Daily Messasge, January 13, 2022

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Channeled Message

In the All that Is, re solar flares:

Look around at this place. You can see how much is available here for you. You can see how much you were already doing. Believe in yourself. Believe that it comes from within you and you are supported. If the perception is that you are not supported that is coming from your Ego. Have a clear intention of transforming these energies of your Ego so as to release this essence bringing in more and more of your Divinity.

The more that you are in this flow the easier it is for you in your everyday life. The more that you are in this flow the more it raises your vibration in such a way that you can feel the security that you seek to have within your life. So once again I’m going to, phew, phew, just clear out this space helping you to let go of anything from the past so that you may once again look at your life.

The Central Sun & Solar Flares



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