Daily Message September 17, 2019

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Channeled Meditation

Sometimes people manifest a particular life growing up because it supports or grounds them. 

Did you have a great life growing up?  Your ups, your downs, you’re sad as your heartaches, but that was your life. Were you born into a family in which you felt as if you didn’t know who any of them were that they were so very, very different from you, but yet you were there? If this was your experience it might be that you brought an aspect of yourself from further out in the universe to be back in the earth during this Ascension process and you chose a family that was a part of your soul group even though you were coming from the other end of the universe to be here and you had no longer vibrated in a similar fashion; many of the times for these people that family then became your anchor, holding you onto the earth.

Did you grow up in a family that was filled with abuse; that created trauma, trauma upon trauma, upon trauma?  For those of you of which there were many, many, many of you this is one of the ways in which the higher vibration was anchored into the earth.  It was a third dimensional way in which to bind upon the earth with all of those energies that needed to be transitioned. 

There were quite a few souls that came into the earth, found themselves in that situation and said I’m gone.  Some of these people left emotionally, some of these people physically died.

These are but two scenarios for how people ground their energies.  Do they resonate with you?  How did you ground your childhood in this life?


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