Daily Message May 27, 2020

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Channeled Message

The collective consciousness on the other hand is more like a density and within that density you have all the actions of the people, you have the thoughts and the beliefs.  This is what you have been clearing for the past thirty to fifty years.  Some of you have been at it that long, others of you have been at this for a shorter period of time.  Most especially, since the year 2000 this clearing out of the collective consciousness is what has allowed the vibration to rise.  It’s as if it was a ceiling that the vibration from getting to the higher degrees. 

Why is that happening?  You, you have chosen to live a life that is based in your soul.  You have chosen to live a life from your heart.  You have chosen to make decisions that affect the entirety or are in support of the universal law and in doing so, it is clearing out those beings that have held you back and have held you captive even though the majority of you had no idea that you were captive.

Releasing Fear Creates Confidence

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