Channeled Message

There are many different ways in which you find healing in your life.  Consider something you seek to heal: 

As I am speaking and asking these questions, I see many other things just kind of going away by the wayside and there is a great more clarity that is coming into each one of you.   So lastly, I ask you as you consider what this is are there certain thoughts or beliefs that kind of go around and around and around when you consider what is bothering you?  So, thoughts and believes its own little category. 

Within your physical body is there a particular place in which you feel it, or is it throughout.  Okay, again that goes on this side.  So, take a moment almost as if you’re going to put a little bit of distance and take a step back.  When you consider that problem be it illness or something that you have been struggling with within your life, we ask the yes/no questions to try and help you understand.  Is this long-term?  Is this new?  Is there a trigger?  We ask these emotional, mental, physical reactions that are also a part of whatever this is going on within you.

You Can Heal Your Life