This channel took place on the 4th of July which is the US day of independence.  In the background, you will hear all the noise of the fireworks that were going off the entire time!  This year in particular is truly about freedom and independence on a worldwide basis. The corruption that has been in place for thousands of years is being exposed and therefore brought down.  

This begins with the Goddess talking about our lives and where within our lives we are seeking freedom or independence.  We all have something that we are experiencing or carrying around that is holding us back.  Therefore, with this very powerful day of independence, we can all create a change; no matter where in the world that you live. 

Once each of us was able to create the change and step into the freedom of the higher vibration and potential, the Goddess invited us to work with this for all of humanity.  We are all creating change. We are all ascending.  We are all opening to our greater gifts of light and love.  Therefore, we are all aligning together to create freedom for all.  I could see such a change as I looked at the world.  

I encourage you to embrace freedom for yourself and as you do so, embrace freedom for the planet!! 

Nama sika Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment. As we do so I ask you to take this time, as if to give yourself a hug; as if to feel your own presence as you are here within this moment.

Every time that we get together there is more and more and more that is happening within your world. There are some fireworks that are going on, we can hear the bumping or the noise of the explosion. We always say from Shelly’s group with the Goddess, we always say whenever there is a sound it’s amplifying whatever was just said prior to that.

So, this is the time of massive transformation on the Earth.  For anybody that has that sense, that feeling as if things are stuck and not moving, I wish to share with you from my perspective wave upon wave upon wave of energy, change and transformation is taking place on an almost continuous basis.

I invite you to look up as if you are allowing your focus and your energy to look upward into all these potentials and opportunities that are around you. How often do you find yourself as you are walking looking down? As if you’re looking down at the Earth as opposed to looking out at what is around you. I invite you to pay attention to that the next time you are out taking a walk. That is one way in which people have this tendency to be focused and narrow the opportunities of what is around them, or have a narrow perception of the opportunities. So, therefore, as you look up, as you look around, you will notice that there is so much around you. Sometimes it’s a moment of stillness, sometimes it’s information, and other times it might be the awareness of the awakening that is taking place.

On this day of independence, I invite you to have an intention that you find the freedom that you are seeking.  Freedom comes in many different forms. Perhaps freedom from thoughts and beliefs that are old and keep you spinning around and around. Perhaps freedom from a relationship that repeatedly pulls you down. Perhaps freedom from disease or a job, or whatever it may be. As you are here and grounded, I ask you to consider what freedom is to you.

Take in a deep breath and as you breathe in feel as if you’re tapping into that energy body of your heart center. As you feel that energy as it swirls into a ball you then send it down through your energy bodies and it goes all the way down and into the Earth. As you feel yourself aligning with Gaia take a moment and just breathe in the energy of the Soul or Gaia. Some of you may feel as if it is a heartbeat. Some of you feel a deep grounded essence. In this moment I ask you to just know that you are connecting to Gaia in a way, that not only strengthens you, but your flow of love and light strengthens her.

I can feel people’s energies opening up as you feel that essence. Allow that flow to come back up within you. It comes up into your heart center swirling around within your heart. You then send it all the way up. It goes out through the top of your head and you find yourself aligning with your Higher Self. As you align with your Higher Self you begin to feel, see, or sense things from that higher perspective. Take a moment and those things that you were considering for freedom look at it from this perspective. Perhaps it will give you some insights. Perhaps it will all be the same.

You then send your energy even further. It follows that thread that connects you to your Soul, and as you do so your consciousness comes up and links with your Divinity. As you merge with your soul essence you expand even further as you feel that unconditional love of coming home, of being present.

So often in your everyday life, you may feel different or distant, and when you are in this space of your Divinity and you see the vast energy and essence that is you, you can know; you can know that you are aligned with everything. Some aspects are stronger than others, but if there is anything that you seek and you look for it is here.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. As we merge our energies together, we shift into the All That Is. Look around, this is your place of creation. We flow upwards and downwards and the vibration and the frequency of what this is, depending on where you are at any given moment.

There’s a lot that is happening around Shelly right now. We don’t know if anyone can hear it or not (fireworks in the background), but I look at them as the exclamation points saying yes that’s truth, yes that’s truth, yes that’s truth. 

I wish for you to have a sense of opening up your heart. As you open up the energy of your heart center allow yourself to feel the flow, and the breath, and the light that is moving through you. How many times during the day do you feel as if you have no ability to align with your heart; you’re not able to take the time to go within and nurture yourself. In this space with the flow, the energy, and the light of the All That Is allow yourself to feel the wave upon wave of the universal energy as it moves within you.

As your heart is open to receive the flow of this love and light it also opens your consciousness so that you have an ability to process at the higher frequency. As the higher vibrations continue to integrate upon the Earth; that frequency that is of the new light, or of the higher vibration, is becoming more and more and more prevalent. What you are opening to in this now moment is the most pure aspect of that higher vibration. Allow it to wash through you assisting you at all times. When you take this opportunity to really feel this love and this light at this level and frequency it is easier to have the understanding of everything that is happening in your life.

The world has been wrapped in energies that are very low frequency for a very long time and this has moved within humanity, some at a very conscious level some at an unconscious level. Those chains, those threads, those lines of energy have been broken and dissolving for quite some time, but in particular the last several years. However, as we’ve spoken about in the past humanity has a tendency to remain in the vibration and the frequency where they have always been stuck. Therefore, it becomes imperative that people make a conscious choice to integrate the high frequency.

