaking as the consciousness from your soul essence which is huge. As you see that which is you in this lifetime come into this space as if they’re standing in front of you, you are connecting with this lifetime.

Let us consider consciousness. For many of you, the sense of consciousness is your thoughts, your beliefs, your awareness of which you are aware. When you think about something that happened last week, last month, or as a child you remember it and it’s in your thought process of which you have easy access and of which you are aware.

Let us speak for a moment about the unconscious. The unconscious is still a part of your consciousness however it is the programming and the belief systems and the reality, some of which is pulled from other lifetimes, and then some of which is the programming from this current lifetime in which you live. I would therefore ask that you stretch the perception from your consciousness or your conscious awareness so that you are turning on a light and looking at that programming or the beliefs that are hidden in the unconscious aspect of you.

I realized as I said that, that for so many it’s a wide variety of thoughts and energy that just inundated. So let me shift it. Let us look first at your unconscious programming and ask about belief systems. When you look at your life do you as you’re walking through life living each day anticipate that life is a struggle, that life is hard, or that you’re not going to know whatever it is that you may need to do.

You have the ability to transform those beliefs and I’m inviting you at this moment to turn on a spotlight so to speak. Shine the light on whatever it is inside of you that might cause you to look at the world through fear, anxiety, frustration, anger any of those things that pull you down.

I always love it when you argue with me whenever we’re doing something like this. As people illuminate their unconscious, they become aware of perhaps why they have the frustration, or things in their life, or why things are not working, and I could already hear people saying, “but I don’t want to change. I’m OK the way I am.” And then my response back was but are you happy? This individual said, “happiness is overrated”, which to me is very sad. Happiness, optimism, laughter, any of those things of which I speak should be a goal that you reach towards or at least allow it to be present within your life.

Excellent, for many of you I could see the energies shifting and I could also see how so many of you just merge happiness, joy, potential with what you have had in the past so as to transform that energy. I could still feel that one saying, “OK I’ll try it but it’s not going to work”. I simply ask that you open to the potential and we could feel that flow and that movement that began.

As you are looking at your belief systems and some of those things that are just that unconscious response, that knee-jerk response to things, ask yourself why is it that I have a certain reaction when there is something that triggers me? OK, I saw multiple answers to that. I saw some that are saying, “oh I hadn’t thought about that for a while let me send in light and transform.” I saw others that said, “yeah that’s been a trigger in the past but I’m good now.” Confirming that you’ve already done the work on whatever it was and you’ve healed it, but yet you can still see how it did have an impact at some point.

I could see others that as soon as I said the word trigger they knew exactly what it was that had been traumatic for them in this life and it sent them into the trauma. Then I could see others that when I said trigger they recognized exactly what it was but they now chose to; like reach over and get that bright light of the consciousness and just let the unconditional love move into the situation.

So, I see the flow of light as it moves through everyone. I can now see the merging from that of which you are aware with that of which you are unaware so that it becomes this even bigger expanded awareness that is around you.

Breathe in those energies and then breathe out.

As you are expanding your consciousness you have the ability to transform every single bit of programming, implants, shadow energy, whatever it may be so that you can move through your life with a greater ease.

Okay, what does expanding your consciousness mean to you? I can see how for everyone that your vibration and your frequency is rising up to a higher perspective. Even the one that at the beginning was questioning everything, something happened that allowed that individual to connect with their consciousness. They then allowed it in and now they are in that same space as everybody else.

As your consciousness, I invite you to focus for a moment on sending a loving nurturing light or energy into whatever may be around you, whatever it is. Therefore, you need not always know exactly what is going on. You’re good with being in the space and receiving love.

Breathe in and breathe out.

Through your expanded consciousness you have a greater ability to choose your reactions to whatever may be going on around you. So, consider for a moment what may be happening on the planet, in your country, in your city, in your work, whatever it may be. Just let one of those things come up for you. As you do so you can feel that automatic response in certain ways that want to hook you in. However, you also now have that expanded consciousness so that you may see multiple perspectives when you look at what’s going on in your community, or your country, or the world.

