Channeled Message

My website went down and I was unable to post what I wanted to post!  I’m not even 100% sure if this will go through.  But even as a day late I wanted to reach out to say Happy Thanksgiving!! I appreciate so much about Goddess Light and that this has been for me.  Each one of you are truly important to me and I appreciate all that you have brought to me through the group that creates the channels, the 1:1 sessions, teaching; so many aspects~~

From the Goddess:

Greetings my beloved family~~~

I send my thoughts of love and light to you at this time.  Where the US gives everyone a chance to be thankful or appreciative I invite to look inside.  Recognize that this holiday of appreciation is very important in your life because it will create transformations through this vibration.  Love is the foundation of the work that we do and this allows love into your life as you integrate gratitude or appreciation.  

I too thank you for supporting me allowing my energies to integrate into the earth.  Reach within you and know you are aligned and all is well.