Daily Message, May 24, 2024

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Channeled Message

For those of you that are looking at your life and not jumping to a totally different perception, what is it about your life that really resonates with you? As you consider what that may be, you feel how your heart expands, how your consciousness expands.

What else is it in your life right now that really resonates with you? But maybe it needs to be adjusted. In other words, it’s really pretty good, but there’s something missing.  For so many people, that’s an explanation of their life. I’ve got so many things, or I’ve got a great life, but something’s missing.

So, begin by opening up your consciousness, especially here in the All That Is. Breathe deeply.  Breathe down inside of you. Allow more and more of your divinity to flow within you, to flow through you. As you do so, let it fill those empty spaces inside of you.  Look again. Can you see the transition that is taking place?

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