The Earth and its population have shifted beyond the tipping point. They did so last year. Meaning that well over, I would say now perhaps, 80 to 85% of the people upon the Earth are becoming aware that there’s something better out there. That there’s something different and this is why on this day in particular we are going to step into the frequency, the light, the essence of freedom or perhaps of independence whichever resonates with you. As I speak these words, I can feel more and more energy coming within our space. Allow all of that energy to flow within and around you. It’s wave upon wave.

Consider your life. Consider that which you would like to be independent of, that which you would like your freedom to move in another direction. As you consider whatever that may be, find wherever it is inside of you that is holding you hooked into that which you would like to release. As you feel that energy; as you follow that thread that may go to wherever it will go find the experience, the belief, whatever it is so that you may have a sense of pulling it up from within you – to bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~, let it go. When you clear something out from your consciousness or your energy field you set up the precedence that it immediately becomes filled with your Divinity, therefore, allowing you to transform and to move deeper and deeper within yourself.

So, look again at that which you would like independence from. As you do so perhaps things are shifting or transforming. Perhaps it looks a little different now. Whatever it may be again reach down and pull up any roots, pull out any hooks so that you may clear out, poof, whatever it was that caused you to be stuck.

You may do that as often as you need to. For some, I see a long list. For others just a few things. However, I would like for everyone here to take this moment and consider humanity as a whole. As we are seeking independence for all of humanity the first thing that I would like to pull out from the world is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of changing, fear of stepping outside of the box. So as if we’re pulling up from all of humanity anything associated with fear, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~ and let that go.

As more and more comes to light about the old energy and those that held everyone in the third dimension many people are stepping into anger. So, therefore, again as everybody is tapping into the humanity of the world whatever anger is there, we want to just bring it up from wherever it may be, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~ let that go. That was actually bigger than the fear as we let it go, and we clear through.

As we look at humanity as a whole moving through this transformation and into the expanded awareness seeking independence, we want for all of humanity to be comfortable stepping outside of whatever rut they have been in or whatever box they have been within. So, the constriction, be it of belief systems, be it of organizations, whatever that may be, we want to bring up the energy to step outside the box or the rut – bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~ and let that go. As we do so, I ask you to not only feel inside of yourself but tap into the essence of humanity within the world. As you are here if there’s anything that I have not identified that you are picking upon bringing that up also, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~ and let that go.

Do you see how your own, whatever you want to call them, issues or things that you were leaving behind are now even more cleared out because we have cleared for all of humanity? This tells you just how much each person is connected into the collective consciousness.

I see this image of people stepping forward as if you have moved through, say a waterfall or this flow of energy, and you move through it and you come out on the other side and you’re standing there and your shoulders are back, your head is up and you know that you are you! You are this amazing individual with so many unique characteristics and you have the freedom and the independence to express yourself. How does that look to you? What are you doing?

As we move forward into the freedom for you to be your authentic self what is that to you? So, look around at your life with a clear intention of sending freedom and love and light into everything that is within you. You send wave, upon wave, upon wave and as you step into your freedom you are accepting responsibility for your life. You are accepting that you choose how you interpret what is going on in your life. You are accepting that you choose to take action or not in certain situations. You are accepting that you have created the life that you have and you seek your independence to move in whatever direction it may be, that it is because you are creating your life. You are here in this place of limitless potential.

So, receive what that is. Receive the strength and the awareness for you to be you. Not you as the shadow of who you are, but you as this massive expanded energy that is your Soul; that is tapped into this universal love and light; it is all you.

I invite you to come back together as a group. As you do so, look to each other and affirm for them, I see you. I see you as your expanded independent self. Look to the person beside you and receive their support of you as you give your support to them. Humanity is interrelated on so many levels and as we are here, send that support to others and allow it to come within you. There’s already a flow of love and light that is created as you do so.

You see coming up within that essence the hologram of the Earth. This hologram looks like the Earth. You can see the energy fields that surround it and are within it, and you send that flow of cooperation into the hologram just as you send you into all this space of your freedom and independence. It all goes into the Earth and the Earth integrates this energy. Well, it goes into the hologram which is integrating this energy and begins to spin and move. There’s that aspect that goes out within the Universe and the remainder goes down into your Earth.

As that hologram goes into the Earth look at the energies. Look at the dramatic change that is taking place. See and know for yourself that worldwide independence is coming, and everything that you are doing tonight and every day that you step into your own independence; you are strengthening it (for you) and everybody else. Those chains and cords have been broken and removed. There is a constant movement of clearing out the old energy, the old vibration. Allow yourself to be present in the love, the light, and the flow from this moment.

That essence moves down into the center of the Earth, anchoring within the earth, and then it comes back up. As always it comes up through the grass, the water, the trees, it comes up into every animal and your own alignment to Gaia allows your strength and your choice to come up within you. As you are anchoring your own freedom and independence send it out into your everyday reality. So too, that strength and balance of aligning with one another send that into your everyday reality.

You allow the remainder of your consciousness to flow back from the All That Is. It moves through your Divinity coming down through that cord of light and it anchors back here within you. Again, you can feel your expanded essence as you are in this flow.

Moving through your days embrace that which you choose is your freedom. Moving through your days affirm as often as you may need to that you are independent of those old energies that no longer serve you. Moving through your days remember that you are directly aligned with this beautiful soul essence that is you.

Beloved know that I am always with you.


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