Take in a deep breath with the intention that you align within your divinity. You can actually see people shifting and energy shifting depending upon where you focus:

I always love humanity. I can hear someone in the background saying, “Oh yeah, this is like those science-fiction shows where you show us utopia and then we get enslaved and then we realize it was all false and that nothing is real and that this is imagination” and I feel you going down that pathway. If that is your reality, then that will be your experience. That may seem awkward to you but someone who is in that kind of a mindset is living in their mental body and they are living in a place of fear and what happens when you are in that space of fear: your vibration lowers.

As your vibration lowers you are no longer upon this earth and you go into a space of limbo for some and there are lesser vibrations that are out within the universe that may attempt to pick someone up. None of that will happen as a part of this experience because everyone here is within the flow of my energy, everyone is supported, everyone’s vibration is boosted so that you may see for yourself what this space is like.

Experience the New Earth