Daily Message, October 19, 2021

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Channeled Message

The Goddess has used this hologram as a means of infusing light into the earth for years, probably 15 or more.  Every time we read this, practice during the channel or listen to a replay it is amplifying the higher frequencies coming into earth. It is absolutely a part of Earth’s ascension.

As this hologram moves through the Earth it is activating and amplifying all that you just did. In terms of sending light into the Earth, it goes down within the center. It anchors and from that anchoring, it begins to come up. It expands coming up through the Earth. It comes up through you and into you through the way in which you anchored, but it is also within the animals, the trees, the water and there is an infinite flow that moves from the consciousness into the Earth. So that movement not only is helping humanity but is helping to clear out and any leftover low frequencies. 

Connecting with Your Future Self

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