Daily Message June 01, 2020

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Channeled Message

Layer two, your thoughts your beliefs.  As you live your life,  you’ve had all those years in which you were trained to believe a certain thing, you were told to the media, you were told by your community, you were told by many different influences that this is your truth.  Sometimes you said, “I don’t see it, I don’t agree with it, but this is the majority”.  Other people just said, “yes, that’s true, I’ve seen that in my own life, yes I recognize that”.

The majority of what is going to change are those acts meaning actions that are hurtful to others.  Actions that put somebody else down.  Actions that are not spoken from the heart but instead are spoken from the mental body.  Artificial intelligence, cloning, these many different things that you have heard about over the last several years fifteen to twenty that has not been in the best interest of the earth.  Perhaps it is time to rethink the considerations that you have.  So, in other words, your mental body, your belief systems, the way you look at yourself in the way you look at the world is changing.

Releasing Fear Creates Confidence

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