Daily Message September 13, 2020

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Channeled Message

Once again, I will ask you to have a sense of your life spread out in front of you and this time if you can look at it and discern that these are the aspects that most resonate with me.  Let that anchor you in this now moment.  There we go.  Now I can feel more and more people finding that alignment and finding that balance.  Now you are standing here in the All That Is as the conscious person in this lifetime and also as your Divinity.  You as your Soul are already right here.  You have that open stream of energy that links into your Soul and all its many layers. 

I invite you now instead of just seeing your life out in front of you, you move into it and you stand in the presence of it.  You may feel things up, down, in, out.  Some people are feeling like a pull or like a wind is moving through there, but I invite you to stay strong and feel yourself as the presence that is you here in the midst of your life. 

Now is a good time to consider past, present, future as it is right here, right now….

Your 5th Dimensional Alignment

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