I have been concerned about what’s happening in the country not only around the election but for the last several years.  There is a greater emphasis on racism and intolerant behavior toward other people and groups of people.

I believe that whatever you place your focus upon; it expands.  This was evident recently with this election.  I got caught up with who my candidate was, what was being said, what’s right, what’s wrong, the media’s focus on what may or may not have been happening. I think you get my drift!  I began to realize I didn’t feel good, I was particularly frustrated and once I started actively disconnecting from the election, from the collective consciousness I felt so much better!

I am also reminded by the angels that EVERYTHING happens with a higher intention. We don’t always know what that is, but I do believe that this is all a part of the ascension process.  When you take what so many of the lightworkers have been feeling for all this time and elevate it into millions of unconscious people……. This is what you get!

Remember to keep your focus upon love.  Remember to keep your focus upon what supports you and helps you to feel good.  Remember that everything is in constant movement and change.   Create what you DO want to have.  At the end of the day….. there is only love~~~

Here is a video that created talking about this and assisting with change through breathing.