Channeled Message

From within the space have a sense of shifting almost as if you are turning around so that you now look at what is coming up in your life.  As you have cleared and come to a new understanding of where you are, as you look towards what is coming up, is there anything now that you can let go?  Is there something that you are in the midst of that no longer serves you, you let it go.  Is there something that you have been seeking and felt that you didn’t have the tools to accomplish it or if it wasn’t the right timing; whatever that may be, connect with that vibration or that energy in this now moment. 

Send the flow of energy and light through, that it may flow down into the potentials coming up for you.  If you are stuck in something, look at that potential, make a change move in a different direction.  There are always multiple ways in which to live your life.