Channeled Message

You can create a hologram of your life, your energies, whatever is happened as a means of getting a different perspective:

I invite you to then take this Hologram.  For some of you it might be several, but take the Hologram for the things you have been seeking to manifest and just kind of gently put that to the side.  After considering your distractions; considering what you seek to have, take a moment and as you breathe down deeply within yourself and ask the question, “What is it that I have completed within my life?” For some of you that completion may be a checklist.  For others of you it may be those things that you’ve wanted to manifest and you have.  Some it may be in your distance past and yet it still hanging out here as check it’s done.  Therefore, on this first level if there is something that you have completed in terms of what you have wanted to manifest, and it’s kind of over and done with let’s clear it out. ~whew~ 

Completion within Your LIfe