As you are here within the space of this expanded consciousness open to understand that there is so much happening of which you are unaware. You may be aware in one form or another but there are always multiple sides to everything. So that as you look from the expanded awareness at whatever the situation may be you can remain in a place of balance.

As you continue to expand your consciousness it will allow you to expand your intuition, because the expanded consciousness is in a more continuous flow with your Divinity. So, open up and just make a choice that there is an open flow that moves between you and your consciousness, and you in whatever situation you may be observing. Then as you look at it, you will get a first impression. That is listening to your intuition. Everybody has intuitive insights. The more that you listen to them the stronger your connection to the Divine, the more expansive your consciousness.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

As you look at what’s happening around you, and as you consider those things that hook you in or pull you down, set the intention that you will immediately stop the energy, disconnect, and shift into your expanded awareness so that you can send unconditional love into whatever the situation may be. As I said that I heard, not the same person but a different person saying, “but I don’t want to send love into that situation because it makes me so mad and because I’m right and they’re wrong.” Then you are too connected in, too hooked in and your ego and your unconscious energy is reacting. So, disconnect. Expand into your higher consciousness and breathe in and out until you feel better. Excellent, I could feel that individual shifting the experience.

This is one of the massive changes as a result of December 2019. The Earth got into enough of the expanded consciousness and enough of the higher frequency that they were able to move through the levels of awareness much more easily. Because of that every one of you has the ability to transform or heal any situation. Be in the moment. Feel the presence. Allow your soul essence to wash through and transform your life. As you are here in the All That Is you can actually see, or sense, or feel that taking place.

I invite you to come back together as a group and as you gather you create that circle of light. Pay attention to how your expanded consciousness allows you, to not only see or sense everyone from that higher perspective but also what that means in the support of one another. You are not alone. Many of the people that I’ve seen here as you look at their authentic self you see ah, that’s their Pleiadean aspect, their Andromeda. So, the universal aspect of many of you is coming in to support and merge with you at this time. This is all a part of this aspect of your ascension process.

As you are here experiencing this light and energy you see coming up within you the hologram of the Earth. The hologram is changing too is it not. You can see how there is so much more light within the hologram. You can see how it almost is as if the land masses shift and change. Send into this hologram your higher perspective and awareness. As you do so you are sending love, compassion, light, and energy into this hologram and it literally begins to shine with a bright light and it sparkles, and it’s even turning and rotating.

There is that aspect that goes out through the Universe. You now know where it is going. It is connecting with you as your Universal Self. It is connecting with those that are working with the Earth from the space of the Universal Emissaries of Light.

Then the remainder goes down into the Earth. As this hologram drops down it encircles the Earth. It is sending increased amounts of light and energy into everything. It goes all the way down into the center of the Earth and as it does so it anchors. It then rotates outward and it begins to come up through all the various levels within the Earth. It anchors within you coming up to where you connected with Gaia. Your own energies come up merging with your human self, shifting your unconscious programming so that it may transform and you can align with the higher light frequency. It is also coming up and is available to every human being, the animals, the water, the trees, the grass. All have consciousness and therefore all have the potential to shift into that higher awareness.

As that is integrating within you, you bring back the remainder from the All That Is. You go back into your Soul; you look around at your I AM presence. It then comes back down coming down through your energy bodies and as you anchor within your heart center take a moment to feel the energies of Gaia and the energies of your divine as everything merges within you.

Breathe in and out. Allow your expanded consciousness to increase your intuitive abilities. Allow your expanded consciousness to express who you are as your Divinity. Allow your expanded consciousness to flow through you in such a way that you feel much greater energy within you and you’re looking at the world through that higher perspective.

The Earth is moving into the stability of the higher frequency. As the Earth rebalances humanity rebalances, the animals rebalance; everything living upon the Earth transitions into a higher light frequency. Allow your consciousness to expand so that you can receive as much information as possible. So that you can live as fully and vibrantly within this energy as is possible. Allow your consciousness to move into that which is the subconscious or the unconscious clearing out any old programming so that you may be fully present in the now moment.

The transition is here. It is happening. Therefore, the more that you move into that flow the greater your ability to live the life that you are seeking.

Know that I am ever with you.


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