Channeled Message

So, when you think of a cycle or something in your life that is complete.  It can be emotions.  It can be a particular experience.  Is there perhaps thought processes or a belief system that no longer serves you? I am a particular age, therefore, I no longer have strength or agility.  I am a female and I don’t have any education therefore I cannot accomplish anything.  I am a male or female that really would like something in my life, but nothing ever works for me so I am going to keep going around and round with whatever that might be.  You can insert yourself in any of those or something totally different that I have not tapped into.  Consider it a belief system that you’re willing to stamp, it is done, it’s over.  ~whew~ let it go. 

What cycle or cycles have you completed?  Acknowledge this accomplishment for yourself.

Completion Within Your Life