Channeled Message

Take a moment to consider your life and your evolution: 

So, we will begin this first layer when you said to yourself, “What is next for me to experience as a soul?” For some of you it was “I wish to be human down upon the earth”. For others of you it was “I want to move through the whole Ascension process. However, I’ve done it before so, what do I need to do in order to do it again?” and there were frequently people that had trauma in their early life to really ground your energies into this human in this lifetime.

So too, as you consider this life, as you listened to what was going on upon the earth you began to ask yourself, “Who do I want around me in this lifetime?” So you chose your primary, probably secondary life experiences, you then chose the people and then you began to look at how the vibration and the waves of energy interacted with one another.

Reprogram Your Life