Channeled Message

Some of you have worked so hard and been so assertive for your whole life that even if it feels awkward and you don’t really like it that kind of feeling of slowing down or coming to a dead halt or being in limbo, (this is) actually a way of teaching you how not to be in that very, very assertive pattern any longer.  If that is what you are used to doing it is very different and so it is aggravating and it does feel uncomfortable. 

Therefore, if this is your life, I invite you to breathe deeply into this now moment, breathe in the love, the divinity of your own Soul, breathe in I the Goddess knowing that this will set up a balanced vibration that will assist you moving forward.  You need not remain in limbo.  You need not be influenced by these outside sources unless there’s something in it that works for you. Phew, how is that for a message, in the beginning, I don’t often go on a long discussion like that. 

Becoming YOU