Daily Message October 13, 2019

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Channeled Message

When there is hysteria it feeds the fear and the anger and the disconnect that so many people experience. There is violence upon the earth. Yes, right now, that is also a part of this tipping point. So I ask you not to become vibrationally aligned with the violence. By that I mean, feeding the anguish of the people, feeding into the fear that takes place, feeding into the judgment of whatever might be going on, anything at all that hooks you in is amplifying that energy.

For the millions of people that pray, that pray from that place of being hooked into the energy is still giving it energy; so I ask you please to practice disconnecting from whatever the situation may be before you send any prayers, love or compassion and as everyone disconnects in this now moment you’re simply acknowledging, “I am not going to feed that energy, instead I disconnect and then I bring down this universal light and send that into the moment”… there we go. You can each feel the difference, can you not?

The Central Sun


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