Eclipse Anyone?

Just what does this eclipse mean to you and the world?  Just everything!!  There are always days in our lives when we look back and say, something special happened that day, or perhaps that was a very significant day in my life.  This is what April 8, 2024, will be to humanity. 

There are so many ways that our planet, Gaia adjusts to whatever may be happening.  There is an intrinsic element that heals whatever is happening to the planet itself, but also in supports of humanity.  As we start connecting with the Universe, we begin to understand that we are a planet and as humans are very, very tiny.  However, we are also very, very powerful because we have a soul and massive consciousness.

Humans each have a soul and we have DNA that is part of our creation.  DNA actually has so many strands and we have only been working with two for a very, very long time. It seems crazy when we think about it because this is all that we have known.  In August of 1987, there was a Harmonic Convergence.  This influx of energy was the first time a global intention was put forth by humanity that we would embrace the Golden Age or the Age of Aquarius.  It was shortly after this that the Cold War came to an end. Then in November of 2003, there was the Harmonic Concordance which was another time when humanity came together to support change and move into the Age of Aquarius. 

At the time these events happened most people felt no different afterwards.  In fact, most of humanity had no idea they even happened. What was happening, was that the planet as a whole was accepting the vibration and frequency of ascension.  You cannot go through a transition such as this without a cohesive alignment of energy. 

As each of these events was taking place, there were massive portals of energy that sent huge influxes of light, vibration, frequencies and balance into the planet.  It was integrated by Gaia and it did have an impact on humanity, although the majority either didn’t feel it or didn’t know.

There were of course many, many other times when these big portals were opened.  During 2012, it was intended that the Earth would ascend into these higher frequencies, and it did. The problem was, that there were such strong overlays of energy that were controlling, manipulating, and holding people down that the effect was not noticed by many. Those of you who have been on this path did feel a change and went through a time of disorientation saying ‘didn’t we ascend?’ ‘Why is all this happening?’ ‘Why aren’t we seeing the change?’

Humanity still was not ready.  We have since then had many, many episodes that nudged, pushed, and screamed ‘LOOK AT THIS’ until finally, the transition of mass consciousness has taken place.

Fast forward to right now.  We are in the Eclipse Season that will complete what all these other events began.  There have also been thousands upon thousands of solar flares and other influxes of energy from the Universe.  There are more Universal Beings, Non-Terrestrials, ETs, or whatever name works for you, that are now here more fully interacting with humanity.

The bottom line is that no one really knows the exact sequence of what is going to happen.  No one knows if people will feel it en-mass or just some here and there.  No one knows if the full disclosure will then come out.  And when that happens, what will it look like?

No matter what is happening in our everyday lives, the eclipse and the transition will take place.  This is one of the final steps into the Age of Aquarius, The Golden Age, or whatever name you want to call it.

Long ago people would call this the Rapture, well some may still do so.  People also considered this a time when thousands if not millions would transition off the Earth, as if ‘beamed up’ into a ship.  None of that is going to happen.  There is enough of humanity that is awake and conscious that this transition while massive, will be smooth.  Some people will feel nothing, others will feel activations within them.  Whether people feel it or not, it IS happening. 

This is going to raise the vibration of the Earth beyond the 3rd dimension.  It was the 3rd dimension that for so long was the overriding frequency of the planet.  In the 3rd dimension the focus is duality; win/lose, compete, compare to others, and be better than them to name a few.  In the 5th Dimension, the focus is love.  You release duality, you release a need to cause pain and suffering to others.  The clearing out of this low vibration has been happening for at least two years but more specifically the last six months.

This eclipse has been written in the stars for thousands if not millions of years. It was going to happen whether humanity was ready or not. I’m just thrilled that humanity is ready and embracing this change!!

I’m going to include the links to channels I’ve done about the eclipses – the March 25th Lunar Eclipse and the April 8th Solar Eclipse.  I will also include some graphs and forms that may help to see.

Be present!!! Embrace YOU as your soul essence.  Embrace love for others and whatever situation you find yourself in, celebrate ascension!!

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