Daily Message, September 17, 2023

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Channeled Message

Speaking of the Crystalline Energy influx:

For many of you, this may feel exactly the same as it always does. However, you are shifting into a different frequency. Others of you may perceive the energy as if you can discern what the vibration looks like or you may feel or sense a color. The more that you use all of your senses, the more information it is giving to you. My sense is of you, and if this creates an image as if you are walking out in the midst of all of this, maybe your arms are out by your side. You’re listening. You’re feeling. As you look around, ¬†maybe you see something. Can you feel how everything is just filling up within you? Expanding that inner knowledge of who you are.¬† As everything within you expands. Ask to know. More about you as your divinity.

Merging with the Crystalline Timeline

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